The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Mansei for the Ssang Hap Jubilee Years, the Seventh and Eighth years of Cheon Il Guk Based on the Universal Peace Federation

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2008
In the Eighth Year of Cheon Il Guk
True God's Day Morning Speech

There are many people here who haven't been blessed, isn't that right? [Yes.] In the future, members should participate as couples in public meetings like this one. The course of restoration and the erstwhile age before the coming of heaven resulted from Satan's lineage, but the age after the coming of heaven is one where the blessed families under the God of true families constitute Heaven's household. That is why I established the Ambassador for Peace system. Collectively, Ambassadors for Peace are similar to the angelic realm in the spirit world.

What are the responsibilities of Ambassadors for Peace? Their worldly responsibilities carry no weight. There is no reason to be proud of those. Ambassadors for Peace should be reminded that they came as babies into this world, and certain accomplishments of theirs had a lasting benefit for their country or for moving us down the path of God's providence. That is why they received the title "Ambassador for Peace."

In other words, even they did not fulfill the responsibilities they should have, for us to go beyond the providence of restoration and indemnity stage. On the foundation of True Parents' victory, by my going beyond the five stages -- the individual, family, tribe, people and nation -- in order to reach the world level, I created the base by which I could influence two thirds of the Cain world, and upon that foundation I blessed the world's Ambassadors for Peace.

Therefore, people who haven't received the blessing must fulfill the conditions that Heaven demands of them in order to participate in these public events. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Therefore, there are things you need to learn in the Unification Church. There's a forty-day workshop, a twenty-one day workshop and what else? [A seven-day workshop.] A seven-day workshop and. [A three-day workshop.] What is the total number of days? [Seventy-one days.] You should go to seventy-two days or beyond...

The providence of restoration has to go beyond all the indemnity conditions that were set during the satanic age, so the aim of the Unification Church is to bless all humanity. To become the ideal family, the ideal tribe, the ideal citizens of heaven, you have to receive the blessing. Without receiving the blessing, you cannot enter heaven. Keep this in mind.

Also, from now on, only blessed members will be allowed to participate in these official events. Being in a blessed couple, you should especially keep in mind that if you are unfaithful to your spouse and just do as you wish, flapping your wings as you desire so that Satan's shadow covers you, you cannot participate in these events. Getting drunk and carrying on... I heard one Ambassador for Peace say, "Let's go get some booze." We are entering an age where we have to get rid of this kind of thing through a thorough process of teaching. Do you understand? Even if you are a government minister or the nation's president, you have to obey the law.

So, what is foundation for this in the Principle? You can become the citizens of heaven only when you have a pure lineage. Heavenly people can become citizens of heaven whether they are blessed or not, but people who are tainted by the shadow of the Fall cannot become citizens of heaven. No matter how much wealth a man has, and regardless of all his power, because he had garnered these from Satan, the life he leads on the public path of the providence must be one that surpasses the life he had previously been leading, in which he felt proud of what he possessed. You have to overcome that.

Do you understand? All the ambassadors for peace here should keep this in mind. Understand this: Even animals living in the mountains and fish living in water -- that is, all creatures -- will spit at someone who says drinking, smoking and chasing women are all good. Only pure people can establish heaven, constitute the substance of heaven and become citizens of heaven. Aju! [Aju.] You have to abide by this!

What I should do before I go

For big events like this one, annual events, or for other special events, you cannot just come as you wish. If there is a great and joyful event in a country, people have a responsibility to respond to it. So if you are the citizens of heaven and earth, you should stand in a nobler position than ordinary people living on earth can imagine and become sacrificial and service-oriented. With total joy, we have to prepare the environment to surpass the satanic world in its entirety.

Heaven has nothing to do with those who live as they wish -- stealing, robbing, or cheating people -- being money-centered, self-centered, focusing on their lives alone and passing this on as a tradition to future generations.

I will move on to the spirit world soon enough. As long as I am here, I can tell you what to do, or make comments. What will you do when I am no longer here? What will you say out in the wilderness? Wolves, tigers and other wild animals will simply hunt and kill indiscriminately; it will be that kind of environment.

So before I go, what should you do? Which teachings...? [Those found in Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong]. Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong is not a peaceful scripture in the way you say. We have to make peace. There is no peace, so we have to create it. From that perspective, there is Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong and next there is Cheon Seong Gyeong and next there is the Family Pledge. And then what? Which speech in Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong is about the Family Pledge? The fourteenth one, right?

