The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

The Era For Living For The Sake Of Others

Sun Myung Moon
December 13, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden

The era for living for the sake of others has come, so now we are moving towards a different world. Now the earth is becoming just like the spirit world. We must restore descendants of the Fall.

We have come to the world's final destination. It is time to put an end to the struggle between Cain and Abel through the UN. This struggle is no longer needed for we have established the Peace Palace.

The fight went on through the 8 stages - from individual, tribe, people, nation, world and others. You should know that numerous times in history Cain, the elder brother, has shed his younger brother's blood. There can be no peace in such world.

Human lives were suffering; the world was like an ocean of sorrow. This was the world where people were looking in vain for the origin of their life, the world where one could neither hope for, nor trust in anything.

Now we have passed through that world and are entering the Kingdom of Heaven after receiving God's blessing. This is the time to complete a unified structure on earth and in heaven, encompassing God's ideal families, tribes, peoples, nations, world and the universe.

We should do this in the name of God's royal family. The Peace Scripture serves this purpose. But you can't enter the Heavenly Kingdom the way you are. God and True Parents came to this world and walked the path of utmost suffering to build the model of victory. So, you must follow their steps.

Is there anyone among you, Americans, whose mind and body don't fight with each other? There must exist the absolute family with absolutely no possibility of divorce, but currently there are no absolute husbands, mothers and fathers.

Without this everything will be destroyed and washed into the satanic world. God has been persevering to see the completion of everything He had lost - compete individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, world and the universe. This is not a road you can just go back and forth on.

Once we live for that world we are bound to live there eternally, but people so far have been confused and ignorant about it. To awaken them to the truth God sent them the Messiah, Savior, the True Parents. That's what the history was for.

Originally religion was not needed at all. Now we have come to the age when the concept of religion itself can be denied - whether we are talking about Christianity, Confucianism or Buddhism.

Does God exist or not? What is His existence like? Who will liberate people from such life that is not even worth living? Is there true freedom in America? This is a problem everywhere - it is not God's ideal model.

I came to America to create the model for unity. I'm Korean, so what does this victorious and subject nation have to do with me? It is not fulfilling its responsibility as a subject nation and as a nation representing the UN. You can't achieve unification with sheer force.

Such a world was in the past. Three ideal purposes were supposed to be fulfilled in Adam's family, it couldn't be properly established. As I was working to reverse the very origin of the Fall through the establishment of the True Family, this evil world was shooting at me from all directions. I wasn't welcomed even on the individual level. Nations also opposed me. No American welcomed me as I was walking this path alone.

A long time ago, before I met you, my brothers and sisters tried to stop me from going this way. They were holding on to me not letting me go. But I closed my eyes and left my birthplace, ignoring them.

So, I took this path, but who welcomed me on it? Even God didn't. Initially even He couldn't believe in Rev. Moon. Even Jesus until recently didn't believe in me. The Pope doesn't believe me. God's children lived on this earth, but there were not original children in terms of their lineage.

The blood in their veins is not the same. So, if we do not achieve this change of blood lineage, if we don't align with this path, there is no point in erecting God's palace. Without this change of lineage, no matter how many times you pledge to reach the Kingdom of Heaven, you won't reach it.

There can't be any ideal in the fallen realm. Don't your mind and body fight? So, don't put your ego in the first place. How can I believe in you here in America? You have to follow me.

So far, I have been raising you. Now you have grown up, so you have to attend your Parents. Your families still did not create the ideal unified environment. We hear stories about grandfathers having sex with their granddaughters, how can this be? Mothers cohabit with sons and fathers with daughters. Is that Heavenly Kingdom? I spent 34 years of my life in America. I wanted to see true families here, 12 tribes.

I sacrificed my children for your sake; I did it to save Cain. America has a population of 300 million people, but how many of them are members of the Unification Church? It shouldn't be like this, so I sacrificed my own sons and daughters. They know that their father is not bad.

Living in an environment here, environment in schools that is stained by Satan. My children know that the place where their father lives is pure. And that he walked his path and shed tears for other people, not for his own family. I abandoned by children for the sake of Cain, but I told my children to study everything they want.

They are in their 30s now, some of them finished graduate schools already. They saw what happened to the families of their teachers who accused me. My children know that even though their parents were persecuted and mocked in this world as if their way were false, it was actually true. They know that we always live up to our words and keep our promises, that we don't worry about ourselves even though we are already old. So nobody actually can criticize our life.

They bow their heads and they see that in this opposing world there is nobody quite as miserable as their parents. Why did I abandon my children? For the sake of Cain's world. That's my philosophy and tradition. People who deny it will finally perish, because this is absolute truth.

I invested all of my property, the property of the Unification Church, my children and my nation. I left my country. Eight governments have opposed me. America's authorities also opposed me. I want to cross one global ridge. There must be one nation that can take responsibility as a representative of the world.

What can I learn in America? What can I do here? In this scientific world people make everything; just press the button and you have it. But there should be equalization of technology, economy, politics and culture, but now things are completely different. God's ideal can't exist in such a society.

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