The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

True Father's Prayer on January 3, 2008

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 2008

Beloved Parent of heaven and earth. You were supposed to be totally victorious in the world based on love where the ideal of creation coming from the depth of Your heart was realized; You wanted to stretch Your arms to reach all directions. Yet the mistake of Adam and Even, the ancestors of humankind, which they committed in just one day, compelled You to undergo bitter history of restoration through indemnity.

Because of that one mistake heaven and earth were submerged into darkness, plunged into bottomless pit. Humanity lost its definite destination and wandered in grief and lamentations.

However, Your heart, Father, could not abandon this humankind, so you kept watching over us and holding on to us even when we were on the very bottom. You took responsibility for the realization of Your ideal of creation, so You had to shoulder the sorrowful history of re-creation in order to liberate us.

We, members of the Unification Family, know that You were looking forward to establishing someone in the position of the True Parents, united true husband and wife, in whom Your corporeal and incorporeal substance would become one and true love would settle; You wanted such a couple to become a kind of extension of Your body amidst all things of the universe.

This was Your ardent wish and hope. People did not realize the sadness in your heart, but this son of Yours day and night could not forget that humanity has such a universal Parent who knows the sadness of the history created by fallen descendants more than anybody else, who has paved the road of indemnity, who has been teaching us, advising to us and comforting us on this road of sorrow, and who has not abandoned us until this day. Thank You, Father, for Your grace of putting me in this position. Today is January 3rd of the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk.

As we enter the unified 7th and 8th jubilee years of Cheon Il Guk led by the Universal Peace Federation all beings on earth and in heaven are watching the height of heaven and dark depths of hell, for True Parents have lit the candle, the torch and the beacon lighting all those places.

We are approaching the position on the horizontal line analogous to the original garden of Eden before the Fall; we are entering unified jubilee years of Cheon Il Guk, so, please, Father, guide humanity that it may pass through every precious day that remains until January 13, 2013 and overcome all 8 stages starting from individual and family, and stand unashamed in front of God, who has been toiling so hard.

I know how difficult the path of restoration through indemnity is and Heaven knows it too, so as we come together to praise liberation and complete freedom, please forgive all inadequacies which I reported to You in the name of True Parents.

From the depths of Your heart you have been wishing for this world to reach the noon time when there is no shadow, when all families and the entire unified body of Heavenly Kingdom can live eternally in the bosom of boundless love.

Please, instill more of this heart into us, so that we can build the foundation for liberation. On our path we still have rigorous orders to fulfill and the mission we are called to accomplish requires from us readiness to risk our life, so please, Father, guide Your children with Your loving heart. I earnestly implore You. In this hour close to noon of January 3, 2008, let all beings on earth and in heaven be embraced in True Parents' bosom.

We beseech You to, please, put the seal of "liberation" upon us. We know that the unified realm of God's and True Parents' heart is in fact the realm of liberation and complete freedom, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven where God can act freely. Please do not abandon us and protect us, so that we may spend each day, month and year of the remaining 5 years with confidence.

I beg You: please urge us and push us, so that we can walk a straight path. Now this son of Yours and this daughter of Yours who is heading towards her 70th anniversary are determined not to leave any shameful stains on their path and within their life time undo the mistake of the false parents even if it means that True Parents have to extend their life of strife beyond 90 years towards 100 years. In this hour we report to You such determination, so please accept it.

These people love True Parents and True Parents love God. Based on this tradition our hearts are same wherever we are. Therefore I earnestly implore You to bestow Your special grace of liberation and complete freedom upon all blessed families on individual level, on the levels of family, tribe, people, nation, world, heaven and earth, so that they could inherit the authority of princess and princesses of light in the age of noon.

Enable them to become one in heart and body with True Parents, so that they can settle in the land of equal value and be embraced in the bosom of God and True Parents.

May Heaven mobilize our blessed ancestors to help us reach precious final destination of our life. Please guide us that we may enter the shining world of God's direct dominion blooming with flowers.

I earnestly ask; report and proclaim these things to the universe in the name of True Parents. Aju! Aju! Aju!

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