What's next? "The Three Great Subject Partners Principle from the Viewpoint of God's Providence." There was God's subject-partner principle, based on the ideal of creation, but this was lost. As a result, everything became complicated and covered in blood; I unveiled this to the world and have come this far. To come this far, in each age, religious groups and many responsible individuals in the realm of God's heart sacrificed themselves. We have to be aware of this. People who are unaware of this might think, Wow! Our native country is heaven. They may think they can do whatever they wish, but there are laws in heaven. There are laws for everything, both internal and external things. Laws for the family, laws for the tribe, laws for a people; there are laws for a nation and laws in the spirit world for God's kingdom. We have to fulfill these laws and have to bring Satan and everything to surrender and return and establish a place for ourselves.

Does God presently have a homeland or not? What do you all think? Kwak Chung-hwan? [No, He does not have one.]

What are you all doing? If you were me, what would you do? What would the True Parents do? The important days related to one's nation should be remembered as should the day you received the blessing -- a day you can never forget for your whole life. Furthermore, more than anyone else, your relatives and family members have to respect the foundation that Heaven has laid, which made it possible for you to be where you are now.

Start with individual love, then conjugal love, and then love among family members. But you should not stop there. After that, there is love among the members of a tribe, but you cannot stop at the tribe, either. If you are a Moon or a Kim, for instance, you cannot represent the world by just loving your tribe. You have to go beyond all the clans. Love beyond your tribe. Love beyond your country. In order to be in the position of a nation that can become God's homeland, one tribe sacrifices on behalf of many peoples, as the descendants who are responsible for the most difficult things. You will take charge of all those difficult responsibilities and should be able to pass on to your descendants the greater tasks of the responsibility God is calling you to take on. Without coming to a self-realization that includes taking on that responsibility, you cannot enter heaven.

This is not a gathering of foolish people. Do you understand? The time has come for their dignity to be respected. From the perspective of the providence, Ambassadors for Peace are in the position of Lucifer's older brothers. Later they will be in the position of Lucifer's father. You must understand this clearly. Whether you are a man, or a woman, if you have the title of Ambassador for Peace, you have to be aware of the human condition, because you need official recognition from God and the Parents of Heaven and Earth. The Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, the Cosmic Parent, did not have physical form, so He created real bodies that became the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. The ambassadors for peace need to understand the human condition.

Regarding some Confucian principles

If you look at Confucianism, there is a saying, "Origination, flourishing, benefiting, and firmness are the constant characteristics of the Tao [Way] of Heaven. Humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom are inherent guides of human nature." Confucianism doesn't recognize that God has personality. It does recognize that principle or laws exist throughout the universe, but it does not embrace the concept of God having personality, living among us, teaching us and having contact with us. It answers questions such as whether affection should exist between father and son and whether a distinction should exist between husband and wife as a matter of moral principal. How do you interpret this? It has not fully settled on earth; they cannot comprehend God having personality. True Parents came representing God, who has personality, so they need to correct everything in the world.

What sets the standard for our conscience? How does the standard of our conscience come to exist? What does our conscience do? What does humanity consider it to be? Intellect, emotion and will! Your conscience is formed by intellect, emotion and volition. Is intellect, or emotion, the primary factor? Does "emotion" in "intellect, "emotion and volition" mean "love"? What is it? What is volition, or will? The interesting thing about the character volition is that on top there is a character that means to establish or to stand; under that, there is a character that means to speak, and on the bottom, there is the character that means heart. Together it means "having the will to establish the heart of the word." What is the will here? They cannot clarify will.

Origination, flourishing, benefiting and firmness are the constant characteristics of the Tao of Heaven. From the beginning, every movement in the universe occurred according to the principles of Heaven. What's next? Humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom are inherent guides of human nature. What is humanity? What is righteousness? What is propriety? What is wisdom? Even with all these, they couldn't reach a worthy conclusion.

The great thing about the Unification Church is that it clearly reached the conclusion that God exists as the subject with dual characteristics, and that He manifests as the masculine aspect. Why did God need to have people? That is very difficult to analyze closely. What is it that God really does?

If I talk about all these concepts, I cannot talk about what I wanted to talk about today, so I will stop here. I say humanity, righteousness, propriety and wisdom are inherent guides of human nature. What is Sam Gang O Ryun, the Confucian concept of three bonds and five moral rules in human relations? Sam Gang O Ryun includes everything; does it include religion? Even among you, there must be scholars of Confucianism.

