The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

We have many things to be proud of

Sun Myung Moon
January 6, 2008
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon January 24, 2012

Summary of Rev. Hwang's report

Today there will be a marathon that begins from Soho-dong in Yeosu and ends in Hwayang-myeon. Everyone here should take part in this marathon. There will also be some of our non-Korean members from Sunmoon University taking part in this marathon. This will be covered by the TV stations. This marathon is being held to commemorate the day Father came to Yeosu for the first time with all the foundations he built around the world. This marathon will allow the citizens of Yeosu to join us in commemorating this significant day.

It was in the first week of January that True Parents came to Yeosu; thus we will be holding this marathon in the first week of January each year. There are many marathons being organized across Korea throughout the year but the first one will always be held in Yeosu.

Most marathons are held in March. In other areas it is too cold to hold a marathon in January but here in Yeosu it's quite warm. We're expecting the residents of Yeosu to come out and cheer for the runners. It will be a feast for the citizens in this city which can help them get a taste of the heavenly tradition. A cultural revolution is much more powerful than political influence.

At this point Father interjects saying our members were somebody that would definitely create a stir in the world and capable of creating a new culture. Father emphasized that we have many things to be proud of, citing, True Parents' teachings and the Unification Thought. 

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