The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

There's only one pair of True Parents, not two

Sun Myung Moon
December 5, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 3, 2012

This is not some kind of information you can hear and forget. You should stand upon it. If you don't find how to do it, this truth will be of no use to you. So, create the substance.

The question for you, Unification Church folks, is who are your parents? You don't have many sets of parents here and there; you have only one set of parents?

There's only one pair of True Parents, not two. True husband is also only one; you can have only one true spouse. From this viewpoint the fallen world is a complete mess.

Everything is upside down in this world – head became heels and heels became head. Once you share in Satan's lineage you're not just ruining each other, you're dirtying social environment.

Isn't it like this now? We need UN to reach highest global destination and build an absolute God-centered nation.

That's what UN should do; it should become an absolute owner. There must be one owner in UN.

Families and tribes should follow one standard; there shouldn't be double standards. The same is true for a nation.

In modern era democratic and communist worlds were fighting, were they not? They were enemies. The problem occurred because each side wanted to claim ownership over everything.

This problem can't be solved by power or knowledge. Only humans – only men or only women – won't solve the problem.

For man and woman to stand on common foundation or build common realm, they need to make God's absolute love their center.

All family, all brothers and sisters should be connected with the absolute Parent. Family is the basic unit. If you don't start from family and don't get connected to God everything will be wasted. Isn't it like this? Men in the satanic world are sons of Cain. Cain killed Abel, so people are stained with the blood from that murder.

Therefore they so often have a desire to kill, isn't that right? That's why we need to save Abel. Saving Able is a must-do thing for Cain.

That's why religion was teaching to love one's enemy. If you don't understand what everything is based upon and what conclusions are, you'll be confused.

Everything should go from individual through family, tribe, people, nation, world, universe and ultimately return to God.

Everything should return to where it has started. Do you know how to return? If you want to understand God, you should also understand the spirit world.

You must live on earth up to the reality of the spirit world. That's the way to go for people who were born by Heaven.

That's the formula course. Don't act just the way you like. You can't take out anything from the tremendous Heavenly law.

The time will come when there will be no people disregarding Rev. Moon's philosophy.

We have to manage things in the UN according to the law. Heavenly Father was unable to teach people. There was no unity between God and perfect Adam, so there is no standard of what father should be.

There is also no standard for mother, husband, wife, children, brothers and sisters, people, and nation.

So, what happiness is there in this world? There can't be any happiness forever. This world denied the Unification Church.

Nevertheless it has been developing. It is because that we possess some truth which simply cannot be denied, so those who deny it will finally disappear.

We suffered denial, but we were one body of positivity, so we could assimilate even those who denied us and turn this world around.

We can change the world dominated by Satan into God's world. People should have certain principles.

But they don't have them. What is the path human beings should take in their life? What's the proper way for husband or wife?

People are confused. They didn't receive an education based on proper tradition. The Unification Church taught many things in detail, so we need to correct even many small things.

Start from correcting yourself. Followers of the Unification Church should complete their course by reversing all historical mistakes. You have to walk certain collective formula course that doesn't change for millennia. But now people don't have formulas.

There's no order. So, people cannot build collective relationship. It can be done only when there is a formula.

What did you come to the Unification Church for? This is not some kind of refuge place for those who destroyed their family and came here at their whim.

I won't recognize you if you come to me alone. Bring your family. Women, bring your husbands; parents, bring your children.

You should be able to go through the course consisting of 3 stages which include your ancestors, yourself and your descendants, otherwise everything will disappear.

Who is an orphan? It's a person without parents. Why do men commit the fall? They have affairs with women, they go astray instigated by lust. Such people don't have family, they can't be a family.

I'm telling you these things, but what are you going to leave behind? You, Unification Church folks, should become the fruit, but many of you are like thieves. Are you here to help this nation or to destroy it? Are you here to feed on it?

Are you here to raise people? That's the question. You have to raise them. If you just take from them at your whim, in the spirit world you'll be considered a murderer forever.

There is no way to salvation for a person who lives alone. You can't possibly be attached to your past wrongs if you are to go the path of salvation.

That's why people should be able to sacrifice. Okay, let's stop it by now. One hour has passed. When I look into your eyes, what eyes do I see? When I look at your faces, I often see faces of people who want to feed on me.

Why are you like this? You consider yourselves the best and don't recognize other people. The universe existed before you were born. There were your parents and the world, so how can you deny all these things and think that you are the best?

Individualists are simply crazy. How on earth can you be happy? The more you walk in this direction the darker your path will become. And later when you die you'll just plummet into utter night head over heels.

You won't even be able to walk. How can I correct this? You'll just drop down to hell. Chung-hwan Kwak! Are you confident you can avoid this? Mr. Hwan! Mr. Yu!

Mr. Cho. Judging by your last name you're of a noble birth. Moo-do Heo, are you confident about this? One should be confident about his wife, parents and children.

Is it easy to be a father or a mother? Is it easy to be an elder brother or younger brother? Is it easy to build a nation?

There must be some ideal according to which you can build something greater in complex relationships in a collective.

You can't ignore order. Are you a Unification Church member? Being a member of our church may be very difficult, but if you have a family where you can go, no one can take it from you, even if you're alone in the whole world.

God is greater that absolute parents, absolute spouses, and absolute brothers and sisters. He is our final destination and he rules everything.

You should start from him and reach your goal having gone through the 3 ages, but what will you become if you are deprived of this? That's preposterous. The same stays true for Rev. Moon.

When I finish my earthly life and go to the spirit world, I'll have to follow God. I should put Him in the 1st place. You can't go to Heaven if you put your wife or your father on the 1st place instead of God.

In our world fathers, mothers and brothers have not received a recognition from God. Do you understand? (Yes.)

I thought you're from Eastern Seoul, but it seems that you're all mixed up. Where did you come from?

(From East Seoul church region, districts of Gangnam, Seocho, Songpa, Gangdong and Gangjin.)

Who told such a motley crowd to come?

Who made it like this? It's so exhausting? Man is supposed to live for a year or hundred years in one place, but why our regions are expanding like that?

How many regions do we have now? I may have to deal with 6 regions. When you feed someone, you should feed one person at a time. How are you going to feed a person with 6 spoons?

Big numbers are not necessarily good. Truth is only one, not two. You cannot talk about absolute truth without referring to God. All things were created upon some absolute standard.

If Rev. Moon were saying false things, he'd have destroyed the world. Can mothers, fathers and siblings fight with one another in this world, which is an environment where children learn?

There must be some kind of basis for survival in this world where it is so easy to perish. A person who denies it, criticizes it saying that the law isn't necessary will collapse.

Nobody will hold on to him. All our cells are united around one core into a single entity.

Cells also move, don't they? Fingers move, don't they? If you only insist on your ego, you will have no partners, so you won't be able to move.

And if you can't move, you'll die. Some people think that Rev. Moon of the Unification Church is a fool, but I'm not a fool. I met top people from many nations.

And I many times gave cold showers to people who though highly of themselves. Such folks don't need to come here. 

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