We have to go the bottom of the foundation of these issues. What we need to know once we get to that point is how we are going to define God; and we need to know what God wants, from His standpoint. If He has the closest relationship with humanity, what should God be like? These are the core issues.

Among all people, who is the most human? If we were to define a principle for that, at the point where the heart of two sets of parents meet, the most human among human beings begins from that point. This logical matter is a great discovery.

Vertical and horizontal are ninety degrees apart. At what degree do they intersect? It is exactly ninety degrees! If the angle were off by one thousandth of a degree, a perfect sphere would not form. The figure would be out of true. The great universe would be misshapen.

Heaven can exercise its power on earth

Seen through these issues, to a certain extent we have clear knowledge of the original mind and the conscience, and of the spirit mind and the original mind. What are Ambassadors for Peace? Lucifer's older brothers! What did Lucifer do? He is a monster that stole moral principles and turned the principles of heaven and earth upside down. People couldn't perceive that, so all kinds of evildoers had power and formed groups, destroying weaker ones and strengthening themselves. There wasn't any ideology that could make those groups, tribes, or countries become better. If something better appeared, its advocates had their heads chopped off...

There are many elders here I'm over eighty and on the verge of going over the hill, and I gave you a warm reception. You think I will treat you nicely just because of who you are, but it is not like that when you go to the spirit world. We are entering the age where we must establish the standard of the spirit world, an age where God can come to earth and exercise His power. That is logical. You have to know God. If you don't know God, you will fail.

To become the president of Korea, people fight, saying, "I am better; you are worse." They install a president and try to follow him. Isn't that pitiful? It's a miserable situation. If I have unveiled Heaven's way to bring the grace of God's truth, should I reveal it or not?

Until God's liberation, the individual age, family age, tribal age, ethnic age, national age, global age, age of heaven and earth and God's age -- all eight levels -- should be achieved.

To confront God, you need to have passed through all eight stages. Throughout history, people have sentenced others to death according to human laws, but such a thing does not exist under Heaven's law. Through man-made laws, they acted as if they were at the center of representative nations and sacrificed the lives of so many people. Who will relieve the resulting resentment? The Savior, the Messiah, the returning Lord, the True Parent, has to come to do it.

True Parents by themselves are all that's needed, so why are there so many other terms attached? What's the relationship between the True Parent and the Savior, or Messiah? Jesus died two thousand years ago, so what connection do I have with him that I am called the returning Lord? He is the Lord who had to accomplish what he had set out to do by coming again.

Without any clear reason, some talk of sovereignty instead of about Heaven, but the time has come when sovereignty can become like a gangsters' den. It has been said that by 2020 more than 60 percent of economic power will be in the hands of such people. If that's the case, can this be corrected? Are we trying to follow that way, or correct it and live by the principles that our fair and righteous God desires? ... History has continued down its path of ruination based on the proportioning of power.

Why did I have to go through imprisonment and contemptuous treatment? Why was this entailed in my emergence? It was because it was not yet time. I am a smart man. I am not singing my own praises here. When Heaven told me I was the Messiah, the Savior, the returning Lord and the True Parent, I said I didn't want to be those. As a result, I was punished to the point where I could not even speak. I was told that if I didn't want to be, I should quit only after I had installed someone in my place...

The Unification Church is not Pak Bo-hi's church; neither is it mine. It is also not Kwak Chung-hwan's any more than it is any blessed family's church. God personally raised and nurtured those who could become warriors in the struggle to establish the homeland, so that the homeland that is God's kingdom could be restored. This was the ideal God originally intended for the creation; and even if it had to be prolonged thousands and tens of thousands of years, this has to be corrected.

And in world history, there is no one other than me who has suffered so much to establish a religion yet has not perished or collapsed but has come forth publicly declaring his message. You will not find such a person even in the spirit world.

Wasn't Jesus killed? He could not fulfill everything. How about me? Do you believe in the liberation of God? After God is liberated, will you ask God to work? God desired to take the lead, put to rights all that caused Him grief and sorrow and become the king who can lead heaven and earth in happiness and joy. So, when could this come to be? We need to make a clean slate once and for all. Do you understand? Ambassadors for Peace, you should cleanly make decisions based on a broad view. Immature members of the Unification Church will all try to follow what you do.

Were those of you who hold the title of national leader in the Unification Church given the position when you first came in? When you take charge, you should have a heart that can transcend situations and receive instructions under my leadership. That's right. So if there is a disagreement, shouldn't you greet the other party or plead with him before fighting at the risk of your lives? If you face a confrontation, you should make a declaration. You should say, I am the descendant of so and so, of a certain clan, of a certain people in a certain nation, and for such and such a reason I am confronting you. Isn't that how fighters do it?

