The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

These are the last days

Sun Myung Moon
December 12, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han December 25, 2011

These are the last days. Don't just read this book and let these things pass by you; you should embody what is written here. I went through the whole world using this standard.

This is also the standard of God 's perfection, so beginning, process and goal of the mainstream are connected to the accomplishment of this plan. Messages from 1 to 6 pertain to the fulfillment of responsibility of 3 generations of True Parents' family until the completion of Cheon Jeong Peace Palace.

Messages 7, 8, and 9 signify the inheritance of tradition set by exemplary standard of Cheon Jeong Palace.

Messages from 6th to 9th describe the history of restoration of the fallen world. Cheong Jeong Palace is the final destination of this history.

Adam couldn't settle on earth, so True Parents came and built the foundation necessary for this. Their course is described in Peace Messages -- from 1 through 6.

Korea must unite with True Parents' family. Cheon Jeong Peace Palace does not belong to me or to any organization. This is central palace of Korea. It represents Korean nation in front of the world.

It also must represent union of all nations of the world consolidated around UN.

We need to make personnel assignments, so that people could fulfill their responsibility. People like myself will pass. Those under 48 are young. In the Unification Church if you are younger than 48, you are considered young?

During these 4 years we are entering the new era. We must renew historical tradition.

I must walk the path of the Principle, so the era when you could live at your whim like you did in the past is passing.

There cannot be 2 palaces. How are we connected? Not through knowledge.

Not through money or power. We are connected through true love and true life. The universe is based on true love, not on life.

God is an origin of life and love, so everything started from Him. God creates life and finally family through love.

Adam and Eve, man and woman represent heaven and earth. Men have 3 stages – horizontal formation, horizontal growth and horizontal completion.

Roots are invisible. God is the root, the root finally produces the shoots.

From that point on horizontal expansion starts. A family spreads to all 360 directions through 12 tribes.

Number 12 symbolizes 3 ages – Old, New and Completed Testament ages. In number 360, three twelves represent stages of formation, growth and completion. The Principles teaches about these 3 ages of Old, New and Completed Testament.

Old Testament age is formation, Jesus' age is growth, and completion is the unified age of heart. There can't be any fight in this age.

So, if you divide the history, you will get the Old, New and Completed Testament ages.

This is the gist of tradition according to which God's providence and human history developed. When God's providence turned right, Satan's providence went in the opposite direction. They couldn't unite. Humans fell in the age of Adam.

Adam's family went in that direction, and angelic world and all of the earth followed it. They were supposed to complete 8 stages of perfection from individual and family to the cosmos.

The Ceremony of Eight Stages started from one thing. Had Adam and Eve become True Parents, that standard would have existed from the time of creation.

Then the whole history would have been in the realm of God's providence. But now God's providential view of history and human view of history differ. God's view of history is eternal.

It forms a spherical shape in the universe. This is also an ideal form for an individual with mind and body, for family, tribe and nation.

Nation and world also have a form of an ideal family. It is the 4 position foundation centered on our ancestors. The world will become one after it goes through Old, New, Completed Testament Eras, and enters the era of the heart of the 4th Adam.

Now we have all these different nationalities. Korea and Japan are different from each other. These nations are in parents' position, but there are also elder and younger son nations which are also different.

Korea and Japan were enemies throughout their history. The right of elder son belonged to America, but America was also an enemy country to Japan.

These three united centering on America, but Germany was in the enemy position.

Even in the satanic world God allowed some nations to represent heavenly authority. So there was this split between Cain and Abel. That's why left and right sides are different.

From the vertical perspective, upper and lower parts are different. When we walk, our arms and legs should move in this way.

They are opposite to each other. So, the directions of earthly and heavenly worlds are different. That's why we are using the terms, upper sphere, lower sphere, left and right sphere, front and rear sphere. They are all connected. All 6 directions are united around the center, hence the meaning of number 7. So far there was no center. People existed not knowing the center. Even oriental philosophy doesn't have a concept of center, that's why conflicts arise.

Center is a core. But the center cannot be center by itself. Center is determined only in relationship of plus and minus. God's providential history is a vertical history.

We need to go all the way up from the stages of vertical individual through vertical family, tribe, people, nation, and world to the age of cosmos.

If you look at the world from the viewpoint of this horizontal line, the whole universe should be unified in a form of a sphere.

But the order was overturned. The division between God and Satan occurred, the division between good and evil. Those who don't understand the essence of this division, cannot accomplish the unification of the world.

We ran away from God and fell into ignorance about Him, so to unite we need to find Him. Both goodness and evil are vying for royal authority.

But the settlement era based on unified kingship has not come yet. Everything is divided.

Without this kingship the fight will go on for ages. There can't be era of peace. If people want peace they need to know God and True Parents.

They also need to know ideal family of True Parents. That's the ideal of creation. To achieve that purpose the universe needs to shift towards the age of establishment of kingship.

People are governed by individualism, at best by the ideology of their family or tribe. But now we live in the age of kingship. So, there are no people yet who would be qualified for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Even saints and sages are in a state of suspension, because they went to the spirit world alone, not having married. So, True Parents must get firmly established and bring everything into order.

All results must be connected to one principle and one cause. When there is one bone, or one core, you can revolve around that core 360 degrees. When the center goes up, everything goes up, when the center goes down, everything goes down. Everything goes down from the horizontal line. Top, bottom, front, rear, left and right sides unite to form one world.

Presidents or kings may want to establish one world, but they are not aligned to the view of God's providential history.

There is no other way except for going back to providential view of history from which we have deviated. Without this both Korea and Japan will disappear.

We will enter the age of unified kingship, when there will be not nations, but only God's absolute and unique sovereignty. 

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