The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

All should reach the standard of the Philippines

Sun Myung Moon
December 14, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung
East Garden

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 29, 2011

Dr. Yang's Report

All nations should quickly reach the standard of Philippines. Especially after Father proclaimed the beginning of Providential Pacific Era last March.

Philippines is one of the most important providential nations. It's related to America. The hotel in Manila (Manila Hotel) where we stayed was just 5 minutes away from the venue of the rally. Gen Douglas McArthur's Head Quarter was located on the 5th floor of that hotel building. We also visited that place. They kept all the materials there. This nation is located on 7,000 islands.

The chairman of the parliament (De Venecia) told us that during the high tide several hundreds of the islands disappear under water so at this times only 6,800 islands remain. But during the low tide there are more than 7,000 islands. So this nation is quite interesting. So I asked that person. "How on earth do you govern this country?" And he answered me that actually there are many difficulties in exercising centralized government. I was reallly surprised. The time has come when True Parents image and foundation become so strong to move a nation and especially it' head is not easy. But I was impressed, especially by the parliament speaker.

He whole heartedly support True Father's plan. Particularly, he was the person who officially laid the foundation before the UN general Assembly, the proposal to create religious council as an upper house of UN. Several tens of other nations supported this proposal made by Philippines.

Moreover this person is a founder of an association of parliament speakers of Asian Nations. He directly introduced Father Moon's projects to these people. You can not see it on the photos, but he invited Hyun Jin Nim and main leaders of our movement to his house. I participated in the meeting as a representative of our continent. We received truly gorgeous treatment. He showed us photos taken together with True Parents.

Unfortunately several years ago he suffered tragic incident, while he was on a trip abroad. There was a fire in his house and his 16 year old daughter died in the fire. Sometimes after that continental directors of Asia invited Speaker de Venecia and his wife to Korea and arrange their meeting with True Parents. That's when he took photos with Father and Mother Moon.

Interestingly enough on the photos big circles are visible on Mrs. de Venecia's chest. You know, sometimes we can see these circles on photos taken in Chung Pyung. This is some kind of spiritual phenomenon. They took about 20 pictures and there are these circles on them. He showed them to me and said that maybe this was a sign that they become closer to True Parents.

He totally believes in the spirit world and says that his daughter is with him. So he showed me these pictures with spiritual marks on them. I think that after the sacrifice of their daughter, the spirit world really helped this couple.

Three prominent American pastors participated in the event. Rev T.L. Barret from Chicago, Archbishop Stalling and Rev Jesse Edwards. Rev. Barret also lost his daughter some time ago. After that he and his wife visited Chung Pyung. They participated in a meeting in Cheon Jeong Palace. After that Rev. and Mrs. Barret got a new confidence in the spirit world. They felt that their daughter is following them around.

Moreover these two couples Rev Barret and parliament speaker of the Philippines who both lost their daughters met each other. They shed tears together and encourage each other. I heard they got reassured in the reality of the spirit world and importance of Father's teaching on the spirit world. So this time speaker de Venecia really took whole day from his schedule just to participate in our event. He took the whole day off to be with us. He had lunch with our leaders and for 2 hours he has been testifying about our True Parents, he was talking about their plans.

His attitude and his heart is even greater than that of our church members. And he's a wise person. He also keep his public status really well. He's a walking dictionary, he knows all about True Parents peace making projects in conflict zones where UPF was involved.

In 2005 he gave a speech at the inauguration of UPF. That was a famous speech in New York. He's a good speaker. In his speech he testified about True Father peace scriptures. He clearly understands that behind all world's conflict there are religious issues.

Finally in March of next year he is going to the Middle East at the invitation of Israel Prime Minister. We shared a lot in a personal conversation after the completion of the 33rd conference on peace in the Middle East. He testified how Father could grasp the inner cause of conflict between Israel and Palestine. He again expressed his support for True Parents and acknowledges that Father is truly the King of Peace.

So this time speaker de Venecia spent whole day with us and participating in the whole program. He also participated in the program of appointment of 3,000 youth Ambassadors for Peace.

This time Philippines surprised me. America is the elder son nation, but actually we need to learn a lot from Philippines. There are so many young people there. I look at this young crowd--- they are ambitious, handsome and bright. When I see that our movement in the Philippines educate these youth who will lead the future, I think that this is a great preparation for the whole world. As I was looking at those young alive faces I felt that Philippines is being reborn as a youthful nation. Of course many Filipino church members work with dedication here in America, but it's especially amazing what foundation they built in their country. They are able to reach out to the President and to the broad masses of people. I think the fact that in the Philippines we work with many NGO's is a very important pattern.

Through the foundation of UPF Father wants to move nations. This is a very important project. But internally we also need to grow our membership. Externally we need to put to action Abel UN through UPF. Our staff in the Philippines showed good standard. We need to expand it to the world.

Father's providential will, should spread to the world by 2013. If important nations unite with God's will, God's word will spread throughout the world. I think this would be the fruit of history. So this December event in the Philippines was a special grand finale for this 2007.

Last March 17th Father gave a speech declaring view of history in Pacific Rim Era from the view point of God's providence. Hyun Jin-nim read this speech at leader's conferences. It was a very good timing. So when I see that Pacific nations USA, Korea, Philippines connect with each other and this fits really well into the providential plan, I really appreciate it.

Recently Rev. Jenkins and myself completed the 33rd Middle East Peace Conference and went straight to Philippines from Israel. This conference was the 33rd from May 2003. As you know the number 33 has a great meaning. Father told us to complete 33 conferences by the end of this year. Last month we held the 32nd conference for a religious group called Druze and this December we held the 33rd conference from the 4th until the 9th.

This time the scale was bigger than before. About 200 people from 40 nations participated. We informed everyone about the importance of the 33rd conference, so all continents selected and sent important leaders from the field of religions, politics and education. particularly Africa sent 28 important leaders from various regions. Europe sent about 30 people and America sent about 70. All leaders were worthy to represent their nations. Particularly this time, many rabbis including young rabbis, spiritual leaders of 6,000,000 Jews living in America attended the event. The conference took place in 3 venues, first 2 days in a palace near the sea of Galilee called Tiberias. Then we moved to Jerusalem and finally to Ramalla, close to Jerusalem. Ramalla is the capital of Palestine. We held this international events in these 3 places. 

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