The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

25th Day of Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 2008
Chung Joong Goong (Peace Palace)
8th Year of Cheon Il Guk
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Kunduk Koh
Editor L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translatorís ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moonís words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.
Rev. Hwang led the Day of Victory of Love Service.
True Parents and True Family entered. We offered a standing bow to True Parents. Hoon Sook Nim lit the candles at the offering table together with her children. Then True Family offered a bow to honor Heung Jin Nim and the congregation offered a full bow of respect.
Rev. Im Do Soon offered the prayer, and Rev. Kwak read excerpts of Fatherís speeches concerning Heung Jin Nimís ascension to heaven. Heung Jin Nim, Hye Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim and Shin Gil and Shin Yea, who all passed into the spirit world as members of True Family, should be remembered on this day.

Just before Heung Jin Nimís accident the scholars of ICUS had just finished a meeting in Chicago. After the conference was over, the participants went back to their homes or were in transit. Many went to states in the United States and were hard to reach. Father invited them to Korea for a providential reason. For the protection of Korea, he intended that 70 nations should to be represented by scholars on his speaking tour. The Kwang Ju rally was not secure. The 8-city tour was dangerous; many spiritualists predicted grave danger and that Kwang Ju could be fatal.

Heung Jin's accident occurred while Father was speaking in Kwang Ju. Heung Jin Nim was in a car accident near Barrytown and was taken to St. Francis Hospital. Father completed the schedule through December 27th and then returned to America. Heung Jin Nim had been unconscious since the accident and never woke up. At 1:15 AM on January 2, 1984, he made the transition to the spirit world.

After reviewing the background of Heung Jin Nimís ascension, Rev. Kwak then read Heung Jin Nimís letter.

It is impossible to even imagine how serious it is to remove the connection and stain of the Fall.. How can fallen people become the heirs to God? Because of the Fall who will really serve and attend God and work on His behalf? You all say that you are blessed central families yet you are only thinking of how to receive the blessing. To what extent have you really reached that original status before the Fall?

God created Adam and Eve, but did He have a chance to love them in a true way? No. He didnít have the chance because they never matured, fell at 16, had relationships, and had children totally disconnected from God. If that union had been blessed by God and blessed children had come from it, a totally new world would have started.

This would have been most significant. How much has your blessed family fulfilled the original ideal for a true family? How about a eunuch who sacrifices love for Heaven? Would such a man forget that love exists, or would he be longing for it? How can there be anyone who can go his or her whole life without love.

Many of you are proud of your titles and think you will be right next to True Parents in the spirit world. However, the most important title is that of a filial child, a patriot, a saint, and a divine son and daughter. There are people who walk around and contaminate this world. Now the world is filled with immorality and people are committing all kinds of sins at this time.

Heung Jin Nim cannot come and go as he pleases. Why? He is the commander-in-chief of the spirit world and he cannot think, "Oh, I have this personal thing to do or I want to do that." His role is so serious. When he sees the sins of this world, he must think that God must want to incinerate the whole thing.

The fact that you are not fulfilling the ideal of the family is a great sin. It is comparable to the Fall. Many of you are making a separation between your family and God. The problem we are facing right now is how to transform this world into heaven. Not in the future; this is the problem that is facing us now.

This is a most serious issue right now. God is like a father, and men should resemble Him. However, women also should resemble God. When a man and woman come together in their first love, they must have the original root of love that gives birth to that first love. The question is, does that man have the original root? How much higher must have been Godís standard than that of Adam and Eve?

We must take the path of genuine love. The path we must take must be the path of Heaven. Have you grown to the point where you have really overcome the past and secured a permanent seat in heaven? When I look at you, I see that not one of you is truly secure and that each and every one of you has the possibility of falling away. If there is a tree with a lot of branches (family with a lot of children), is that a point for sorrow or for joy?

Is God still conscious of the event of the Fall or do you think He forgot about it? Shouldnít we take action to resolve this so that the Fall wonít occur as we are now seeking to recreate the Garden of Eden? If you are a woman, your sexual organ doesnít belong to you but to your spouse. Do you think that God wants to have a spouse from among slaves or from the archangelís family?

Maybe you will have to go through 10 years of living like a eunuch. This would be quite an experience. When you think about how precious this love is, whom should we seek? Shouldnít we seek our spouse with more sincerity? No matter how passionate your desire is and your love is, is God moved by that? What does God need to fulfill His love? God needs both man and woman because God is man and woman combined.

