The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

You Cannot Even Imagine How Bold And Daring I Was In My Young Years!

Sun Myung Moon
January 6, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chunghae Garden
Yeosu, Korea

America and the entire Christian religious realm opposed us.

Even now at the age of 88 I still speak at rallies, but you cannot even imagine how bold and daring I was in my young years!

I crossed the border (between North and South Korea) about 10 times.

Since I set up such indemnity conditions you can't justify your mistakes. The world is full of evidence.

Do you know how strong evil spirits, Satan's offspring, are? Therefore, we need to restore this world with everyone in it -- outstanding and worthless people, our friends and foes -- with our advanced philosophy.

Even if you can't run in the vanguard, you should not be in the very end either.

One third of people are trying to cross the line, so one third will be saved, while two thirds are going to hell.

From the viewpoint of the Principle, providential history consists of the three stages -- formation, growth and completion. Everything besides one third is under Satan's dominion.

Nobody can oppose the Unification Church now.

Now we can use our entire strength to oppose their ideals with our philosophy which can absorb and digest all other philosophies. When I tell you to oppose people with our entire strength I mean that you should love them with all your strength. Love them more than you love your parents, brothers and sisters.

Be ready to go to hell to teach its inhabitants. The Unification Church members should be able to cry over people more than they cry over their parents or their kings. If you do, God cannot but fulfill all your desires.

Judgment can be done when everything is cleared through indemnity.

You have to live by God's Will. People within 12 generations who violate God's Will, will be excluded. At least 10 generations should be trained and appropriate indemnity conditions should be set.

If you cannot do it, the satanic world will start growing again.

You are ignorant of such things, so you think you can do things in any way you please.

People should be able to make a concession, and then God can like them; and restore the land. Remember this.

Let' say we have been going up with difficulties, but you never went up. So, you may have to go down. You may have to go to hell following your ancestors. That's going to be a big problem.

If a nation judges one person who made a mistake, the whole nation may have to go this way.

What if God decides to wipe out all 6.5 billion people from the face of the earth with a flood like in the time of Noah?

You saw tsunami, didn't you? If something like that happens in the middle of Pacific on a scale unprecedented in history, everybody could disappear at once. So, don't be too confident! You never know when that day is going to come.

So, think about that day and whatever precious things Heaven gave you -- leave them for descendants.

Cut yourselves away from them. I don't save money, I use it all. When someone makes a donation, that money is more scary than poison. If you misuse the money offered with sincerity…

In the spirit world every month of your life can be seen on the computer, so if you fail even for one month, you'll be trapped. So you have to overcome this. Whenever you are going to use money make sure you donate some part of it.

To receive forgiveness for your ancestors' sins, it's worthwhile to even donate your entire fortune. But the person who misuses money donated for the sake of the nation and the world will die. It seems to me that you still don't understand indemnity.

Geomundo Island. The name of the island has changed.

Rev. Sun-jo Hwang

The name Geomundo used to be written with Chinese characters which together meant Island of Great Letter. However Father added the word island to the name of the island and replaced the character do which stands for island with the character which stands for the way.

So, now you can interpret the name of the island as the Island where Mr. Moon teaches the way. Now we need to teach people and let the world know about it. This is the reversal of order -- the language True Parents use, their lifestyle, their philosophy, their system and culture -- with this we should change the satanic world. That's what building of the culture of heart and God's civilization means.

Marathon rally is a part of this process.

Well, since the unification is coming, let's sing the Song of the Garden.

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