That's the way for you too. When I meet people, I ask them to give a testimony every time I see them. I've never met a person who asked, "Let me give a testimony." And when asked to give a testimony, you only talk about good things; it's up to me to take responsibility for the bad. You think I am all that is bad in the Unification Church and not yourselves. Yet, haven't I taken responsibility for all the wrongs that you committed and taken the blame for them?

I taught you to become new people

So is the Abel UN better than the UN? [Yes] I don't think so. The Abel UN should educate them so that nations do not fight and offend each other but understand which one is on a higher, or lower level. Only when they are automatically brought back to God can they be found; otherwise, they cannot. You should reach such a standard that you want to win at whatever the cost. I am saying this to you on this good day because you must become new people, and to bring that about I need to teach you the fundamentals at their deepest roots.

If you are not up to the mark in terms of these rules, there is no need for you to meet me in the future. I have accomplished all I can. You wait until you go to the spirit world; you'll see if I have spoken falsely or not. I have given you all the right of inheritance.

What is today? The era before the coming of heaven, of the Old Testament Age, New Testament Age and Completed Testament Age, and the failures of the realm of the Christian religion to this point extended until yesterday. Today is the day on which we enter upon the era of action, where we can recruit those who can march forward under the new homeland of Heaven in the era after the coming of heaven. Do you understand what that means?

The Christian view of life is about going to the kingdom of heaven by oneself, leaving the mother, father and ancestors in the dustbin. In Christianity, memorial services for ancestors are considered idol worship. That idea will be the ruin of them. From the time I was young, in my teenage years, I went to the church and knew about all such things in the spirit world. When there was a memorial service, I said, "Mom, Dad, let's go to the memorial service." There were no rules in the church that forbade holding memorial services...

They say I am a heretic, and they claim, "The Unification Church is worse than the Devil. It recognizes all witchery and hocus-pocus, and it says it will collect all such things and establish the kingdom; but such is not the kingdom of God." But have they ever tested whether it is the kingdom or not?

Service substantiates God's providence

What is the title of today's speech? Kwak Chung-hwan! [Mansei for the Ssang Hap Jubilee Years, the Seventh and Eighth years of Cheon Il Guk Based on the Universal Peace Federation.] What? I don't understand any of that. [Laughter] There is nothing missing from the universe. UPF is all there. All of Cheon Il Guk is within it. At least two people whom God is seeking, two groups, two people as husband and wife, two clubs in a world that is becoming one, the one united country -- Cheon Il Guk! Two people... "Two" and "person" and "heaven". Cheon Guk! It is a country where two people unite as one.

What is the cosmos? What does "cosmos" mean? Cosmos is Cosmos... Did I teach you this or not? Kwak Chung-hwan, tell me what the cosmos is. [It is heaven and earth; the entire spiritual and earthly worlds.] What is that? Why do we call it cheonju? It is a home where the owners of heaven and earth can dwell. That's the cosmos. Right? Should a nation's president alone live well? If the president lives better than other citizens, he should repent and serve the people. If there is a threat, he should be the first to go to put his life on the front line. If he does so, he will surely not come to ruin. That has been the way I have lived until now.

Youth of the Unification Church!

We created Sun Moon University. Even if you are going to Seoul National University or Yonsei University or are studying abroad, you should quit and transfer; study at Sun Moon University. Did I instruct you to do this before, or not? Did you know this, or not? [We knew.] Have Ambassadors for Peace heard this, or not? [We have.] If you knew that, why haven't you followed through? If you Ambassadors for Peace are better and know more, even if you have to work through the night, you should bring people and make good what is lacking. You have to build bridges. Isn't that is the responsibility of an archangel? Nobody has fulfilled their position as an archangel.

Since I have done this much, you should have developed an understanding of my spirit down to its bone marrow. Repeatedly extend forgiveness, and though you have your limitations, you will offer service for the fulfillment of God's will. Be determined to do more than just serve. I went to the edge of what can be done by a person on sheer human power. I went several stages beyond. Therefore, God must work instead of me...

Be aggressive in your faith

Take back all the Ambassador for Peace certificates today! Dismantle all Unification Church organizations! There is no longer a need for me to teach you what you don't want to learn; I don't have to guide you to a path that you don't want to walk down. I have already taught you everything. I taught you all about the spiritual world. You can't say you don't know how to reach individual perfection. If you have stayed in the Unification Church for more than three years, you should know more than enough. You should know all you need to know for the rest of your life.

