The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Those who left cannot easily return

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2008

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 6, 2012

These are unofficial notes from the former President of National Han-Fil Community Ms. Loida Badua and from our Ulsan sisters who joined the God's day celebration in 2008. It can't be taken or regarded as official since they just drew these contents from their personal notes and translation.

Those who left cannot easily return. Those who will persecute or say negative words against us will receive automatic judgment beginning this year. It's better for them to make effort of connecting again to the church as early as possible but those who betrayed the King of peace can't find their way back anymore.

Church is the place where people gather to bring back God's providence. It is the place to teach people about heavenly will. It doesn't belong to Mr. Hwang or Mr. Kwak or to a certain individual

Heaven is where two people become one. Cosmos is physical world and spirit world together -- a place where heavenly nations exist -- the Cheon Il Guk. Keep your blessing and never ever break it, no matter what happen. It's in the couple's relationship where Heaven can be established.

Only the pure, without stain can become true owners of Cheon Il Guk. Those who don't violate the 3 heavenly laws can enter the Kingdom of Heaven without problem and even beginning from now they can experience heaven on earth.

Members just turned away from me and many ignored my directions. When I asked you to do something, what did you do? You cannot answer by pretending I didn't see or I don't know or tell many of your excuses about this and that. You are such pitiful people. You will be caught in the spirit world for all these irresponsible actions in your life and ignoring my directions. You can't do things according to your own desire.

Father emphasized again to witness and to bring all people to the blessing until all the land is covered with all blessed families. Only blessing can connect people of the world to the lineage of the Messiah.

Marriage outside the blessing or without the blessing is not even recognized in heaven. Therefore bring your whole family and tribe to receive the blessing. Before thinking of giving them anything, your most and serious responsibility for them is to connect them to the messiah through the blessing. Save them!

We should not worry if we don't have delicious food, nice clothes or nice house because they are nothing in the spirit world, God already prepared everything for us. Even though we look poor and really without money, don't focus yourself on it. The spiritual law is very clear. Those who work for God and saving people have material blessing. You can't be proud of those material possessions nor worldly accomplishments and positions. Just do God's will and bring people to God's homeland.

Those who fall before the amnesty are forgiven already but after the amnesty no more forgiveness. You should have shame! Father stated clearly do not smoke, drink alcohol and never fall. You will be caught in the spirit world once you will violate heavenly principles and cannot avoid it once we are there. Be careful with your life! Don't do the things on your own desire

True Father asked Dae Mo Nim to report about the spirit world.

Dae Mo Nim explained about witnessing and its value. She said, billions of absolute good spirits are now working hard to witness to people on earth. Our ancestors are willing to work 100% if we do witnessing. Our ancestors are just waiting that they can use our body until we move to work for God's providence. Since they have no body anymore they cannot witness or do God's work unless, we, their descendants will move or work for God. Once we move to save people, the whole spirit world will join us and work with us to create miracles. She said we can't escape from violating God's heart and people's heart. We need to resolve those pains while on earth. We need to resolve the pains we give to God.

She said that we should not worry if we don't have any material treasure but only think of God's providence first. Do witnessing, just witnessing and bring results. She said again and again that material treasure or wealth are nothing in the spirit world, so we should not worry about those things but only think about God's will and God's heart because we can't be proud of our belongings unless we bring results while on earth.

Only witnessing results can give us heavenly fortune and material treasure. The people we saved on earth will save their ancestors in the spirit world that's why only witnessing and sincere heart to save people can bring fortune materially and spiritually. It will resolve God's pain.

Father also emphasized to think about our ancestors always... and never forget them. Always remember them and respect them. Attend to them even in memorial services.

Absolutely attend to God and true parents! 

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