The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

International Leadership Conference report

Sun Myung Moon
December 20, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han and Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

Rev. Chang-shik Yang's Report

International Leadership Conference is a great project that True Parents initiated for the sake of world peace – was successfully completed. Actually, Rev. Chung-Hwan Kwak was supposed to give this report, but since he is in charge of our overall activities, he went to Spain. Rev. Kwak is the chairman of Korean Professional Soccer League and a member of strategic committee of FIFA.

Now Rev. Kwak became world level star in the field of soccer representing Asia. The Il Hwa Soccer Team founded by Father Moon became champion in Korea 7 times during the last 10 years. It added one star to its banner after each victory.

Now it has 7 stars. The team next to it has 4 stars; it is sponsored by Samsung or by Hyundai. Despite the fact that some teams have famous sponsors among big corporations they could get 3-4 stars at best ONLY. Actually "Samsung" means "3 stars." So it's difficult for them to earn more than 3. That's determined from their birth.

Anyway having 7 stars is a tremendous victory which you cannot even imagine. I think the reason for this is that True Parents' absolute support and the use of professional coaches. Father really likes soccer and looks at it professionally.

Club director, Mr. Kyu-nam Park and coach, Mr. Hak-beom Kim take Father Moon's advice seriously and try to apply his instructions in the field. Il Hwa team has some unusual spiritual power, so no other team can stand once they play against Il Hwa. So, since Father is the founder of the club, quite naturally the official head of our organization became a chairman of Korean Professional Soccer League.

Il Hwa also continuously won at various competitions in Asia. It is the strongest team in Asia, so finally we ended up organizing global competition. The global Peace King Cup initiated by Father Moon started off in Korea, but the next tournament is going to take place in Barcelona, Spain. The most famous Spanish club is Real Madrid, isn't it?

The Peace Cup games will be held on the field used by Real Madrid. No world level competitions can be held there unless they are endorsed by FIFA. However Peace King Cup was considered unique and important project, so the permission was granted to hold it there.

Therefore this competition will have completely different status that it had when it was held in Korea. It's like a leap over 10 steps on a ladder; it will become a respected global soccer competitions. It will fit into the catch phrase "One Family Under God." True Parents are proceeding with this work. On one hand they have the theory, but on the other they have practice. As theory and practice go together, I think more and more people will acknowledge True Parents and get closer to them, so our internal membership will grow. We should raise our core members, so that they could play a role of central families. If you look at Father Moon's recent providence, you will notice that there are no borders anymore. Half of people who gathered for Hoon Dok Hae in Cheon Jeong Palace every morning are Ambassadors for Peace.

Actually, Ambassadors for Peace are not people associated with the Unification Church for a long time like ourselves. They are quite new, some of them first heard our teaching just few months or a year ago. Yet they sit there just like us to receive True Parents' words and love and they follow Father Moon's instructions. From this perspective True Parents in Korea proclaimed this year a wonderful jubilee year, and they are opening everything that so far has been closed or blocked. We as individuals and blessed families made many mistakes even though we know True Parents. We committed many unforgivable sins and yet True Parents, as well as Heung-jin nim, the Commander-in-Chief of the spirit world, and Dae Mo Nim in this wonderful jubilee year gave to all blessed families the opportunity to be born again. Moreover Parents have circled the world and gave us special grace through the rallies. Throughout the world and particularly in America we had the biggest number of participants since the founding of our church here – thousands of them. All church members were born again; they washed away their past through repentance and made a new determination in this jubilee year. The time of such liberation and complete freedom has come.

In Hawaii True Parents dedicated to God the King Garden. It is there that the Peace Message 13 was proclaimed at the rally which gathered around 1000 VIPs from 50 nations. It give the overview of God's providence centered on the Pacific Rim.

As the subtitle of this message suggests it shows the direction for the UN and the free World. It was mentioned in the end of the speech, that it is a quintessence of Father's teaching contained in about 1200 volumes of his speeches. Many participants of the rallies stated in their reflection papers that they were moved by this speech.

It has very rich content. It talks about philosophy, theology, history, view of human life, worldview, view on the ideal family as well as absolute orders of Heaven, referring to what humanity should and should not do. This content is very comprehensive. Actually the whole semester or even whole year will not be enough to study the contents of this speech in-depth.

True Parents read this speech at every rally. To make it easier to understand we made a glossary in the end of the book explaining all key words in the speeches. These words came as a revelation from Heaven, so they are difficult to understand. That's why we always distributed among participants of our events booklets with explanations. Recently Father included into the speech brief characteristics given to him by various figures who testify to True Parents accomplishments.

These testimonies characterized Father Moon as a champion in 8 areas. When people hear these things, they come to understand that Father is not just a man of the word, His words are accompanied by actual accomplishments. I heard many people sharing that they've got clearer picture and understanding of what Father's doing. Actually at the last December's rally Father made a core proclamation. He emphasized 2 points. One of these points is the clear position of the Abel UN. This time we had representatives from the entire world in the audience.

Second point was about relationship between North and South America. North and South America should form new unified body. These 2 continents represent Old and New Testaments in God's providence. These continents being in the position of elder son should attend True Parents and fulfill their ideal of "One Family Under God." There are 2 families representing these North and South America.

From the viewpoint of God's providence these 2 presidential families have important responsibility and during the last event they were connected together. We finished the event on 18th, We had a closing meeting in Washington on 19th and then I spent the whole day in New Yorker Hotel in New York together with Mr. Dong-moon Ju, Mr. Jeong-ok Yu and VIPs from South America.

