The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Establishment Of The Royal Palace

Sun Myung Moon
December 28, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung, Korea

Everything can be completed only with the establishment of the royal palace. Messages 15 says it all. For the palace to be built there must be the king. Without the palace the concept of absolute sexual ethics disappears and if it does our Family Pledge disappears too. It is important, do you understand? This is your historical palace.

God has been hoping for it throughout history since the time of creation. Multitudes of people were supposed to offer God His palace, but they didn't even know who He is or what kind of person He is. How vexing it is!

It all happened because of the Fall, and the Fall is a sexual problem. Therefore, we must reach a standard of absolute sexual ethics. We must reach that peak no matter how difficult it is. I also trained myself to fit into this standard coming from God. This wasn't some kind of humanistic training. Notwithstanding all temptations I had to reach that standard.

The palace and the Family Pledge stand on the foundation of absolute sexual ethics. We can't be below the standard defined by the absolute sexual ethics. So, from now you have to raise your life to the highest level.

Your life is like a balloon flying in the air. There may be thousands of balloons, but they stay on the same level. If your weight gets lighter, you go up; if you get heavier you drop down. So, you will be like balloons floating in the air. You can rise if you reach certain standard.

You have to stand on God's original horizontal line; which means you have to be objects of God, the Subject, through love.

Satan has been dominating numbers up until 9. People went up and then again fell down; they couldn't secure their position and kept falling for eternity. In order to overcome that, in order to move and develop we need to pay indemnity. We are in the position to pay indemnity. What does that mean? We have to go through tests.

A man will be tempted by women. He should be tested by women. He has to go at least through 8 stages of tests.

If you experience the spirit world, you will understand this immediately. Temptations may come in all forms. You don't know this, but this is the way how the spirit world tries to resolve all complications which have arisen in the past due to problems between men and women.

People don't understand principles underlying the Fall, they don't know the most fundamental things. Why? Since we fell, we need to go up raising the organs which caused the Fall to their original level. You can't go up by digging a well, or building a ladder. Since we fell, we need to go up by amassing our victories.

We need to go through stages of formation, growth and completion - 5 stages all in all until we reach the national level.

No man could stand temptations from all pretty women of the world on all levels. You should know that these were Satan's weapons -- women, wine and gambling. The world is being ruined by prostitutes, lewd women.

Do the bodies of streetwalkers have any value? Actually they are like rags, but they sell their bodies trying to seduce sons of rich families. They try to lure young men already from their late teens into brothels. To destroy the world Satan tries to ruin sons and daughters from rich and influential families.

When that is difficult, satanic people may even kidnap girls, take them to some deserted place and let them go through all kinds of experiences. Satan makes it almost impossible for people to avoid this path; he pushes them to streets and thus ruins the world. Remember this.

The devil destroys completely women's sexual organs and then he uses them to destroy men in the restored God's Abel-type world. It can happen in a day or two. Such fights occur more often than you eat, even though you eat three times every day. Once men are set on fire by lust they can do outrageous things throwing their dignity and honor away.

So, once young folks get hooked on prostitutes, they escape from that addiction.

In Korea there is a saying that men are handsome in the South, and women in the North. Pyongyang, in North Korea, is located in a place of outstanding natural beauty. It has good topographic features and is a good location for a nation's capital. There's no better place from strategic viewpoint.

Pyongyang was famous for its kisaeng (female entertainers -- prostitutes), right? They were invited to all jubilees and birthday parties to sing and perform, and that was a stronghold of satanic sex. How could people captured in such stronghold be liberated?

Korea can be grateful to the UN forces which came and liberated many women which were locked up in kisaeng-houses. Many of them were driven away and had to live as refugees. They were starving, but no one sympathized with them.

Christianity was developed in the North, so people there were awake. The North was more advanced than the South, but it wasn't a religious country. So they tried to contact first countries outside of Christian realm, like India.

How long is the history of Christianity in Korea? 100 or 120 years.

Satan tries to destroy male and female sexual organs as soon as he can.

Where is the palace of God's absolute ideal erected? In the relationship of the absolute ideal husband and wife in a family completely united on the basis of absolute sexual ethics.

In Israel in the old times they stoned lewd women to death, even though they didn't understand why it should be done. It is because the misuse of sex was the very problem that ruined the whole history; it is the cause of the history where good and evil, God and evil spirits are fighting for dominance.

This fight continued. Satan did all sorts of things. People decorate their bodies. And what's the decoration that makes a person suit his partner? The sexual organ.

Nowadays dancers have their belly buttons uncovered, isn't that right? And what's below the belly button? Genitals. That's the final stage. People like this type of dance. It is a snake dance.

Whenever you think about your beloved spouse, you have to think about this. What's the level of your love for your wife? Satan is always watching it.

My path has been like this: women were tracking me wherever I went, for example in Germany all kinds of women tried to seduce me, in various places.

So, the Lord at his Second Advent had to become an absolute and unchanging king. I got first place in terms of following the absolute sexual ethics. Now this royal position cannot be invaded.

I'm such a grandfather, father and husband. Women must give birth to at least to two children. They must give birth to Cain and Abel. Childless women will be treated with contempt in the spirit world.

When we say that the woman lost her position as a queen, what exactly did she loose? Sexual organs. The sexual organs of queen, grandmother, mother, wife and two daughters.

If we also include Cain and Abel, we get six persons, right? Queen, grandfather, father, husband and who else? Two daughters. Two daughters should be connected. They cannot be connected like this.

That's how it's should be. All connections were severed when Cain killed Abel. Originally it was supposed to be a 90 degree angle.

If you lay a human being on a table his hands are directed inwards. You cannot grab things like that. Always when you want to catch something you cannot catch only things in the close distance. Can you catch only this? This is like a shield. When you want to seize something in your arm, you have to do like this.

What do we catch things for? Once we caught something, we shouldn't let it go.

You can even catch a tiger like that. Once you hold him around the neck like this he won't be able to get away from you. It won't rip you away and if you keep choking his throat like this it will die.

You have to embrace your beloved husband like that. Hold him tight. If you try to do it, everything will become like this. When you sit, and try to pull him this way will he turn to the other side?

When you move from above, everything will get in its place. Can it go this way? Move along this horizontal line following Gods Will. The right path that goes along the horizontal line is only one, the right path of life.

If you don't take the direction correctly, you will end up in ruin. So you have to know your path clearly. If you understand the Principle, you can understand your individual path.

Your mind and body should be united. Without this unity you can neither pray nor report.

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