You have to talk about Rev. Moon. If you don't talk about me, there is no way you can avoid the voices of accusation in the spirit world. I am speaking about everything very clearly. There is nothing to be desired on earth, is there? If I continue to talk about these things, I'll feel miserable on the first day of the year...

Pray to God: "God, do you like Ahn Shi Il, or do you prefer the Sabbath?" Pray about it. What did I create on May 5 in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk? [Ssang Hap Ship Seung Il.] What did we create to accompany Ssang Hap Ship Seung Il? [Cheon Seong Gyeong.] The beginning point of absolute value! I revealed everything that I couldn't speak about. I said, "Now, God is the owner. Never forget this. Even if you forget this, I will never forget it. As long as I am alive, I will seek to accomplish His will."

Even though I went through all sorts of embarrassment, I am reading Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong every day. Do you know how contemptuously I was treated? Why has it become doubly complicated?.. From the first message to the fifteenth is like just one sentence. We absolutely have to achieve God's liberation and the restoration of His kingship.

It took four thousand years to restore one individual, for one individual's perfection, to send Jesus, to send one person. Because he was killed, even during the two thousand years since then, people couldn't figure out how he would return. They still think he will come from heaven riding on the clouds. Those foolish ideas. From their viewpoint, Unification Church members are real imposters; according to their logic, we are imposters.

I, the founder of the Unification Church, went to America and never spoke about being the returning Lord. Some people received it through prayer...

If I don't teach a person who prays, I will be snagged by heavenly law. I am saying I will be caught. I understand clearly. If a religious Christian leader starts to connect with the spirit world, he or she comes to me and wants to become my disciple. They want to become disciples. Do you? Or don't you want to? Answer me! If you want to become a disciple, you can at least register...

Do you know how much turmoil I have been through in my heart throughout the eighty-eight years of my life, knowing the ideal God envisaged at the Creation? All sorts of evildoers did whatever they wanted to do. They fought even among themselves; now many of them have come to my side and the number is growing. The atmosphere has now changed; people who say I am evil and others who oppose those who have come to my side are themselves put to shame. I don't have to touch or do anything; they will decline by themselves.

Where would you go if you were not pursuing the path of the Principle in the Unification Church? If not for the way of Principle that I teach, what would become of Christianity, of the two thousand years centered on the New Testament? What would become of the six thousand years of religious history? If one person asks another about these things, that person cannot answer and runs away; and there are people who think of meeting me, but are afraid and run away from me. That's all they do. I pity them. I have ignored people's shortcomings and tried to work in one or two ways to save you, and somehow this group has become this big.

Who proclaimed the Cheon Il Guk jubilee year? Yang Chang-shik, you know about jubilee years, right? Where is he? Yang Chang-shik? [Yes.] What is a jubilee year? Can you tell me about it? I am asking you about the jubilee year that is written of in Bible. [It is the fiftieth year, the year after seven sabbatical years' have occurred. It's in the Book of Leviticus.] Wow, this is the first time I've heard this. [Laughter]

Those loyal to heaven were ignored

What day is today? [It is True God's Day.] Do you know what kind of day True God's Day is? Do you know about True Parents' Day? True Husbands' Day? True Wives' Day? True Married Couples' Day? Unification Church blessed families know about those. People who have not received the blessing would not know, but people who received the blessing know those things.

In the midst of difficulties, I did not want to reject the path on which I would be chased away, put in prison and beaten to the brink of death, while embracing that title [True Parent]. I kept this all to myself and took responsibility, and when I thought to pass on what I had gained to everyone -- Ambassadors for Peace or even monsters who would go to hell -- I gave them a title and told everyone to treat others equally. Am I a good person, or a bad person? [You are a good person.]

How much have people who have fulfilled the dutiful way of a patriot before God, the heavenly way, never allowing anything to cause them to waver, abiding by heaven's every rule and keeping their promises to God been ignored and denounced? This is like going into Satan's nest, pulling out people and blessing them -- even monsters -- so they can be in a better position than they deserve. Where would you put them in that higher position? They know God's will. From all the religious concepts they have learned, they know that the path I am treading is greater than the biblical path. That is why they believe in and follow it.

