The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Ambassadors for Peace will be surprised to hear this

Sun Myung Moon
December 9, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

Ambassadors for Peace will be surprised to hear this. If you think that you are great, that won't do. Listen well. Today I'm going to continue the same talk.

Jeong-noh Yoon, it is difficult to deal with bid-headed people, is it not? It is much easier after you have made them understand the reality of the spirit world, because God starts moving.

When your right foot makes a step forward, your right hand goes back, right? Heaven and earth are different from each other. The problem is how to harmonize them with each other.

If you walk this way and if you walk back the direction is different. Without knowing this you may lose you way even if you walk correctly.

It is because you don't know where the center is, where the start and what the purpose is. It doesn't fit into the international era.

You don't know about that contradiction. It is not simple to adjust. Making career in the world is not a big deal. Do you understand?

You, the so-called, great people so far have been treated well, weren't you? This is the place where we bring such folks into order. Do you understand, Jeong-noh Yoon?

So, listen well. After you have visited this place 1, 2, 3 times you should change. It won't do otherwise. Do you understand? Maybe it is not so polite to say such things at the first meeting, but I'm not ignorant about this world.

So, be humble. If you think you are the best, Heaven will strike you. Such a time is coming. Things will not go as you planned. The age is changing.

There are clear differences between 4 seasons of the year, but no one knows when one season finishes and another starts. Who knows this? That is why we need Heaven and its prophets.

Religion teaches the way of prophets and leads people along this way. It creates a realm of culture based on the words of saints and sages. It should achieve unity as a result. It has one goal.

I am familiar with teachings of 5 great saints. I cannot imagine how much I pondered over these things.

You didn't think about it, did you? I benefited nothing from the Unification Church. I only suffered and losses all my life.

I shared all my authority. I don't think about gaining some profit while working as God's representative. Even now I am still pioneering. What is going to happen if you think that my position is better than yours?

Who is Rev. Moon that he was able to bring such results? Try doing the same.

Just wait 3, 4, 10 years and see. What was sand will become mountain. That is how I lived.

Everybody in this world knows Rev. Moon, only Koreans don't. Visit America. How many of these booklets did we make?

It is an extract from 400 volumes. If I print all my speeches, I would have to publish 1600 volumes. People don't know this and yet oppose me, therefore they can be struck by a lightning.

Just live and you will see. Some were selling their country. Some people have ambitions to become president, but are their eyes open? Do their hands know what they are doing?

They don't know that they are falling down, they don't know what direction they are going. Isn't that so? I pierced through all opposition of this world. You have to acknowledge this.

Don't you want to find a person who can represent you, your heir? You may say that your children are representatives and your wife is your heiress.

But that is not correct. There should be only one representative. A heir is a central figure among representatives.

Those candidates for the President of Korea speak well, but we cannot be deceived. Do you understand? I won't meet you even if you ask me for an audience.

Whose benefit is it for? I won't meet a swindler. I know everything.

The world attacked me to destroy me, but I didn't die and came all the way up to this point. You should understand this. A man must be able to dominate the realm of life and death; you can't live simply by following someone. Do you understand what I mean?

Anybody has some ambitions. But why can't we do just anything we want? Because God and our ancestors weren't able to do so.

After the Fall of human ancestors the way of following one's own desires has become the way of ruin. Fallen people had to block their eyes, nose or even put their neck on the line. That is the way of Heaven. In the Chinese character for heaven you can see parts that mean two and person, right? Cheon Il Guk means two persons who became one.

To achieve Cheon Il Guk 2 persons should become one. In your body there are also 2 persons. There are man and woman. Two nations also represent 2 persons. If the two fail to become one, they both vanish. Mind and body will go to hell.

It sounds like a fancy, but it is not. I have experienced all of this. I met all sorts of truth-seekers and spiritualists. This guy over here is a head of the global Holy Spirit Association.

When you witness, don't just meet people empty-handed. Give them the Divine Principle book and pray for them for a week.

If you are going to meet many people you need to speak a lot. Where does this Divine Principle book come from? Of course, it came from some people living on earth, but where is it rooted in?

You don't know. If you want to know where it came from, you should look for its roots. Do you know what the root is? So far, you walked proudly.

But there is a possibility, that I simply drive you all away. It may be rude to say such words at the first meeting. How does the word "rude" sound if you pronounce it back to front. If you don't understand this, you may get caught on breaching the law. Doesn't rudeness mean breaching the law?

But I took the responsibility and passed through everything. I met all prominent people in Korea. I met them already 30 years ago. And I did so in America too. Famous people in America wait in line to meet me and they are more worthwhile than you, folks.

Why do I live like this? That is the situation of Korean people, so I need to put my neck on the line to save them.

I need to rise to this position to save people and not go give them harm. I will by no means be indebted to you. If I owe you in some way, tell me. You won't find it. People are indebted to me instead.

So, you have to go to the kindergarten and study again. What is your tradition for? Does God or this nation benefit from your tradition? Who is a patriot? Do you know?

So, you have to have some sense about who our parents or our teachers are. What kind of nation is our nation? Who is God? 

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