The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

What Are Our Results And Determination

Sun Myung Moon
December 17, 2007
Washington, DC
Hoon Dok Hae
Notes: Eduardo Cavallini

The time of the rally is approaching, but the question now is what are our results and determination. Are they above, below or in the middle of our goal? The overall conclusion of the Word is unity between UN and US.

We need to make a new encyclopedia. Did you take that out? Chung-hwan Kwak. (Yes, we are making it.) We need to do it all. We should make this encyclopedia.

The UN and America should unite. Religion and politics as internal and external related to the historical culture left so many blots. So, we need to make an encyclopedia critically evaluating and explaining this. There shouldn't be thousands of encyclopedias. If there are 10, then 10 national forms will remain.

There should be an overall conclusion fitting into the providential history. All 8 stages from individual to tribe, people and so forth are connected and you can't take out any of them.

Once we create this type of encyclopedia, the world will have to follow it. Wasn't it completed two years ago? (It is scheduled to be printed around True Parents' birthday.) It was prolonged. You don't understand how important it is, do you? Do you know what I mean? What position does America stand in?

Materialism and theism were fighting on the borderline, but none could offer a new direction. We are showing a clear direction for UN and America to become one.

A nation where God's Will is fulfilled is not a democracy. So, this encyclopedia contains a summary of all contents of tradition that will enable us to overcome shortcomings of the democratic world and shift to the realm of God's royal dominion.

That's what America and its government should do. This is not our job. The UN and the USA must unite and in this way resolve all historical problems of Cain and Abel. Cain was wrong and Abel was right. Through the final conclusion of Godism, through this encyclopedia God will put an end to all inadequacies and struggles of historical ages.

If individuals, families, tribes with clear inner content don't pave a road similar to a highway, the world will have no way to go after Rev. Moon is gone. Do you understand?

Who will do it? The conclusion is that you have to do it, while I'm still alive. So, you need to be able to go on and build the foundation even when I'm not here.

The Peace Scriptures enable you to do so. Through the Peace Scriptures you can learn about the conflict of the providential history and the history of culture. These two types of history were separated. The view on the history of culture and on God's providential history should be clear. The Unification Church which has been doing this was slandered and criticized, but actually all things it was professing were true. This is inevitable conclusion.

This is life and death issue, so we need to invest into it all national and individual resources and complete it even at the cost of sacrifices. Please realize the urgency of the time and participate in the upcoming rally with this attitude. This is my request to you. Do you understand? (Yes.) You need to be determined. Nobody can hide my accomplishments. Now we have mobile phones.

So, all secrets of the world can be made public. The world of the new culture where such things are possible has arrived. In the present world you can sit on one spot and yet be moving to the end of the earth in one day. You can give directions to people there in a matter of minutes or even seconds. The age has come when nobody can oppose these things even if they become publicly known.

I really appreciate this. You should know that such preparations were made for the sake of the Unification Church. Did you know this? Rev. Moon is a miserable person. I created the Washington Times to protect God.

Did Mr. Joo tell you about this? Everything is being revealed from beginning to end; you cannot hide any secrets. Not even one single moment is omitted.

I'm telling you, I saw everything. You cannot hide things from me. Every second of Kim Jeong Il's life is being recorded. I know everything about the world both the Soviet Union and the democratic world. Only God's true love can unite the internal and external.

Say it. (True love.) Nothing except for true love can do it.

It has such a profound contents that I can talk for months about it, about its principles and conditions.

I have more to say than any of you, officials of the Unification Church, know. You should know that the house where you live is the place where God's Will is completed. The Family Pledge was made for your families. God conducted His providence for the sake of every one of you.

If you're not involved in something directly you can easily become an onlooker. The plans of the Unification Church are not the will of Rev. Moon. They are God's Will. Remember, this is the Will of the Only One. So, what does the first article of the Family Pledge speak about?

(Our family, the owner of Cheon Il Guk, pledges to seek our original homeland by centering on true love.) All 8 articles include mentioning of "owners of Cheon Il Guk." It is not talking about God, or Rev. Moon. It talks about you; you are in the same position. You belong to the same lineage and you can become one body with them. I didn't start out knowing all God's secrets. I disclosed them all gradually as I walked my way.

I could discover it, but it doesn't mean that Satan simply conceded this knowledge to me. The whole world so far has been opposing me, but I brought resolution to problems on all levels -- individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and the world. Finally I arrived to my destination, the UN, so you need to inherit this victorious authority from me. To do so, don't hesitate; you should be connected to me with blood ties as children with father, then I can pass down everything to you.

Remember, this is your responsibility. Do you understand? The problem of religion that created the cultural world, the problem of politics, the problems of UN and US are all connected to this. However your determination to create the encyclopedia can be easily connected to all the problems. This book is the guide.

After this rally is over I will trust you. The time has come for us to re-educate our children and our nation. My children were sacrificed for the sake of restoration of the Cain world. We need to build the world again.

Children who were unable to show filial piety to parents should do it from now on. Every day spend time with real history; go through a year, 10 years and 1000-years of history. To adjust to the last days my children as well as Cain and Abel in your family must go through it. True Parents must again offer everything to God - everything that has been reversed.

This is the calling and responsibility of True Parents. They need to connect individual, family and all 8 stages to God's foundation. And you should connect your life and all things to God's throne. Then you will be winners able to shout "Mansei!" Then we can say that the world of liberation and complete freedom, the Heavenly Kingdom in the era of eternal reign of peace is fulfilled. Then you can call God Father!

We are talking about family, but is there God's family in the United States? No. You should make a new beginning. Make new efforts, concentrate your mind and tread down upon the culture formed in the satanic world.

Follow the order of Heaven to create different world, not the world God would hate, but the world of culture He can rejoice about 20 or 100 times more. Don't hesitate and run to achieve this. Do you understand?

Even when I'm not there, you should do it instead. If you have any difficulties, tell me. If you just keep thinking and prolonging time, there won't appear any better way. Without determination, without building an environment where new relationships are possible, without creating a base that will protect your future, you cant be connected to the basis of God's ideal of creation. Remember this clearly. Do you understand?

So, make such a new determination to go on even without me. Originally I wasn't planning to participate in this rally. I showed you a direction. Chung-hwan Kwak worked hard to establish the tradition.

You need to act accordingly and even add something to that. You should make a new beginning in your families and nations upholding my plans for the future. If you get stained by the things from the realm of Satan's dominion, then humanity will perish. So, I'm asking you, remember this and make a new determination.

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