The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

I need to love entirely and eternally

Sun Myung Moon
December 6, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han February 4, 2011

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt Reads from Cheon Seong Gyeong on True Family

Repeat, I will do so! I need to love entirely, from the very top, and eternally. These are not words you can listen to once and then forget. Remember them clearly. Once I uttered them, I'm responsible to keep them. That's my eternal responsibility.

This world wanted to destroy the Unification Church. But people with clubs and axes couldn't destroy our church. They cut themselves down instead and cause the ruin of their own families.

Persevere, persevere and once again persevere. People in their late teens want to get married. They think, I would be great to have that girl as a wife. Or It would be great to have that boy as my husband.

But you must wait for your time. You can start before 12 – not even at 11:40 or 11:59. There shouldn't be even 1 minute or 1 second difference. If the time is not right, just wait.

The ideal is looking for you on your global course, but how can you become a master if you cannot wait and persevere?

So, be patient and wait for the appropriate time, so that when it comes you can offer yourself to your master completely. Only your true master when he or she comes can touch you. What is this book about? It teaches how to love your spouse and your children.

How precious it is, then! How precious is the Unification Church? You need to understand fundamental things. All seeds have same shape and color; they were like this thousands of years ago, and they will be like this tens of thousands of years after.

Does the color change every year? It's the same. The basics are the same. There is one absolute being which is our common origin.

So, no matter how the circumstances change, people who don't understand this absolute being, the subject of all relative things, cannot change this absolute value.

What colors do you like? People talk about 5 or 7 colors. 5 colors represent 5 human races. What color do you like? What about you, Jeong-noh Yoon? [I like pink.] Why? Is pink closer to white or to red?

You should know that there is a certain border. It's only one. It's absolute. You can't have 2 borders. Your face is absolute. Are there two identical persons? In the whole world there are no 2 persons with the same face.

Everybody has eyes, nose, ears, and yet how come everyone is so different? That's because of the border line which is absolute.

So, the man you like should also be absolute. Who's the center in marriage – man or woman? Answer me, you guys, you, the so-called, great people from Seoul.

In Korean, the word "Seoul" sounds like "cry with sorrow." So, Seoulites are actually miserable. "Seoul" is a gloomy word. You're making efforts to reach prosperity, but what are you going to do with prosperity?

What will you leave behind, when you depart from this world? Nothing. You have nothing to leave. You can only take to the spirit world with you your family, your people and nation.

How can indifferent person become interested in something? Will you, Japanese and Koreans, live fighting with one another every day? With what can you overcome the border line between man and woman? With true love!

True love enables us to cross all borders and enter the boundless world. But true love becomes necessary only on the basis of some kind of logic. We're all standing on the border line. Try to exhale all the air! If you stop breathing you'll die.

When you walk, your attend your left leg as a teacher, so your arm has to move in opposite direction.

You should know that if heaven is above us, then that world is different from this world where we walk. If you don't understand it, you're bound to have problems.

You have to examine everything logically and have clear concepts. Are feet and hands same? They are opposites of each other, right? Westerners use feet when they dance, but Oriental people use arms a lot.

Both Oriental people and Western people tried, but they couldn't adjust earthly standard to that of Heaven. That's why shadows appear.

Why does it happen? When you look into mirror you see yourself in reverse shape, right? If you draw a diagram of how our sight line goes, you get a X-like shape.

When you cross national border, everything changes. People live like that. So, the only way to adjust a focus for men, women and all things is through true love! Such people can exist eternally together with roots and sprouts.

It's vague for people. I achieved what I achieved due to this knowledge. Truth is running on the border line between the 2 world without denying any of them.

Isn't it marvelous? When husband and wife unity they create a certain boundary. When that happens they become one entity, not two.

In the spirit world they cannot be split into two. They cannot be torn apart. Since this is not set in order, life itself is in a negative situation.

Through what can you be acknowledged? Through absolute sexual ethics. This is an absolute core, a focal point of the absolute borderline.

We can make an absolute covenant based on this logic. This absolute covenant may place importance even on small and low things.

Do you respect me or do you love me? Jung-noh Yoon, what about you? [I respect and love you, Father.] How these two can be together on the borderline?

Where do life and death meet? On the borderline, on the very top. Don't forget this, or you'll just tumble all the way down and leave a big scar on this world.

Whose life has such a value? You're just puppets. You look like humans, but you are neither humans, nor puppets, nor even shadows.

That's why I'm telling you that there must be some borderline, focal point and a core. If you don't unite these 3 points you're far away from the spirit world.

How are center and core different? They represent internal and external, flesh and bone. We have bones in our body. Flesh must come in contact with all 4 directions, but bone must contact only the vertical.

Why? It becomes the foundation. Once vertical is established it becomes the foundation. Love doesn't change for eternity. 

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