The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The Era Of The 4 Great Realms Of Heart

Sun Myung Moon
December 24, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes: Eduardo Cavallini

Night and day in global providence are now divided. It passed through the ages of the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages and reached the era of the 4th Adam, the era of the 4 Great Realms of Heart.

Therefore the time of historical borders and barriers in the providence has also passed. Now we can overcome the rest with the 15 Peace Messages. These 15 messages were given on the completed foundation. So we have six years to go until 2013.

You, blessed families, representing the family of Adam and Eve should fulfill your calling and responsibility until January 13th, 2013.

During these six years invest your sincere efforts and everything you've got. So far, True Parents have walked their path to tread the path for you.

Therefore, no matter how thorny and difficult it is, go this way to save your nation and the world.

Remember, this is the task you are destined for. These daily gatherings are not simply connected with each other.

There are mountains and valleys, there are also flatlands where all living beings grow exuberantly. In this ideal garden your children as blessed families representing authority of God's sons and daughters plant new tradition you can be proud of before the history and your descendants. You as ancestors should fulfill your responsibility in each area.

Now at Christmas we are sending off the jubilee year with joy and moving into the era of liberation and complete freedom, the era of safe settlement and universal unification.

Now each of you has to take responsibility. Remember that Parents have completed the path of historical indemnity and thus took care of your nations and your families.

So, I hope you can unite with the words True Parents bestowed upon you. As we hold Hoon Dok Hae every day, make efforts to align your lives with God's Word.

You should reach certain completion in your lives by January 13th, 2013. You have to walk this way for it's determined by destiny. You cannot avoid it. Do you understand? Be responsible for it. I did what I could.

You should understand that I bequeath everything to you, 100%. Especially today I told the families of my children to come. The reason for this was for all families representing God's Will families of my direct descendants and your families, Abel and Cain-type families to unite and inherit everything from me.

Thus we can reach the level of family, and then, the level of a nation and finally the global level. I hope that you can unite and within next six years go over all indemnity to attend God's kingship bringing liberation and total freedom.

Please be the owners, leave after yourselves the tradition for numerous generations to come, and sing about the happiness of God's eternal ideal heavenly Kingdom. Do you understand? Meet this meaningful day.

We have overcome 10 ridges of our responsibility, now five more chapters remain. God is in the position of a Parent, a Teacher and a King.

All beings are to become one in heart, enter and live in Cheon Il Guk, liberated and free. Aju. So, you have to go to a public place. Your lives will be evaluated on January 13, 2013. Until that time you should live public life and find your place.

What tribe, what nation do you belong to? The formation of tribes is not yet complete. You have to live your homeland, following your tribe. You are your new homeland.

The new heavenly law is established and we entered the age when we need to attend God. So, you can't be in the Unification Church and live just as you please simply because you are Americans. You will have to go to the world. You may have to go to island nation or mountainous nation or maybe to a peninsular nation.

You have to restore your ancestors and establish Heavenly tradition which so far has not been established. It should be recognized by Heaven and enable earth and all things to live in peace in mutual understanding and respect. Families should uphold the standard of the ideal sinless world of God. Don't just believe in this, you have to remember this and accomplish this.

This is your calling and responsibility. You don't need to discuss it with anybody. Everybody knows this. You know the path you should walk as individuals, as families, and tribes -- the path for your people, nation, world and UN.

I taught you everything, so use this teaching as a standard. Husband and wife should start anew on their path as a newly blessed family in the Garden of Eden. Do you understand? The whole world should be connected to you; together with your growing children you should enter the age of building the new Kingdom of Heaven. If you don't fit into this age you will be mercilessly left out from the tribes of Heaven. Remember this.

I emphasize this over and over again, don't get caught violating Heavenly law. Do your best, show all your loyalty to fulfill God's Will and become sons and daughters who will not be ashamed to stand in front of True Parents.

Offer complete devotion to live next years without blemishes, as blessed families should. Do you understand? With this in mind listen to the speech.

Rev. Chang-shik Yang reads Father's speech.

You need to connect to the foundation True Parents have established, so that it could form your tradition. Your families should be connected to all 360 directions. Take interest and fulfill your responsibility in various areas.

You still have power remaining in you. Be thrifty of your time, have regret about the things you consume. Concentrate your energy and broaden your view.

Such people can follow the development of the Heavenly Kingdom since they followed the course of history. Otherwise you will be suspended. Once you fall down headlong, everything will be over for you.

The Unification Church has completed preparations for you to work in various areas.

Now there is a way for you to launch your activities -- you can work for your tribe, nation and the world, you can do even God's work for Him. There's nothing you cannot do. Do your best to give a good influence to your environment.

May you become proud blessed families and ancestors of goodness. Aju!

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