The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

America and UN are responsible to complete the Pacific Rim providence

Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden

Sun Myung Moon June 2, 2011

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt Reads Father's Words

Recently I organized a meeting at which a group of VIPs from North and South America signed a resolution. America and UN are responsible to complete the Pacific Rim providence.

Democratic world cannot improve anymore. In the West the nation on the Heaven's side representing a kingship of a female-type is Britain.

Japan has inherited the kingship of the satanic world. Originally the two were in enemy positions. Two kingships now have problems. What problems? They left a central position from which they would have been able to guide the world.

After the World War II America shouldered the responsibility of Britain and Japan -- 2 countries in queen's positions representing Heavenly and satanic sides respectively. In the Bible it is described in terms of relationship between Cain and Abel.

At his time Jacob was competing with Esau, this fight determined fate of the chosen people. The nation was restored from Jacob's 12 sons. 4 women representing Cain world and 2 women representing Abel world participated in this. Later northern 10 tribes fought with southern 2 tribes.

We need to unify 12 tribes worldwide – this is the problem of Jesus and John the Baptist, it was prophesied about 400 years before the coming of Jesus. So far, this unity has not been achieved. That's what the World War II was for.

Western Christianity was headed by the Vatican in Rome. Catholicism and Eastern Greek Christianity on Mediterranean were supposed to unite but they couldn't. Amidst the conflict between humanistic and theistic ideologies the Christian cultural realm could not unify and remained divided.

That's why after the 2,000 years the Lord returns in the Pacific region and bears the fruit. Pacific Era symbolizes the final destination of the spring's flow. All water from rivers, rains and melted snow finally gathers here.

The unity centered on Roman civilization was not achieved, East and West remain divided, so we are entering the Pacific era, the era of Kuroshio Current. In a year water in this current goes 6500 miles. Of course it's caused partially by the Moon's gravity. It has tremendous influence.

So, the water from all rivers comes here to the Pacific and whirls here in this process refining itself and getting rid of all dirt and foreign elements. This symbolizes overcoming the Fall.

Fresh water mixes with sea water becoming the origin of life. Water evaporates, forms clouds and moves everywhere bringing life to all plants. Ocean is the source of all life.

The struggle during the World War II replicated the fight of Cain and Abel, The Eastern Greek Christianity, represented by the Soviet Union and the Western Christianity.

This Cain and Abel struggle started on family level, then expanded to tribal and finally to global level. Israel couldn't assimilate Rome and create unified Christian realm. Because of this the right of chosen people shifted to another nation and the Pacific Era began.

54% of the Earth's population lives in Asia. Asian and Western cultures are different. Humanistic and theistic thoughts in the realm of religion got into the whirlpool of struggle between Cain and Abel in the Pacific Era.

Britain in the position of the queen-nation on heavenly side fought with queen-nation on the satanic side. It invested all its power and finally Eve on the Heaven's side won.

But the purpose of this victory is to become an owner. UN which was initiated by the USA should have created a unity to welcome True Parent, the Lord at his second advent.

Two women fought. Two divided cultural realms were supposed to become one. The war in Europe represented struggle between Cain and Abel.

The victory or defeat in the struggle of Catholicism and Greek Christianity was to be determined at the end of the World War II. Actually neither England, nor Japan was the winner. America was.

This is the heritage received by the USA and UN, however they mismanaged it. To uphold God's Will they shouldn't have admitted atheistic Soviet Union into UN. Satan used ideological contradiction between Rome and Greek Christianity to create a division between them. This division should be overcome.

Had America and Britain united, Japan wouldn't have been able to dominate Asia. Korean cultural realm in Asia survived in order to become a home for the Lord at his second advent.

You don't know this, but dong-yi tribes that formed Korean culture, from the time of Koguryeo dynasty greatly influence China. They are actually ancestors of Koreans.

Now there is more and more historical evidence found that it was Dong-yi people who invented Chinese characters. Koreans have a history of 8 thousand years and they didn't perish as a nation during this long time.

They later embraced Buddhist and Confucian culture which came from China. Finally it turned out differently, but originally Oriental Philosophy was supposed to completely blend with Christianity.

European Christianity was supposed to accommodate elements of Confucianism and Buddhism. The Lord at his second advent was meant to inherit victories results of the World War II. America was to become one with the position of the elder son.

Mother should have put the elder son forward to welcome the Lord. So, the historical era of the establishment of kingship came. Do you understand? The number one problem in England and Japan is the problem of youth. They cannot handle it. Young men and women cannot establish proper tradition of love.

The same problem exists in Japan. In Japan too, members of the imperial house are supposed to marry with people of the same status. But 2 sons of the Japanese Emperor followed trends of the age; they went to study abroad and finally ruined perspectives of marriage within the imperial family. This same thing happened in Britain.

Men-women relationships are in chaos. 2 monarchies were ruined. Now the problems of the Jacob's age manifest in the struggle in this Pacific Era. If you look carefully, Christian culture of America has points of similarity with Confucian and Buddhist thought. But now there's no nation that can inherit God's Will.

The returning Lord should unite Cain and Abel, Eastern and Western Christianity, but the problem of Korea is on the first place. Now 63 years have already passed from the liberation of Korea. Had Christianity united with me, the unification would have been achieved in 7 years only, by 1952. It's possible if we complete the Blessing.

The Lord comes as a bridegroom and Christianity is a religion of bride. Everything would have been completed in 7 years with Heaven's help. Then, I would not need the 40-year course.

England, America and France opposed me, Christianity and Judaism tried to destroy the Unification Church, so I had to go the path of suffering.

Adam failed; Jesus couldn't complete his mission, so now the Lord at his second advent has to build a foundation for unity of heaven and earth. There's no religion that can do it in this age. So, religions and nations are collapsing.

That's why I spend 34 years on my life in America to make up for the 33 years of Jesus' life and create a revolution of families here. Who opposed me the most? Jews and Americans. Is it not so? And also other religions. But by doing so, Christianity invokes its own ruin.

For 63 years all nations and religions have been trying to ruin Rev. Moon. But now the new age is coming. Now in the year 8 of Cheon Il Guk we need to bless Americans. If they don't change their blood lineage and don't go to the Heavenly Kingdom with their families they are going to have problems.

In this nation of Korea neither ruling nor opposition party can do anything to the foundation which Rev. Moon built here and abroad. Even new parties cannot oppose the Unification Church. Our church will not be dominated by anyone in Korea.

We reached the level when we can work with USA and UN. Now Ban Gi-moon is the Secretary-General of the United Nations… Also the Bush family – 2 generations in this family has become Presidents of the United States.

We have to discover raw materials in the ocean. Fallen people exhausted all raw materials. This time at the conference we made a step towards creating a union between North and South America. It happened around Christmas. Until now we've living completely forgetting Christmas.

History passed through the realms of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Israel and entered the realm of heart of the 4th Adam. True Parents accomplished everything that had not been accomplished during 1st, 2nd and 3rd attempts. The world of heart of True Parents embraces Cain and Abel worlds, UN and USA as well as the realm of religion.

Religion-Abel and politics-Cain were in the position of enemies. It's a tremendous task to bring about a unity between them. Maybe I will not come back here, who knows? Do you understand, Chang-shik Yang?

You should take the responsibility for this nation. You should convey these plans to American brothers and sisters you're going to work together. Do you understand and (Yes.) 

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