The Words of Sun Myung Moon from 2008

Midnight Prayer on True God's Day

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2008
In the Eighth Year of Cheon Il Guk

Beloved Heavenly Father,

We are here this morning on the first day of the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk with the Parents of Heaven and Earth.

In Your heart, You dreamed of a world that fulfills the ideal You had for the creation, a world where joy blossoms in every area of life, a fruit encapsulating the whole of creation, over which You could take pride throughout the ages. Yet, humankind lost its joyous value, which was to be manifested through a mind-set that is revering, serving and respecting Heaven. The crimes committed by the first ancestors of humanity have upset the great way of heaven and earth since that day. We know very well what the devil did, forcing the removal of the original palace that stood in the core position.

You were in a position where You were forced to abandon the ancestors of humanity despite the motivation of love You may have had. Yet, the source of the heart, of the Father's love, which prevented You from abandoning humanity, brought the light of glory and the fruit of victory to all of creation. Through the Principle, we came to know of the Father who lost that original world, a world where all existing beings, in all ages, were to respect and revere Heaven as they laid their foundations in their lives.

God and humankind are aware of all the historical circumstances that are deep, vast and complicated. God and Satan, however, know what caused the Fall, though human beings are unaware of the Fall's origin. As a result, people have been unable to speak of their circumstances to the Father, nor could God appear before members of the human race to warn or instruct them.

The ancestors of humanity fell while still immature. Consequently, the new sprouts that were to grow as the manifestation of heaven and earth, of life, and of all things in creation centering on absolute love, absolute life, and the absolute lineage, which are the fundamental and central core of love and of all the hopes that were focused on Adam and Eve, never reached their fulfillment. Throughout history, people have suffered in lamentation and despair within the clutches of the enemy, their hearts in distress as they have been unable to forget the original heart. Those in the Unification Church know of the Heavenly Father, who though forgotten by all to this day has walked a public path of loving His lost children, more than He would have if they had never become lost.

We have gathered here in Cheon Il Guk, which is headed toward the ideal of a new heaven, in order to commemorate this day in joy and jubilation. During the seventh year we offered our entire being and strength; that jubilee year has passed. We have entered the eighth year, a jubilee year wherein the positions of above and below can become one as a couple. During this crucial year, the cause of the accident that occurred in the Garden of Eden can be erased.

Your sons and daughters can be created from the original, clean, pristine, genuine lineage, and they can grow in attendance of You, while You hope for the day when You can freely dominate any sovereignty or palace in the satanic world. We have passed through the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages; yet nobody could guide us through the complicated circumstances in the Completed Testament Age nor take responsibility for us in the midst of that great chaos.

A period of eighty-eight years has passed centering on this man called the True Parent, who was young and like a mere child but was raised by Heaven. Those years will surely remain in Your eyes as a time You will never forget. Now as a grown man of eighty-eight, in full bloom, I think of all the instances and circumstances where I pledged and prayed to reach the critical juncture of a jubilee year.

When I think about these things, I know that the seventh year of Cheon Il Guk that Heaven established has already become a jubilee year. My desire is to know the value of the jubilee year, to live completely immersed and absorbed in it, in love and adoration, and to make these days the blossom and even fruit of my life that can be spun into silk and ultimately connected with God's true love, life and lineage. Yet, despite these hopes, this child who stands as the True Parent before the Father on this new morning of the first day in the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk cannot suppress his regret before his Father.

Day after day, on the paths I took and even when I ate, it must once again be known how I longed for and waited through many years for all our hopes to grow and blossom. In a jubilee year, You allow all the emotions and desires in the deepest part of Your heart to be released and fulfilled. Father, I fervently pray that You forgive the members of the human family, all six billion of them, who have not fulfilled even a single aspect of the dutiful family way of a patriot, saint or divine son or daughter, and that You allow this True Parent to fulfill his responsibility.

I fervently pray for all members here to become one in heart and body. Let them be assimilated into True Parents hearts, and vertically into God's might. Let the sprout of love that has been hidden from view in the new heaven and earth rise vertically from the families, individuals and even the spirits in hell. Let them sense the fragrance of that grace and open their eyes to gaze upon its light. Let the source of Your original love be activated in that unified environment, which allows humanity to move toward Your presence.

Let the entire universe be placed in Your hands, that You might mold it according to Your wishes. Let all members of the human race reach a position of victory and glory in the new heaven and earth as Your children whom You can caress and who live according to Your desire. Let this day be one where we can welcome the ssang hap [combined] jubilee years, the seventh and eighth years of Cheon Il Guk, allowing the eighth year to be the central jubilee year.

May the families who were justly blessed through their attendance of Heaven not fall short in any way. May they, of their own volition, go toward You forever in humility. May God's leadership be complete to the extent that You can say to humanity that there is nothing more to share and that You have provided all that any member of the human race might desire. Let the pulse of the lifestyle they can adopt once they enter the spirit world beat freely in the earthly and heavenly worlds.

From this hour, within Cheon Il Guk, we have welcomed and begun a new millennium. Heaven was busy, hectically working, during all the days of the jubilee year, the seventh year, which has passed. May that sense of urgency continue centering on these six years through the eighth, ninth and tenth years and all the way to the twelfth year. Let the original form of the ideal kingdom cover an earth filled with people who can harvest the fruits of the jubilee years from the seeds of victory that are scattered, planted and harvested throughout this period.

At this time, the Parents of Heaven and Earth have renewed their promise that heaven and earth will be an environment where we can view and assimilate in love everything that has been given, received or passed down during this period as a symbol of the original universe's love, which abides within all creation. They have given permission for this. Let all the details and secrets be revealed.

Let True Parents' desire be smoothly revealed in a straight line, so that no single aspect of contradiction exists within Your nation. This will allow You to become the great king of heaven and earth who reigns with God's kingship, which is centered on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, embracing and loving everything and declaring that it all belongs to God. Father, before You place True Parents at the forefront and give them the order, I fervently hope and pray that the heavenly palace and members in heaven be mobilized to break down the walls and partitions that exist all around, allowing the members to become sun rays that are no less than Yours, beaming toward that tranquil place of hope, thus spreading out in broad daylight onto the plains, extending the victorious realm where each can freely assert him or herself and govern his or her life.

A three-year or four-year course still remains to be undergone as this child, who has passed eighty, approaches ninety. Father, please be with me. Please remember the future generations that are emerging; if there is anything that obstructs any part of Your pressing providence, may You govern and guide it so that all obstructions can be smoothed over, leaving one vast plain. Let the hearts of those who are here be joined, consolidated into a single heart that is allowed to shine forth as a beam of glory, like the first streak of daylight. I sincerely pray that You will permit this time to be one of launching a day of grace on behalf of the entire universe. This I earnestly and fervently report in the name of True Parents. Aju. Aju. Aju! 

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