The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

The Importance Of Being A Blessed Couple

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2008 8:00 am
True God's Day - 8th Year of Cheon Il Guk
Chung Joong Goong
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: Kunduk Koh
Editors: L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Is everyone here blessed? Now those who attend all holiday events should be blessed couples. The most important thing is to be a blessed couple. You did not fulfill yet, but you must be born anew and continue. Titles and positions mean nothing. The essential thing is your blessing.

Blessed families can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. They must be completely cleansed of the past. Your lineage must be clean; only then you can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Any shadow of sin that you cast at all will immediately block your path to heaven.

The assets you accumulate from the world actually do not come from God. Ambassadors for Peace should understand this. Those who drink and smoke cannot enter. The creation will reject such people, and the fish of heaven may spit upon them. The people who enter the Kingdom of Heaven must be the most pure and beautiful. Anyone participating in this kind of event should manifest and represent this kind of purity.

I may go to the spirit world this year. When I leave, you may become prey to the beasts of this world. Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong, the Chung Seong Gyeong, and the Family Pledge. You must be able to create peace, not just live in peace.

You must create it through the Holy Scriptures. Saying you have a great nation is useless if there are impurities in the nation before God. Does God have a homeland yet? What kind of people are you, and what exactly do you do?

You must go beyond the family to the tribe to the nation. A descendant who comes from that tribe or clan could succeed Jesus' mission and would be truly the fulfillment of God's desire.

The cosmic parent must be a substantial entity. What is it that we must be doing? What answer do the other religions give? We talk about intellect, emotion and will. Which is first? Should it be emotion? What does righteousness or will mean? Philosophy has not tried to understand God. Where does religion come in here?

How can you define the miracle of God? What is it that God wants? What he wants most is a close intimate relationship with human beings. Their hearts have to come together. What is that angle? As we have a conscience, we have a spiritual heart.

What did Lucifer do? He is the one who completely messed up this world. Many evil powers gained strength and have continued to strike against goodness. They developed a Cain-type ideology or thought system. What did Cain do? He killed Abel. So what does that mean? The elder struck the younger. For the Ambassadors for Peace here - how did you prosper? Did you do so by following God?

You may think that I would treat you with great respect and love, but actually it is very strict in the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot stand before God and receive that love if you have failed your responsibility. Before history, did you fulfill or fail your responsibility as blessed families?

I went through the eight stages. To directly relate with God, you must go through these eight stages successfully. The family law is central in the Kingdom of Heaven. The Lord of the Second Advent, the Savior and the Messiah must come to fulfill the way of Heaven and establish the family law.

I have to set up a representative or successor before I can complete this mission. Is there anyone? Rev. Kwak? Dr. Bo Hi Pak? Is there? No, not one is qualified. The Unification Church doesn't belong to any individual. What is it? It is a place where people can be trained as warriors against evil; it is also the place that can save people and train them in the way of the True Family.

Jesus died before completing all he wanted to. How about me? I didn't die yet. You may have weighed the pros and cons of joining this movement. But how can you wage battle against evil from the individual, to the family, to the national levels? What about the Ambassadors for Peace? I always speak, and I always ask others to give testimonies. However, when people give testimonies, they only speak about the good things and give me all the bad things.

Many of the preparations I made had to do with saving the nation. I went to America to save America. Many things that I did have not been understood. I have worked to save the UN and the nations. Rev. Kwak, how many nations are in the UN? (192 in the UN; 194 in the Abel UN).

I never lost a major battle. I am still strong and ready to fight, but now I am aching. Why am I saying these things on the first day of a new year? I must completely make a new world. I must go down to the source of this world. We have come from the Old, New and Completed Testament ages.

This day is the day we are building a banner of a new homeland. The Christian teaching is the teaching of the individual and can even be selfish in that believers may only care about their own individual salvation and not about that of the family or others. They also often see respect for ancestors as idol worship.

These points are not universal. I do not order people around to serve me and attend me as the True Parent. I will raise the heavenly law, and that will judge everyone according to his or her accomplishments. I am fierce, and I am the one who can intervene between communism and democracy. Who was it that intervened? Was it me, or was it you? What is the theme for my address this morning? Rev. Kwak? (This year's motto).

Everything is contained in that motto. What is Cheon Ju (Heaven and Earth or Cosmos or Universal)? Why should I give an explanation? Rev. Kwak, you give it. (Cosmos means the spirit world and physical world.)

It means the nation in which the owners and citizens of heaven can live in oneness with God. What does it mean to go to Sun Moon University? Do you know or not? I told you to go to Sun Moon University. What about Ambassadors for Peace? If you heard it, you should do it. Isn't it Cain's responsibility to raise support for the other siblings?

Now North and South (America) must be united. We held the conference in December to initiate that. I have lived this kind of life. We must live a life that is correct before Heaven. Rev. Hwang? What if as of today we cancel all Ambassadors for Peace appointments and dissolve the Unification Church? What would happen?

It took God 4,000 years to bring Jesus to the earth. Now 2,000 years have passed, and Jesus must return. Many Christians believe that he will come on the clouds. We talk about Jesus and the saints. Are we practicing fraud? I battled in the spirit world and won the approval of Jesus and all the saints. This is a reality that the world will understand one day.

There is an ongoing conflict between two areas of Korea. It seems that the conflict actually manifests in our movement. When I went to America, I didn't proclaim I was the Lord of the Second Advent. Many Christians had revelations and felt they must testify or they would become sick. They testified and wanted to be my disciples.

You don't know how many internal difficulties I had to go through in my 88 years. I fought so much. Now the people who opposed us have joined us, or they have to hide in shame.

