The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Establish A True Family

Sun Myung Moon
January 5, 2008
Hoon Dok Hae
Chunghae Garden
Yeosu, Korea

Rev. Chang-shik Yang reads from Peace Message.

This means that you need to establish a true family wherein the stem of true love emerges from the root of true love and bears the fruit of true love. In this manner, the three generations of true grandparents, true parents, and true children should live together as one family and serve the eternal God. God desires to see such families, and it is your responsibility as tribal messiahs and Ambassadors for Peace to seek after and establish them -- families of the kingdom of God.

You should form families that God will miss and yearn to return to after He has been away. You should raise families to which He can come freely as a parent visiting His children. This is what it means to live in service to God. In such a family, God is the subject partner of your conscience, acting vertically. Following God as your vertical subject partner, your mind stands in the position of the vertical subject partner of your body, bringing your mind and body into unity. Then we can perfect the four realms of love and heart: parental love, conjugal love, children's love, and siblings' love.

In this way, the family connects above and below, front and rear, and left and right and thus revolves in a spherical motion. This leads to God's everlasting, model ideal families and nations, and His peace kingdom. If only the entire world were filled with such true families! It would be an orderly world where people governed themselves by the heavenly way and heavenly laws, with no need for lawyers, prosecutors or even judges.

The providential time has now come when we have the mission to unite the two sons, Cain and Abel. It is by their mother's love that they can become one. Then, having recovered their original positions, they should dedicate the restored, original, ideal family before the True Parents, the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace.

Please take to heart and engrave this in your mind: You are living at a time when God gives you the mission -- through restoring the true, ideal family -- to offer before Heaven the realm of the sibling love and the right of ownership that were given over to Satan through the Fall of our human ancestors.

You are now advancing into the era of liberation and complete inner freedom, which is the providential era of the realm of the heart of the fourth Adam. In other words, it is the Age after the Coming of Heaven. This is the time when, metaphorically speaking, the sun is directly overhead, so that no shadow is cast. This signifies that the era before heaven, including the Old, New and Completed Testament ages, has been surpassed. These eras have required immeasurable restitution and atonement in re-creating the ideal.

The present time, however, corresponds to the era, prior to Adam's Fall, of building the original ideal world. It refers to the era of true love that is all-encompassing, all-powerful and has overall authority. It is the realm of heart in which the spirit world and the physical world are bound together as a unified realm centering on the True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace.

In other words it is the era of the kingdom of peace and unity in heaven and on earth. Please become true princes and princesses who live in attendance to God as your True Parent.

Let us build the everlasting peace kingdom by attending True Parents, who have been enthroned as the King and Queen of Cosmic Peace in the world of eternal liberation and freedom -- where there is no need for the Savior, Messiah or Second Advent of the Lord -- and fulfill the dutiful family way of filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters!

By following God's commandment to uphold absolute sexual morality, let us establish exemplary families, inherit True Parents' victory of restoring through indemnity the realm of three generations, and perfect the world as it would have been without the Fall!

May God's blessings be upon your family, your nation and the world for all eternity! Thank you.

Father's Words

Global indemnity was paid due to True Parents. Ambassadors for Peace represent the angelic world; they are in a position of elder brothers and even fathers to the fallen Lucifer.

The framework for liberation was built based on the absolute sexual ethics. Ambassadors for Peace appeared in the process. They represent the world after the fall of Satan, Lucifer.

If families on earth are based on the absolute sexual ethics, then the whole world is built upon the tradition of one family. In such family there's no place for Satan; even Satan surrenders before it.

We need to unify the spirit world, the world of angels. If not for the Fall, the angelic world would have been one centering on Adam's family, and later on his tribe, nation and the world. But in the process Satan fell, thus bringing about a division.

Therefore religious realm on earth represents Abel, and political circles represent Cain. So far, politics is in the position of an elder brother that has sacrificed the religion.

Why did political circles oppose religion? God has been working on the providence of restoration and religion had a role of preparing the foundation for victorious foundation for the realization of God's Will.

Religion worked on different levels -- individual, family, tribe, nation and the world. The last struggle was that between communist camp and God-believing camp, but I must unify the world.

To achieve this I've been teaching about the creation, ideal and peace. Absolute sexual ethics is at the basis of all creation and peace. We lost the perfected ideal world, so now to achieve voluntary submission of this evil satanic world we need to become masters of absolute sexual ethics.

There are many countries in this world, but they are not united. When Cain UN representing the angelic world and religious realm of the USA unite, all Ambassadors for Peace from the heavenly world will come to earth.

When the spirit world and earth unite, the unified ideal world, similar to that which existed before the Fall will be realized. That will be a completion of the Peace Scripture. When UN and USA are completely united on the basis of the absolute sexual ethics, the Abel UN will gain its original status.

The angelic world will lead Adam's family to perfection on the global level. Inhabitants of the spirit world will return to help Adam's family complete its way on earth.

Inhabitants of the heavenly world in the position of elder brothers or new archangels will correct everything that was twisted by the fall of Lucifer. It won't take much time for the spirit world to surround a nation centered on the Lord at his second advent.

The Satanic world has no principles. The Abel UN has a system based on the principles, so the satanic world can't push it away, no matter how hard this it opposes the UN.

The Peace Message must be completed. Messages from the 1st to the 3rd are concerned with foundation of True Parents' family and three object purposes, with 3 generations which include grandparents and parents. The 4th message talks about the necessity of the fatherland for the ideal world of peace.

Chosen people who have received Blessing must support God's Will. The historical religious realm must become the realm of the chosen people; the chosen people must get established in this evil satanic world.

You all married and came to your husbands in Korea. What is it for? It is to restore fatherland. You can't act indiscreetly if you are to restore fatherland. Act according to the Principle to reverse the Fall and you'll naturally bring the satanic world back to Heaven's side.

Now the Cain UN is on top, but religion must reverse this order. Throughout history blood was shed in families. This should be reversed on earth and in heaven. The Fall is so fearful. In the life of one country so much blood was shed. Centering on original family we have to reach completion on 5 stages -- individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Cain has been leading the world, so Abel didn't have any power.

To complete restoration people need to be taught to attend God and Parents, but Satan tries to bring the restoration achieved by Abel to naught. We need to put a complete end to the history of wars and bloodshed centered on Satan.

Korea and Japan were enemies, were they not? Adam should reach completion as a master of a family on 5 levels - individual, family, tribe, people and nation. Only then he can overturn Satan.

Misuse of sex brings the destruction of the satanic world. Because of misuse of sex, homosexuality, lesbianism and things like that, this world took a position as God's enemy. Families of the original world were utterly destroyed.

If Christianity doesn't follow Heavenly laws established by God, there's no way to return to the original world. Then people will remain for good in satanic world of servants where the sexual ethics is absolutely destroyed.

This is true for you also. Whenever men or women open their eyes, whenever you go out to a city, you see that city culture is stained with sexual problems. Fallen people roaming around in such world live lower than hell.

Now angels and human ancestors in the spirit world become a foundation for us to stand upon. The spirit world wages war on earth to correct corruption of this evil world. One result of the Fall is that there is no person completely free from fallen sexual desires. So, we need to solve this problem. To do this we need help of archangels.

Even though True Parents are able to protect Adam's family on earth, their teaching should be taught to ancestors in the spirit world representing archangels. By correcting all wrongs we will return to the original world.

The right side should go up. Palms should not become one in vertical position. They should be placed horizontally and turned over.

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