Many come to me and say they donít have a spouse and that they are lonely. What should we do for them? How much does God sympathize? The best way to resolve loneliness is to find God. The best way to treat Eve is as your pure younger sister. If you really treat her as your younger sister, you can have the proper attitude toward women. God has been searching for His first love. Of all the children that came from Adam and Eve, can God find even one that is qualified to fulfill Godís desire for His first love?

You have your spouses and children, but you must be prepared for anything. What about Adam? He never experienced that first pure love. It was a love tainted by the selfish desire of the archangel and had nothing to do with God.

Do you think God wants to freely give the blessing to such people? All blessed couples, I am warning you that if you forsake your pledge to fulfill the blessing and the true family, you will find that no matter how hard you try, I cannot relate with you. Blessed couples who drink and smoke or who have big titles will have no place in heaven.

Donít you think you want to love your children the most? Should you love them or should you not love them? God cannot love them on your behalf. God is in a complicated situation. Christians talk about individual salvation. However, it is beautiful that we talk about family salvation. God stands at the center of a unique and complex situation. God cannot fulfill your responsibility for you. You Korean blessed families here, how different are you from me? Should I just keep you here when you are so different from me?

You must really think whether you are somebody whom God would really want, or whether you are a false person. Do you think God can freely love and deal with the people that are here? All of you are confined in your little compartments. Each nation is equally bad; they all have their own laws and ways that have nothing to do with God.

What if there were a nation where 80 percent of the population were women and 20 percent were men? What if all the women were free and all the men were in prison? Would there be happiness there? No. Plus and minus must come together. Mind and body, man and woman must come together, or all value is lost.

Think about the fact that God is the embodiment of the father's nature and the mother's nature and that when Adam and Eve had realized True Love centering on God they would have become God's perfect object partner of love. This love was never fulfilled because of the fall. In a sense God become a eunuch because of the Fall.

The Holy Spirit cannot help us here because the Holy Spirit came after the Fall. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven and be of the fallen lineage. Man can never live without woman. How many times did God deny women after the Fall? You have to go back to the source and understand the root issues.

What is this system called marriage? Should people be alone? Many people have gone wrong after marriage. Many blessed couples have not progressed but relapsed into the old ways. Many people had affairs even after they were blessed to their spouses. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang, do you know that?

When you have children, you as a father and mother become like the world. The problem was that you were never a true son before you became a father. God never had a chance to use His own seed. Then do you think God would like the fetus growing in Eveís womb when it was not His own? At the time of Israel, God had completely taken back all His seed; the Israelites were the chosen nation. Godís seeds were in there. It was because of the Fall that such a nation came to exist in the first place.

You have all heard about restoration through indemnity. Are Japanese more intuitive and quick than Koreans? What is Korea called? The Adam nation. What is Japan called? The Eve nation. Adam is the only one that has the seed of life. Who is the closest to Father? Mother is. Who can be closest to us? A true son and true daughter. However, God is the king of kings. The first requirement is that you must be liked by God. For Eve to truly be loved by God, she must raise true sons and daughters before God.

In the world of religion, am I at the top? I donít like to be at the top. If I were at the bottom, all I would have to do is follow God. When it comes to island nations, Japan is number one. If Japan would have had the atomic bomb, it might have won World War II. Many Asians died in the Pacific. Many blameless Koreans died. Innocent people who have no fault are sacrificed a lot in war. From the viewpoint of God, whom do we have to console?

Father had several Korean leaders testify and sing, including Hoon Mo Nimís husband, Mr. Kim. One elder gave a profound testimony of early pioneering and witnessing and his experiences with Jesus and True Parents.

Today is a very important day. Tomorrow is the anniversary of Godís Coronation Ceremony. We all need a new witnessing spirit this year. We must have the heart of God to go to the frontline and witness. You must witness to your family and relatives.

The people I love the most have gone to the spirit world. Now the time is different. We have a new seed and a new lineage. When you truly live on the frontline, the spiritual world will protect you. All of you should consider how to go to your hometown and restore your tribe and from there restore the nation.

Now I am doing conferences for North and South America. These are not simple conferences. Our level is at the very highest now, and our influence in heaven and earth is very powerful. Through our speeches we can move nations, presidents, and peoples. Have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and you will fulfill.

You can overcome and establish victory in your hometown. You can educate your ancestors and relatives as well as the people and be victorious. You can educate the religious leaders and the heads of government, and they will respond.

With conditions, we can achieve total revolution. Miracles will happen. The dream will come true. A new era has now come. We must go forward 100 percent with the mind of True Parents and bring Godís victorious result.

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