Who is the one who proclaimed the Jubilee Year of Cheon Il Guk? Yang Chang Shik - what is the Jubilee year? Does it come from the Bible? (Yes. It's when God forgave the people after seven seven-year periods, 49 years. The fiftieth year was when God forgave all sins and past debts.)

After going to America, what did I do? I received about 1,400 proclamations and honors from all the states and the governors and presidents. Do you know what True God's Day is? Do you know what these holidays are?

If any Ambassadors for Peace were going the wrong way, I sought to reverse their path toward heaven. Even if the Ambassadors for Peace can't understand the spirit world, they can gain faith from relationships with the members of the Unification movement.

If you have done wrong, shouldn't I scold you and rectify the situation? Sodom and Gomorrah could have been spared if there had been just five righteous people. You should be serious about my warnings now, and you must change your ways to that of Heaven.

Why did I go to America for 34 years? I went to set a victorious standard in Heaven for the first and second Israel. Without that victory and establishing the first and second Israel in such a way, I could not complete the work in Korea. You should be able to go to your hometown and be a representative of Heaven and of True Parents with authority and power.

Now I will put forth Mother, and I can set up any of my sons to become church leaders. They are fully capable to fulfill the responsibility. What about the True Children in the seats here? What is your relationship to me? You call me Father, right?

I could make you presidents, but that is not what I want. I want you to become ancestors and really establish the way of Heaven. You should live cleanly, as I have instructed you. Don't think you are smart. The wives of Hyun Jin, Kook Jin, and Hyung Jin Nim must be united as one.

You must inherit the position of a king, queen, or president who can make God's tradition grow forever in a nation. I hope that you can become such people. Don't worry that you may be called to leadership in the Abel UN or of a nation. Everything has been prepared by God for you.

You have to be able to save those people who are on the way to hell. True Parents have given this appointment and promise. When you go back, you will be asked, what have you received from True God's Day? You must be able to shine out your light before heaven. You must be able to take this message, as expressed in the Chung Seong Gyoeng, out to the families of the world.

What is the meaning of the motto "Mansei for the Ssang Hab Jubilee years of the 7th and 8th years of Cheon Il Guk of the Universal Peace Federation"? This means that the Jubilee year has been extended for the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk. With the victory of 2008, we can fulfill 2009 and 2010. I have completed everything necessary for the fulfillment of Cheon Il Guk.

Hoon Mo Nim, you and your husband should work with Rev. Hwang and his wife and also with Dr. Bong Tae Kim and his wife in the Yeosu area to complete the project there. If these three families unite, then the tradition of the Unification Church will be preserved.

From now, you should screen all people who come to the palace. They must make a special offering to come here. If you can do so, then your descendants can live well. You must live cleanly, holding on to the way of the Principle. You must become people who can take action. Do not ask me for money from this day on. These funds should be accumulated for the sake of the future and the world. You young people must keep that in mind.

Rev. Hwang, I have told you what to do, right? We must be family centered, and building for the sake of the future. Parents should take care of their children well. Members of the Unification Church should be able to follow the tradition of the parents. I have been serious with you today so that you can jump up and fly into the future.

How about Rev. Hur Yang here? He was a missionary for many years. I watched him as a lonely missionary and have never asked him to sing in all of this time. Now I will ask him to sing.

Father had us sing and dance with Reverend Hur.
Then Father asked Dae Mo Nim to testify:
I am rarely called upon to give a report or testimony, so I believe this must be an important moment. There are 120 billion good ancestors in the spirit world. Due to the Fall, we could not live with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. In the spirit world, evil will be totally transformed into goodness from March 2008.
In the past, people who were evil could prosper. Now the time has come when good people who live according to the Principle will prosper. This will be the place where we can see goodness prosper and grow. We will see that those who live an unprincipled life will be plagued more and more with illness and problems.
Those who live a good life will not be plagued with those things as of March 2008. The purpose of God's creation is to feel joy and happiness. In the past history, from Cain and Abel, to Moses then Jacob, providences often ended in failure. Father loved the Cain side completely; through doing that, he could restore history, bless us, and forgive the original sin.
This is the time when the good spirits and ancestors can come and support the providence of God. In that context, we should work hard to make a world of peace and joy in our lives. It is a time when evil and good forces are watching us closely. The good ancestors are beseeching us that they can use our bodies to fulfill the providence of God.
Father always emphasizes that we should have absolute faith, love, and obedience. Now Father will be 89. Let us fulfill all the conditions that are necessary to totally reciprocate and fulfill for True Parents all that God desires.

We have to make it so that there is not a single person on earth who has not received the blessing. That is the best condition that you can set. Rev. Hwang, come explain what I have taught you.

Rev. Hwang:
Seven represents the Sabbath. Seven sets of seven years make 49 years. In the 50th year, God will give forgiveness. On the Sabbath, the slaves could rest and be protected. However, the Jubilee is not a time of protecting the slaves but totally liberating them. It is the most amazing thing that True Parents could extend this Jubilee Year to the eighth year.

There are 7,000 here. We will chose 3,600, then 360, then 72, then 12 for special assignments.

The establishment of True Parents in 1960 was the greatest accomplishment of all of human history. There were no True Parents before. The next great moment was when Father established the four providential holidays.

Then the Coronation for God's Kingship was critical -- then the 12-year course from 2001 -- 2012. In the first four years, Father established Kingship. In the second four years, Father established the Abel UN. Father established the core tribes; then by lot you will draw your tribe.

We are going to organize a new world organization for heaven and earth. We are entering the time of Father's final stages in life. The period after the 88th year is the time of reviewing the victories of life and passing them on to future generations. On his 88th birthday, Father proclaimed that he was making a new beginning in life. Then he established the Abel UN and established the foundation for the Peace Kingdom in 194 countries.

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