They didn't believe in the spirit world, but they believed the Unification Church members and came forward. Do you understand? You have to resolve history. Do you know how many insults I suffered because of these women here? Women had their hair pulled out or cut off, looking all battered and told it was up to them whether they lived or died, they were dumped from a car in their underwear in front of the Chungpa-dong church. The police opposed us, but if they got woman members who had been treated like that, they would send them to the Unification Church.

I have saved many people who were on the verge of death. All sorts of wicked women tell people not to go to the Unification Church, but Heaven teaches people every day that this is absolutely the right way. Why do people oppose that? Those people certainly know they are doing something wrong. It has only taken a few decades -- what should have taken a number of generations has taken less than three, so now I see this era as one that can be brought to its conclusion. In light of this, those people should question why they did such foolish things to oppose me.

Why am I working so relentlessly? Why don't I go and meditate on a mountain for ten or twenty years? When I look at the spirit world, at everything that surrounds us, I know now is the time that without difficulty we can unify the world all at once and work to renew the UN General Assembly. If we bring the religious leaders of the archangelic side of the world, assign them and order them to do it, that will be the end of it. If that happens, Korea will not maintain in its current position. Do you understand what I mean by that?

What is Korea, some kind of archenemy? I've met many people, many big-headed people and I've treated them so well. Many people have come just to take a look at what's happening. From today, don't do that. From now on, I will make an example of Ambassadors for Peace. I will scold them when I meet them... If there are instructions from Heaven, I might just convey them right away. But that would be hard for you. It would mean changing your lifestyle.

If ten people are in harm's way and one is on the brink of death, God will make effort for the one's sake. God is like that. I know the heart of God when he said if there are five people in Sodom and Gomorrah, I will not destroy those places. Do you understand? [Yes.] Don't complain unnecessarily. Don't act thoughtlessly.

I need to liberate God through love

How old am I? [Eighty-nine (by Korean reckoning)]... Eight times nine is seventy-two. Seventy-two elders were brought to ruin in Egypt, weren't they? Jesus' seventy disciples were not seventy, but seventy-two. Twelve times six is seventy-two. I have to surmount six hills. Jesus sent his seventy-two disciples witnessing in pairs, didn't he? This was to fulfill the heavenly way. I know God's will for the heavenly path. Do you know it?

Why did I suffer through thirty-four years in America? It was to inscribe the mark of victory from the spirit world onto the nation of Israel and the second Israel -- Christianity. With the authority of the returning Lord, I went to the U.S. Congress and then to Korea's. Without the official endorsement of our ancestral homeland, the providential will cannot be achieved.

Would you do things the way I like them done, or how God likes them done? If there is something that God likes but you don't, are you saying you would quit? Isn't that what you are saying? I must liberate God, with love and out of love. Would God just let this world fall to pieces? This great work! He created it with love, with His life. He made this with His hands of love.

You have loved your wives since the blessing right? Are your wives here? Bring them with you; go places with them. It is good to be proud and say you are a scholar when you go places, or that you did this or that for forty years, and so on, but your wives have had the role of a walking stick, supporting you. So from now on, if you serve these walking sticks for ten years or so, you will go to a good place in heaven. Wait and see.

Because I have done things in an exciting way, my wife wanted to do it too. She goes somewhere and gives a good speech and brings all sorts of things back with her. Without fail she evaluates how things went. Whenever I evaluate her, I think she is smart and better than I am. She spoke in public once, twice, a third time and more; it became like a habit for her! She said that she hadn't realized how impressive and wonderful the content of my speeches was. Wherever she goes and gives a speech, since there are many more ladies in the audience than when I speak, they give her much applause, as if they are clapping for their lives.

Now is a time to bring Mother forward. We have many church leaders. If I designate Hyun-jin, he will definitely do it. If I designate Kook-jin, he can also do it. Even if I designated Hyung-jin, he could do it. They all have the ability and more. I have tried to live so that there would be nothing to be ashamed of, and so my children followed me.

I never asked them to follow me. If they wanted to, they could do so. Otherwise, they did not have to. If there is a Buddhist monk who is better than I, they should follow him. If there are better parents, they should seek them out.

We need to emancipate those in hell. Oh, since I haven't drunk any water, my lips are about to stick together. I have spent enough time scolding you. [Father drinks water.] All of you in the front, what kind of relationship do you have with me? You call me Father, right? Or don't you? [We call you Father.] Maybe there are fifty of you; it would not be a problem for me to make you presidents of countries. But I don't want you to do that; instead, I want you to become the ancestors who can raise a country and its president and influence them so that the nation's history shines. I want you to become the owners of peace, that is, the unchanging, single-hearted, core hope that I have dreamed of. I want all of you to know that.

