The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

What will be the center in the God-centered world?

Sun Myung Moon
December 11, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, and Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

What do you think will be the center in the peaceful God-centered world? (Maybe the lineage of goodness will be the center.) Lineage will also be central, but what else?

What will be the focal point, the borderline? Once the temperature reaches the freezing point even the big river or lake turns into ice.

During the dark night, even one speck of a firefly can become the focal point. This is the standard for the beginning. In a family there should be 3 stages – grandfather, father and mother.

Heavenly Kingdom has no other focal point besides this. Once everything reaches harmony the energy can be supplemented eternally. What makes this possible? A person striving for harmony and living for the sake of others remains for good.

Grandfather and grandson like harmony, but why is this? They have to be married. Grandfather has a wife, father and mother are a married couple, you are married couples and all generations of your descendants will be married. So, what is the center of this harmony?

Where does the model of this harmony blossom? It should be found not only in a family. There should be harmonious gathering in the church, in the nation, and in the world. Eternal harmony should remain in heaven and on earth.

In this big wide and high universe there must be a harmony that represents grandfather and parents. Familial harmony of thousands generations of descendants who also constitute married couples leads the history. It stands on the interior and the exterior of the history and its tradition.

We can make such a conclusion. Think about other possibilities. We are missing 4 generations. We miss grandparents, parents, and siblings. Only one central line, one road will remain in history that enables us to gather all these people in one point.

If this is true, what should we consider as important then? A life in which our grandparents, our mother, our couple and our numerous descendants can achieve harmony.

What road should we take to achieve that? We must have a desire for harmony; desire to live for the sake of others which would be stronger than the love of our grandparents and parents. There is no unified mind in the human world. We need to attend absolute God which is only one.

There can't be 2 absolutes. Love can make the absolute being and relative beings into one. Only fundamental love is a master.

Grandparents and all 4 generations in a family represents the history. The ideological foundation is high, broad and diverse, but now we have entered the age of universal expansion. Now nobody can keep his words a secret. Through mobile phones anything can be publicized.

In this age we can connect even to the vast cosmos. So, what is the central contents enabling us to reach that harmony.

If there are 12 sons in grandfather's family, it will later develop into 36 families. What can enable eternal harmony of all families? If there is a person in the universe capable of this, our ancestors won't stand still if only they know this.

If there is such a being, how big should this only person, God be? They say that the universe is 4.7 billion light years long. It means that light traveling from some of its spots cannot reach the Earth even in 4.7 billion years. It won't reach the earth even in 7 billion years.

But who will this light reach? A person who has a loving heart. Such person is higher than anybody, he becomes a center among all people.

What is the essence of harmony? We should go to that world. Who did historical people live for?

Even life lived for the sake of one nation cannot become a core of everything. Who did they live with? If you live in harmony with your grandfather and father, if you harmonize with your descendants, you become a patriot of your age. After thousand years patriots will change. You should have such a broad mind focused on that one freezing point. Then you can play or rest for thousands of years.

Only love can produce such result. And God is the only source of such love.

This is the conclusion we should make. Even God cannot but come to that conclusion. How precious it is to build relationships with your wife or siblings! If your cells can resonate with heaven and earth, if only the frequency is correct the resonance occurs. Once you strike the object, it starts resonating. Love can connect starting impulse and results into harmonious unity, but what kind of love is it?

It is always in the position of the core or focal point.

It becomes the borderline and the destination. That is the conclusion. What position are you in now? If there is some sorrowful event in your family, if there is some matter of life and death, we can put this problem on the forefront for thousands of years.

If there is no matrix for harmony, the world of peace and ideal cannot be achieved eternally. That is the conclusion. People who can build an ideal family can also connect to the world and assimilate any part of it without problem.

They can live together with happy smiles for thousands of years. They are beloved God's sons and daughters. God raises them as representatives of a family and makes them His partners.

There are long lines of your grandfathers and grandmothers, but ultimately there is only one person who is connected to you with an unbreakable tie and that person is God. Do you understand?

Our actions are so diverse – we come and go, we hear.

Even your eyes contain heavenly principles. Don't you want to see and hear everything? Love transcends history and environment. It develops eternally and embraces the world.

Where is the starting point of such love? God is the only such starting point.

Say, God. (God.) There is nothing else than God. Even if you each a meal and feel happy because of this, you do so on behalf of God.

Only if you live in a world of such concepts, can you be connected and coexist with others. There is no end. This focal point is projected on the earth and on the universe under 90 degree angle.

This is one point. There are many surfaces, but this point is only one. It is projected under 90 degree angle. This is unified cell.

The angle is 90 degree. This is eternal center. It is the source of eternal idea. Love is not when you request others to do something for you. God is absolute being, so does He or does He not wish love? What do you think? Does God in the absolute position need love or not? (He wants it.)

Maybe that means that He is not absolute? Even as absolute as He is, He still needs love.

Even though He has an absolute character, how can His love grow? It can grow due to the partner.

God cannot be a source of absolute values by himself. He needs created beings as partners. This is the absolute beginning, absolute completion and absolute values.

Without this God can't have his eternal place of rest in love. When 2 persons become one in love, God stands right above them. He can remain on top of 1000 people who then take the absolute position.

If God is an absolute source, then He doesn't need another absolute standard. This position is only one, not two. So, even though he wants love,

He can't find his partner. That is why he has to give up his absolute position and stand in the world of objects. The absolute standard for settlement starts from the world of objects. So, our view of history is different.

It is different from self-centered view of history. No matter how great you think you are, you can't live alone. 

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