The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

This age in the providence is different

Sun Myung Moon
December 3, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han November 16, 2011

Rev. Chung-hwan Kwak's Report about providence in Oceania

Through the work True Parents are now conducting all over the world we can see that this age in the providence is different from previous ages. We entered an amazing time when God's and True Parents' authority is manifested directly or indirectly.

We hear all these proclamations – "pacific rim," "God's civilization" or "opening of the new civilization," but with our eyes we see today what we saw yesterday, so we think that tomorrow will probably be same as today. This is the life of most of us.

However if we look around attentively, we will be able to notice that the Heavenly fortune is changing and the spirit world is getting closer – it does amazing works all around the globe, so that the earthly world is also changing. We have come to such point in time.

Last November 26, we had an event in Sydney and a meeting in Australian parliament.

There are 14 independent states in Pacific Ocean and 9 more nations may become independent. Last night I came back from Vanuatu, which is geographically in the centermost position in Oceania.

In that nation tribal chiefs still retain big influence. They have the paramount chief and the chief of chiefs elected by the Chiefs' Association. All other chiefs are under authority of these people.

Each tribe has its chief, also there is a chairman of Chiefs' Association, there is the paramount chief. The chief elected by the council will become the President of the nation in the next years to come.

In Vanuatu Cabinet of Ministers is a center of power, not the President. So, actually Prime Minister has more actual power than the President. Role of the President is more symbolic, nevertheless the fact that this chief, President-to-be, attended Hoon Dok Hae every morning without fail and came to see me off at the airport is noteworthy.

This person understood the value of True Parents' words and he agrees with the Paramount Chief: if only chiefs give direction people from all islands will gather.

The seminar in this country lasted only one day, so I gathered these leaders to teach them about Hoon Dok Hae and give Divine Principle lectures – I didn't give any other lecture.

I gave straightforward Divine Principle lectures. These people are grounded in Christianity, and they are waiting for the coming of Christ desperately. Their faith is very sincere.

So, even if we have a problem, even if we are persecuted by someone, there is already the whole horizontal network made by Ambassadors for Peace which includes Prime-Minister, Presidential Candidate, chiefs, and cabinet ministers. So, even if some Christian ministers want to oppose us, they can't do it.

Indeed we reached a surprising stage in our development. I'll give you one example. There's one pastor called Malachi. Initially, when he heard a lecture on the Second Advent he had a hard time accepting it, but somehow he overcame it, and now he says it's easy. You should see how earnestly he preaches.

We should take Archbishop Stallings there once, so that we can make that person a second Stallings. His style is similar – as soon as he starts to speak he just bursts with fervor.

And his talks are very interesting. In the beginning of our movement's activities in Vanuatu there was one pastor who opposed us.

Because of him our missionaries were deported and Ambassadors for Peace had troubles, however Rev. Malachi found a wise way to arrange the Divine Principle lecture for this negative pastor – our missionary gave the lecture – and in this way the negativity of that pastor was overcome.

Report on Peace Cup

You know situation in Korea – if we don't mobilize people for a match, we can't fill in the stadiums with people who bought tickets.

In Korea soccer is not that popular yet, so we faced many difficulties. So, our task then is to organize such competition not in Korea where people don't understand the value of the Peace Cup and don't come to sports arenas, but in countries where aces of soccer live. Can we organize it on a grand scale? That's the task. It took us 2 years of efforts and finally last autumn we came to some conclusion. Now we only need to sign a contract.

Because of this I will have to go there once, but anyway we are going to have the 2009 Peace Cup in Spain. That's a great accomplishment that our Peace Cup is going to land in Spain, even though many people still don't realize this.

There is a global ranking of soccer players. It's like their price. It determines the sum of their contracts. There is also national soccer ranking which shows which nation is number 1 at soccer at given moment.

It's a measure of soccer abilities of that nation. So, Spain is number one in that ranking. It's followed by Britain and the 2 countries energetically compete with each other. There are various ways of estimation, but anyway Spain is the best.

Even here in Korea everybody knows famous soccer teams such as Barcelona or Real Madrid. So, you can say that for Spain soccer is their religion.

So, we're planning to go to such country and have an opening game at the stadium of Real Madrid with 85 thousand seats. That would mean a certain success for Peace Cup initiated by Father. I am also sure that from 2009 the money will start coming to this project. So this project has a great potential for development.

Therefore, let us once again express gratitude to our True Parents for this.

Rev. Chang-shik Yang's Report

True Parents several times toured the world to bring people the Peace Message number 13 they first gave in March.

Recently Mother toured the United States testifying about True Father as a champion in 8 areas of accomplishments.

She was accompanied and supported by some clergy who are quite prominent in America. For example, Archbishop Stallings as a Catholic cleric was celibate until 53 years of age, but he was so moved by Father's teaching that he decided to receive the Blessing. Father matched and blessed him, so now Archbishop has 2 sons.

They are very handsome. Archbishop's wife is Japanese. Among True Mother's party there was one pastor who had come in touch with us less than 2 months ago. Actually it happened about 5 weeks ago when he was serving as a Chaplain for US Air Force in Korea.

He's handsome and single. He remained single because he couldn't meet an appropriate mate. So, he ended up accompanying True Mother during her 12 city tour and testifying about True Parents.

Early in his life he felt a calling to become a pastor, so he studied a lot. He was particularly moved by True Parents' inter-denominational, inter-religious ideal.

That's why he decided to accompany Mother during her tour. Father was prepared to give this pastor the Blessing in line with the providence.

Originally the Blessing was scheduled for tomorrow, but the pastor asked Father to give him some more time. He really respects True Parents, but he kept his virginity for 38 years, so it's not easy for him to suddenly receive the Blessing.

During the day he works at the air force base, but at evenings we meet at his home and discuss many things. He truly wants to receive the Blessing, but he needs more time.

He also needs to persuade his family members. He really holds to his family. Of course, he needs to study the Principle a bit more.

It's been only 1-2 months since he had come in touch with us, so I believe if he studies more he can become a great son of our True Parents, just like Archbishop Stallings. True Parents have great expectations for him and gave him great blessing.

I think this blessing will not be lost, it will return through even greater response of this person. He will learn some more to understand God's Will more deeply and on someday will make an offering to Heaven.

So I want to officially announce that the ceremony that was scheduled for tomorrow is postponed. I apologize to True Parents and at the same time I'm grateful to them. 

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