The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

First love is precious

Sun Myung Moon
December 2, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae in Chung Pyung

Sun Myung Moon, Hak Ja Han, Hyung Jin Moon January 23, 2012

Church and CARP leaders came. Also staff of Sunghwa Publishing are here.

Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt reads Father's words.

First love is precious. If we lose the first love we can't forget it eternally.

The question is whether or not these words can be accomplished in our lives.

The Unification Church members should not live as they please. When you get married, heaven and earth bear witness to your marriage.

The beauty is expressed in love of animal and plant worlds. Love reaches its maximum in adolescence.

That is why in that age both good-looking people and those who are not so good-looking can be beautiful.

How different are people's face? What is beautiful about them?

The peculiarity of the first love is that it unites the whole being, from root to sprouts. So, once you pull one part, everything comes out.

Love relationship of boy and girl in adolescence is the movement that grows infinitely big and infinitely small. That is a process of development of emotions.

That is why man and woman who experience such first love are capable of simply abandoning life received from their parents; they can jump together from the bridge into the Han River. That force is the core of the universe. It is a central root and sprout.

This force goes through the central root, central stem and central sprouts of a living being. It can grow, diminish or even disappear. Adolescence is connected with love. Woman can't live by herself.

There must be 4 female and 4 male representatives including God, grandmother, mother, and spouse. When I touch top or bottom I do it as a representative of heaven and earth.

If you give up this relationship because it is difficult, the purpose of the whole universe gets dispersed. The original mind can be opened. If a person is alone, he can't have an original homeland. You can have it only through your spouse.

When young people date each other, to them the person they decided upon is the best.

Jujube ripens before winter.

A fruit reddens when it is ripe. Without knowing love we may think that a certain man or a certain woman are best for us.

But don't block the way of God's love.

Think about your fellow Unification Church members as your brothers and sisters. Adam and Eve also were brother and sister. You must have at least 12 siblings. One of them will be chosen. None among 12 children can stand above their children. The center of this relationship is Heavenly Kingdom.

The issue of marriage is serious one. The Blessing you receive is incredible. Without the Blessing fallen people are not qualified to get married.

In the angelic world there is no concept of spouse. But people born from the archangel's seed think that the whole world is filled with their partners. They are like crazy.

Fallen archangel should serve. He should serve as a servant to help God succeed.

Engrave God's Word on your hearts, and love God with all your heart and mind. This is a universal mind. This is not a mind of one individual. That position represents all people and organizations in history.

You should invest your heart, will and character. This is the trinity: top, middle and bottom.

Remember this. This is why first love is so joyful and at the same time scary.

When people want to divorce how different their state of mind is from the one they had when they married!

Divorce is equal to a disappearance of a person. I think it is better for such a person to die. He doesn't have a spirit. People shouldn't disappear. Marriage shall remain for eternity. So, divorce is a very evil practice.

If a man is focused on a woman other than his wife, it can never be allowed.

That is the greatest thing about the Unification Church. You have passed a difficult path, but you are not alone. 

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