Here you are in front of me. Don't talk about what you would rather do instead of what I am doing. Things are set, and that cannot be done. I don't know any alternative course. If you live cleanly according to the directions I have given, that the True Parents have given, you will most definitely reach where True Parents are going. Don't go off on a tangent, thinking you are smart. Do you understand?

Hyun-jin's wife Jun-sook, Kook-jin's wife Ji-yea, and Hyung-jin's wife Yeon-ah! These three ladies should unite. As you unite, you should educate your sons and daughters. Since Mother cannot educate them, you should educate them as representatives of True Mother, as her helpers. You must raise sons who instead of becoming kings of fifty countries become ancestors who can raise the royal families in fifty countries. If they become that kind of ancestor, they will be welcomed for thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of years in those countries and in the world. The world will also change. You never know how much it will change.

You boast that you have become a leader, but that all passes by. What do I mean by that? When you become a leader with the title of president, executing that position's power is necessary. If, however, you can inherit the tradition of the president and pass it on to your descendants and pass on the tradition and traditional view of life that were bequeathed to you from our nation through tens of thousands of years, you can stand in the position of ancestors who can raise royal descendants. That is the first condition and the first blessing that God wants for all True Parents' sons and daughters. God knows that and I know that, so I hope you will become such people. Those who wish for that, raise your hands and hold them together. [Applause]

Wherever you are, if there are fifty people, a hundred people or a hundred and twenty families or more, if you made a determination today that no matter where you are you will become families that can be organized without any loose ends, don't worry about anything. Don't worry if you don't have enough money. Don't worry if you don't have enough skills or ability. Don't worry that you haven't fulfilled the responsibility of the Abel UN in your country. Heaven has prepared and arranged everything on a level above your standard; I know that. Do you understand what am I talking about? You have the blessing to remain there, so with this blessing we are cutting down the number of people who will go to hell in the spirit world.

You tried to work in cooperation with those people who might otherwise have been hell-bound and to extirpate the root of Satan's Fall from the lowest part of hell. Yet, in order to uproot the devil's elements in the spirit world, all the way down to hell, you and those who were saved from falling into hell should unite and save the rest; if that happens, there is absolutely no way that the age of Cheon Il Guk, the world of God's liberation and rejoicing, cannot come. Aju! [Aju!] [Applause]

As of today, with God, and with all the saints and sages in the spirit world, and with all the ancestors and blessed people on earth, True Parents, who are standing in the vanguard position of one body, one heart and one core, spoke about these and made a public pledge, therefore people who follow the path of these public pledges will certainly, without fail, follow the path of True Parents and become people who can inherit the dutiful family way of a filial child, patriot, saint, and divine son or daughter. This is a fact. Aju! [Aju!] All the people who welcome this raise your hands and applaud. [Applause] Thank you.

One unified foundation of good fortune

When you return home, what will you have received through your prayers? The time has come to ask. All sorts of things should be written down as if in a diary where nothing is hidden. As in Cheon Seong Gyeong, your history should radiate from the pages. I am now allowing you to introduce your history to your descendants as you embrace and unite with all the content used for heavenly Hoon Dok Hae, including Cheon Seong Gyeong, Pyung Hwa Hoon Gyeong, and the Family Pledge.

Do you understand? Teach your children honestly about what you, as a father and mother, have done. In that case, I've blessed everything I can bless on this good day. Shall I finish with this, or speak a little more?

Mansei for the Ssang Hap [combined] Jubilee Years, the Seventh and Eighth Years of Cheon Il Guk Based on the Universal Peace Federation! Two worlds, those related to seven and eight, will unite and shout, Mansei! Then we can overcome nine without difficulty. Nine will be ours. Onward to ten, eleven and twelve! There is six, and then another six. The first part, from one to six, and then the second from seven to twelve, Cain and Abel (the two as a pair) will align like cogs and move to the one united realm of fortune. This is what it means.

If you want to interpret it from an overall perspective, this can be a motto that can be used for a year, ten years, or even a thousand years; so don't forget this motto. Ssang hap [Seventh and eighth combined!] Seventh and eighth? [Jubilee years!] Jubilee years? [Mansei!] Heaven and earth should unite. Mind and body should unite. Man and woman should unite...