We wrote final agreement according to Father's instructions. Everybody signed it. People expressed their determination to support Father's plans and follow his guidance 100 percent. Yesterday, as I looked at participants of the meeting I felt that they were completely open. They had no doubts or questions, they were not confused.

These people participated in ILC in Washington and heard Father's speech after which they came to New York. Among them there was a former President of Uruguay. He was elected twice and spent 10 years as a President of his country. According to Uruguayan law, the term of the presidency is 5 years and one cannot serve 2 terms consecutively, but it is possible to be re-elected after a break. So, he was a President, then after some time got re-elected for another 5 years. He's a righteous person. He served total 10 years as a president and even in between his terms he took important positions. He is of Italian Descent. He is a very good writer, very intelligent. And he understands True Parents ideas really well. I was convinced in this once again.

Anyway I was impressed and even surprised by 300 participants from 88 nations. Prior to participating in the meeting they went through a very difficult course. I will report about it separately, but that was a very exciting day. When Mr. Sanguinetti became the President of Uruguay for the second time 12 years ago he created the Montevideo Forum. Its members call themselves a "circle." It unites former and current presidents of South American countries. It has 20 members all in all. President Sanguinetti included Italy in this circle, because his ancestors came from Italy. So, Italian Prime Minister is also part of this forum.

They meet once every 2 year. Last meeting was held in Colombia. After that meeting members of the forum arrived in New York and checked in at New Yorker hotel at 3 a. m. The main event was scheduled from morning on 18th, but there was no flight to Washington that they could take to be in time. So they had to use True Parents' plane. So, they checked in at 3 a. m. slept for 2-3 hours and arrived to Washington by plane at 8 o'clock. The event was supposed to begin at 11:30. True Parents had already arrived and I was waiting in the hotel lobby when these guests arrived to the hotel panting and puffing. They went to their rooms and didn't even have time to take a shower, they only changed clothes and came to the event. At that time Mr. Jeong-ok Yu was giving deliberately long report about the nature of the event and True Parents' activities.

Our guests came to the event very excited. Among them there were two couples. One of these was the director of the best hospital in Uruguay and his wife. This is the most progressive hospital in the country. True Father even presented them with ambulance cars. This couple are very good-natured people.

The husband trusts True Parents in everything they do more than some of our Church members. Incumbent President of Uruguay is a physician-oncologist by training who used to work in this hospital. The current President of Uruguay is a professional medical doctor. Even now he goes to the hospital once a week to perform some of his medical duties.

Last time when Parents went there, the President welcomed them and our continental director, took photo with them. He is smart person and has some leftist inclinations. He also is a very good doctor and has good relationship with the director of the hospital, so when that person calls him, he goes to the hospital.

Another couple was the Secretary-General of the Montevideo Circle and his spouse. He is also deputy director of the Board of Audit and Inspection in his country. He is a candidate for the position of director of this agency. He's in the center of power, so to say. His wife is also a very clever person, she helps him in his duties.

They discuss their work and even the President listens to their advice. So, this Secretary-General can influence even the President. So, yesterday in the morning as he was listening to Mr. Ju's explanations of True Father's directions he told us the following. He had apparently already heard from Mr. Jeong-ok Yu about Father's proposals, so he said, "In South America there is a saying. Once you become friends with someone, you need no more words. You should believe and support everything that your friend does 100%." So, he said, We don't need any meetings. He already got Father's message in his heart, he understood Father's thought and peace ideal clearly and agreed with it.

He said, Tell me what can we do practically? How can we help you? Come out with the main story. So, without further additional explanation we began with the main part. That's how prepared this time is and how prepared these people are. I'm so grateful for this.

The biggest hotel in Montevideo which serves for the accommodation of presidents when they come to that nation belongs to True Parents. Director of that hotel speaks Spanish and Portuguese very well, he also understands English and Korean, therefore sometimes he acts as an interpreter.

The business is going well there. Do you know how much effort and heart Father invested in South America? Particularly Uruguay is located on the very opposite side of the globe from Korea. The time difference with Korea is exactly 12 hours. If your bore the Earth through Uruguay you will come out in Korea, if you start boring in Korea you will come out in Uruguay. So, Father thinks that providentially Uruguay has important relationship with Korea; together these nations form a kind of earth axis.

Actually Uruguay is a small nation with population of only 3.5 million. However it plays important role in South America due to its geopolitical location. That's why Father built his foundation in this country and invested there a lot. As we all know until 2000 Father focused on the providence in the 4 Latin American countries: Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The status of Uruguayan President is very good. The major agreement of the World Trade Organization known as Uruguay Round was made in this country. When big brains of South America have a meeting, they gather in Uruguay, in our hotel. Due to such position in this country, Uruguayan President is quite influential. Recently there were some worries that South American politics was making a swing to the left – Uruguay, Paraguay, Mexico, then also, Chavez, this eccentric Venezuelan President. Venezuela has 2nd or 3rd place in the world as an oil-producer. However we heard some rumors that his rule is not for long. All circumstances point to that. If Latin America makes a shift to the left wing, it will go anti-USA. However that's against God's providence. South and North America must unite as brothers, as Cain and Abel.

So, Father outlined this direction to the members of the Montevideo forum. After we explained this clearly we made one final agreement concerning a peaceful exchange between top leaders of South and North America on the level of current and former Presidents, Prime-Ministers.

Thus, we begin a realization of Heaven's plan for greater consolidation of North and South America. God invested much effort into North America so far and He has chosen a family of 3 generations.

One of Bush brothers – Neil – participated in the last ILC and gave a good speech in which he commended Father Moon's spirit of service. He expressed sincere support to our peace movement. His elder brother Jeb is also an example of successful leader, he was a Governor of Florida. 

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