The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Old and new members are in the same position

Sun Myung Moon
December 4, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han December 25, 2011

Now old and new church members are in the same position. You must inherit the historical foundation. Three generations must inherit it and to do this they should be ready to overcome persecution from the whole world.

Go beyond national borders and build a realm of 3 generations through your sons and daughters. Japanese members, raise your hands! So many Japanese sisters got married to Korean men. Important thing is how I'll deal with the children you gave birth to and raised.

A new tribe is emerging through international marriages, but important task is to educate people about this, so that they could reach unity. You can put to practice things that belong to the realm of imagination and fantasy.

I trusted one American young man and really wanted to bless him, but he refused to receive the Blessing.

Since he's a pastor and he works on international level, he should also be the reciprocal standard.

You can't resolve many problems from the viewpoint of common sense. You need to just show an example and go over them. Set the model with your 3 generations.

First generation of the Unification Church members should become an axis. That should be your determination as you follow me.

If you don't fill in the space within the lifespan of 3 generations, if you don't set up this tradition, everything will be taken from you.

You must prepare for transition, therefore you should know clearly that I have a dual purpose about cross-cultural marriage.

God is first generation, I am the second generation, so how do we establish the third generation? We cross this ridge by Blessing marriages of our children.

You, 1st generation folks, if you just let your children drift in any direction they want, you'll lose them. Open doors for them to study, send them to Sunmoon University.

Why do you care for all these famous universities like Yeonsei, Seoul or Harvard? These things shall pass. But people will not pass, so you have to embrace them and raise them. Second generation, your children are so important.

To me they are the third generation. I want to entrust everything to the third generation. If you don't prepare any foundation to implement what I'm teaching you, if you don't prepare any foundation in this nation, then Africans will come here and govern everything instead of you.

So, even if you cannot do it, they will come here and show an example. We need a complete shift of generations to launch a global movement or such a new beginning.

Through this previous age will pass and the new one will come. Developed nations which oppose God's Will will ultimately be pushed back, and people who understand religion will rule. Do you understand?

Cain killed Abel, but Abel must protect Cain and make him study. People who didn't fulfill the responsibility of a father should study. (Shin-joon nim enters.) Wow! Give him a big hand.

He loves you. Give me a wink! My children also should study. We were persecuted so much in America. I know this well. We were driven out into wilderness from our own country.

Following the parent who cannot even help his children on the path of faith is hard. But now as we learn, people who used to oppose us are coming to our church and serve it.

In this sense it is a new beginning. I'm going beyond 2nd and 3rd generations. You, 1st generation and your 2nd generation received the Blessing, but not the 3rd generation yet. If you don't go over the age of 40, 60, and 80 successfully, your descendants will have no hope.

So, from now our children starting from my children should study. My grandchildren come here in the morning to greet their grandpa.

You are similar to the 1st Israel, so you must sacrifice, so that your 2nd and 3rd generation could inherit results of your toils. They also must inherit God's Will through you.

If only you establish the realm of 3 generations, the history of God's Will will develop by itself. Today people from Gyeonggi province came, so I need to say few words to you.

Where's the center of Gyeonggi province? [Suwon city.] Any other place? [Kaeseong is also in Gyeonggi.] People from Kaeseong represent Gyeonggi. They used to be successful merchants.

They earned their money penny by penny in Seoul and built a foundation in Gyeonggi. They made this nation self-sufficient.

Gyeonggi people have their homes in this province, but earn money in Seoul. So, remember that this day is very meaningful. Today is December 4th. If we subtract 4 from 31 we'll get 27 -- the worst number.

I built my foundation when I was 25-26 years old. Hyun-jin is building his foundation, just as his father did. Just wait and see. My children had the hardest times.

Isn't our headquarters church in Cheongpa-dong? Then, what is Geomun-do?

It is like a place of refuge. 286 clans are living in Seoul.

Create a sanctuary where all your tribe can attend Heaven. Make a palace that would represent the nation and the world! Are you thinking about it?

Can your house protect Parents? This is the requirement of the Principle, but you don't focus on it.

The same is true for Ambassadors for Peace. If I start to train you, it will be like a military training. In the army they do a training of self-control every day. So you have to become an army or a police to keep the future peace.

Remember this, don't forget what happened today. If you need money, earn as much as you need. Make efforts. If you don't, the whole organization will crumble. I live in Korea my whole life and our family has always been like that.

Chung-hwan Kwak! Sing the song I recently added to the list of holy songs. You found out only 2 months ago, that it was my great-grandfather who had written this song.

And you Mr. School Director. You told me that you'll make the school that raises patriots of this nation, so convey to people in your school that I showed interest in it. 

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