The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Can Love Hesitate?

Sun Myung Moon
December 22, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae with Western Sisters
East Garden
Notes: Eduardo Cavallini

Ladies who gave birth to children, raise your hands.

Can person in need of love hesitate? Does a woman who has just given birth to her first child know how to love it? How awesome it is? As soon as baby is born, as soon as this little body is separated from mother's body, first of all mother gets a precious treasure of motherly love, which enables her to become a master of love. A child comes from her body, so it pulls mother with a power of love which is stronger than that of a body.

So, even after we go out into the world we need the embrace of mother's love which is stronger than our physical power. When mother who until that moment knew nothing stands on that borderline, when she gives birth to a child the love greater than that which existed when she was nurturing her baby in her womb starts protecting her.

In this moment mysterious God, the Master comes to the mother. The Master of love comes to her. Any other woman cannot love a baby as its mother does, do you understand? Unique motherly love comes to the woman in that moment.

She has been providing the fetus in the womb with nutrients and gave it even part of her own life. Some kind of force protected her at that time. But at the time of birth even greater force is given to a woman.

It can even be a deadly force: some women who cannot deliver babies die during the labor. So, what force is this that pushes women to give birth even at the risk of their lives? This is the manifestation of motherly love which is even stronger than the force acting during the pregnancy. Just anybody cannot love with such love. Parental love for their baby, their sprout or fruit is unique.

Some grandma standing by cannot love the baby like this. This is complete love. What kind of love is this? I'm talking about the love that comes to the mother of a baby. There are no two sets of parents. There are many parents in this world, but they are all different. A person has only one unique set of parents, even though there are many parent-like figures in the world.

There are millions of parents, but the love of our mother and father that comes only to us is unique. No other type of love can interfere with this relationship of love between a parent and a child.

This is a unique relationship. If this child is somewhere on the bottom and then immediately goes to the top of heaven, parents follow their baby. That absolute intrinsic mother's love transcends time and space. It is unique and it doesn't stop. It keeps following its object. How does it come? How do we know it?

In the past we didn't do anything particular when we looked at others' children, but when we look at this little nubbin of blood we just gave life to, all our feeling focus on it. We invest ourselves entirely. This child is the only in the universe. It is the fruit of father's and mother's love, entitled to their love. That's why parental love provides unique environment for the child.

What's husband's love? This is the first love of man for the woman. In that moment all senses focus on the object of love. We reach this state. Love goes straight and reaches its goal; it has one focus. We all need to reach this point.

There are various types of love: love for friends and relatives, love for the country, but ultimately the love that concentrates all five senses, love that can be a master is only one. The first love you felt for your husband is only one. That's why it's so precious.

I arrange marriages of young people at a young age out of concern that they may lose that love. There are 12 tribes, right? Americans like the number which symbolizes the center among 12 months. Where do we find balance in the union of all bonds and relationships connecting us to the roots of life? If we, as God's representatives, think about something we would like to eat, this food will immediately appear.

Everything will be materialized just as you speak. This is true for you also. God cannot pass by the embodiment of values of love. He has a special antenna. He passes by ordinary stones, but as soon as there is gold or silver, He immediately detects and pulls them. That's how it works.

This is a unique position. Without a baby parents cannot feel love. The mother is unique; as she raises her children she takes the position of an owner. There can't be three mothers. This is also true for marriage. Do you understand?

In the beginning, a woman doesn't know a man, but after she kisses him or holds his hand, he becomes unique for her. This brings internal changes in the woman. She gets crazy about him, she doesn't need any other man, but him. So, there can be only one position of husband, only one position of an owner for a man.

That position is determined through the wedding, in the place of the first love of man and wife. You are meant to live in intoxication with your parents' love, then with your husband's love. What goes next? When are over 40 and your mother is over 60, you switch positions. When you look at your children, they're not your little ones anymore; everything becomes the other way around.

When we see how parents prepare the environment for their children, we understand the value of such nature that comes from God. No one can steal it. The Satanic world tries to take it by force. Satan tries to claim what is not his, but such world will disappear. It will not be destroyed, it will simply disappear. It will collapse and finally disappear.

You should understand that the universe moves this way. Look at Mother. How are her hands different from yours? They're not different. She has pulse and her temperature is 37 degrees Celsius. If the temperature deviates from the norm even a tiny portion of a degree, we get sick.

These 37 degrees are so important. Originally our temperature should be 36 degrees, but it rose. Each among 700 people thinks differently. So, we all have to follow the same goals. If the degrees don't match, everything will turn around. This will be a miracle.

In Korean the word "miracle" sounds similarly to the word "diaper." What is a diaper? We use diapers to wipe off dirt. But this kind of diaper will erase all good things. To become best diapers, you need to go to the bottom where things are the most rotten. Water should go deep into the ground. This is also true for you.

Say "samo" (yearning). There is also a word heummo (adoration). What's the difference between these two words? "Samo" is something quite ordinary. But "heummo" means that you are totally absorbed by the feeling of longing. When you look at your husband or at your baby sucking your breast, do you say that only this feature of him is good? You like his whole face.

Does you mother have two faces or only one? It doesn't change her whole life. Parents' faces are the best. So, when you get married you may feel that your husband's face looks similar to your father's. There are no boundaries. So, do you want to marry a man who looks like your father or a man with a bumpy face who looks completely different?

You're looking for such a husband because he's one with your father, with the person closest to you in heart. That also becomes a measurement you apply to your friends even though you may have 10 or 100 friends.

How many years does it take to go through all stages of education from kindergarten, school and college? 16 years, right? One year kindergarten, six years in elementary school, then six years in middle and high school and four years in the university. Then you can study two more years, right?

Good students are greatly influenced by their teacher's voice, facial expressions, and sentiments, so for the rest of their life they look for something similar. They want to go to such place, live there and even die there, even if it's located abroad. The root encapsulating true love finally permeates 10 persons to the bone and unites them.

I can give you one metaphorical example. When you fish in a broad river you may use dozens of fishing rods and lines, but finally they all come to you. There may be many streams of water, but if you look carefully they all come from one underground source.

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