Now we have to use good words. In the Garden of Eden, they fell because they talked about worthless things. We should not speak about worthless things but speak using words that are proper and right for us. We didn't make friends using our mouths; we learned about our spouse through the Principle, so we should abide by the Principle and be grateful... Once the eight parts of your face interact harmoniously, your body will automatically follow, and your arms and legs will follow too.

We have fulfilled humankind's hopes. Even God would want to see the world as His village and take care of it from tomorrow, as He would have with Adam and Eve and their descendants. How great it would be if everyone were to become citizens of heaven! How great it would be!...

You should be careful and focus on fulfilling your responsibilities before you pass away; go through a course of sorrow and heartbreak as I did, because God's blessings will seek people who have the same philosophy I do. If they go to Jeolla Province and find someone worthy there, those blessings will go to him or her. If the people there are better than those in Gyeongsang Province, the blessings will move from Gyeongsang to Jeolla...

Act on what you know

Women are the four directions. Men are the center. A man should be the center of five points. That is why we are centering on families. Also don't invite just anybody to these events. If there is an event, if you cannot think of someone qualified to attend, don't invite anybody.

You should be setting conditions for this day for a year, allowing this day to be a day of blessing for the blessed families, and to love this day and prepare all the necessary costs from each state, region, town and family.

By doing this, you can educate your descendants and live well. If we just continue as we are, people will pack up and leave. With this ideology, you can enter heaven by yourself and do more. I am not mistaken in this.

Don't just sloppily do this and mess it up. Cleanly memorize and study the Principle. God will come to people who are marching in front, so make study groups focused on the teachings and work hard; make groups that study and then make effort. Wherever people who have studied the teachings and aggressively acted on them go, even into a fighting arena, they won't be losers; this is logical. I am announcing that I will embrace people who are like that. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Stop asking me for money. From today, Korea should be the responsibility of the Korean people. I have to look over the funds and deal with providential organizations... If there is a fund for the global providence in the future, Korea has to give back to that fund. The time will come when Heaven will issue instructions and you will have to follow them. Do you understand? Do all the young people here understand?...

The person next to you -- who are you? Where is your father? [He is right here. (Moon Yong-hyun) Moon Yong-hyun is your father? [Yes.] I often saw you with Hyo-jin. When I saw how you reported about activities, I got the impression you have some ability. From your reports, I could see you think things through and plan well.

This year is one of the ssang hap jubilee years. The jubilee years have been connected. The eighth year should be a bigger year than the seventh. Eight is a feminine number. That is why women have a bosom and a belly. That is the number eight. If women can have good sons and daughters, those seeds influence whether her husband can do well in life or not...

Family comes first. So centering on the family, with a heart of concern for their descendants and for humanity from when children are young, from the moment of birth, the parents have to devote themselves to applying the Principle and its concepts. If the mother and father don't do well, how can their children do well?

If there were a Unificationist nation whose tradition stems from the Principle, our philosophy, we could achieve anything. Because we don't have a country, I have been persevering...

I scolded you a lot today. You heard me scold you, so don't allow things to go on as they have. Wake up. Make a stand. You should go from a sitting position to a standing position in one motion. Be determined not to bend. Stand up straight like a brave soldier and live your life heroically. If you possess that determination, you will light the days of the Unification Church and the Unification Church's path will be straight and true. Aju! [Aju!] [Long applause]

[Emcee: Everyone, please stand up.]

Stay where you are. I didn't say I was finished! Are you trying to make me finish now? [Laughter] Now we have to start the second part of the program. Yang! Yang! You know I'm talking about Rev. Huh Yang, right? [Yes.] It should be recorded in history that the path he traveled down was that of a lonely missionary. That is how I know him. How do I know that? I traveled the same path, so spiritually I often saw what he was going through. Because we have this shared history...

If you just look at Huh Yang, he is short, so you might think he isn't worth much. If you were aware of how much he devotes himself and the quality of his internal life, you'd understand why he is exemplary and why I often call on him to come up and sing. Do you understand that? You grandpas, do you understand me? [Yes.] You should buy your wives nicer meals than you buy your grandchildren and should love her more than you do your sons-in-law.

Come out and sing. What will you sing for us?

[Rev. Huh sings.]

Hoon-mo nim! Say something about how things are moving in the spirit world at present. Give an assessment of whether the standard of heart of the people here is low or high. Don't think that you can't be candid.

Moon Pyung-rae! [Yes.] Go back and forth and shake anyone who isn't listening to this. [Laughter] Okay, speak!

[Hoon-mo nim gives her report.] 

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