The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Absolute faith of and that of God are the same

Sun Myung Moon
November 20, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Geomun-do Island

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

Absolute faith of an individual, that of humanity and that of God are of the same kind. We have to adjust to that standard. People live just the way they please and yet complain about their work.

Believers, whatever organization they belong to should set their conscience straight from their young years. There is a conscience, the original mind, and there is an evil mind,

The two are fighting. God absolutely can't dwell where there is fighting and squabbles. Even absolute God needs freedom. He needs liberation. Is He in a free realm now? Is freedom established in the absolute realm?

Absoluteness rests upon freedom. There should be freedom and unity in mutual relations, and mutual relations are everywhere, relations of subject and object. If there's no partner, there's no movement. Everything disappears.

Conscience must also, figuratively speaking, be adjusted to the perpendicular line. The line should go straight down from the upper point; the angle should be 90 degree, not 91 and not 89. 90 degree angle should be kept eternally. Horizontal line should never change.

A person should be straight internally and externally like a line of horizon. When an object falls down it falls along the perpendicular line. Whether your line changes or not depends on your mindset.

So, make sure you are at the right angle. Isn't there Buddha's saying, I am my own lord throughout heaven and earth. It describes just that state. In this state one can know without learning and without seeing. But to reach such resonance with everything one should achieve oneness in subject-object relations.

Two cannot become one if each insists only on his or her ways. They should unite centering on love. What kind of love? God's core love. But this love too exists in 2 types of man's love and woman's love, right?

Everything in the universe exists in spherical form. So the biggest problem for you is whether or not you follow your conscience. That's what I mean by taking about horizontal and vertical lines.

These 2 lines signify a connection between two entities -- between a man and a woman, and between their mind and body. Woman's plus is different from man's plus. They are dual characteristics and God dwells in their midst on the basis of love.

The question is where father's and mother's mind and body reach completion during earthly life. If they are united on the basis of true love and that unity becomes eternal, the blood lineage changes. Satan's lineage is reversed.

Without this, no matter what ascetic practices you do, you can't go to God. Your origin should be right. So, don't be arrogant. Women must receive. What should they sacrifice for? For the sake of true love.

The deeper it is, the greater you become. That's the struggle. The same is true for prayer. You can't pray out of your greed.

Pray with your original mind. Why? It is important that ideal love becomes the basis of everything; everything must connected centering on God. Man and woman won't change, if the center of their unity is unchangeable.

Man and woman cannot meet and become one just by themselves. Woman tends to think that she's number one and so does man. But what really brings about their unity?

Always pray, invest your utmost heart and be ready to go to the lowest position. Be like a baby. If there are pregnant ladies in your neighborhood, you can stand in the position of their unborn babies.

If you are connected to God, even baby in your womb can talk. Did you know that? You can also talk to the creation.

So, we need to reverse the blood lineage of the Korean people. Among 70 million people there are all kinds of forms, right? So, you have to liberate your tribe.

When you are liberated, you adjust to match God's heart in everything, even in smallest things. Having received the same lineage through the Blessing you all stand in the same position; once the center turns, you should turn together with it.

If the center turns this way, you can turn in opposite direction. What wrong brought us to our present situation? It is the lineage that went wrong.

I may be alone, but my body senses changes in my environment before my mind does. People can't see Satan in the same way as they cannot see God. So, if they don't feel him, they can't distinguish whether he is there or not.

If you know this, you understand that this problem is not a trifle. What is the path of spiritual training? Is it the way of growing or the way of diminishing? On this path you must diminish. Your ego must disappear.

You can change yourself only through self-denial. If the thing turned this way, you need to turn it back. When the clock turns this way, the world turns in the opposite direction.

You need to stand on the horizontal line and move into opposite direction. I'm talking about conscience. The path of spiritual discipline is indeed a difficult one. The world is based on relationships between top and bottom, front and rear, right and left; there must be unity in these relationships.

Upper, lower, left and right parts must all start from one point. If this one point is misplaced, everything will go wrong. Therefore, your mind must receive first, before your ego does, even though it is difficult to achieve. Is that not right?

So, adjust your life. If you reflect upon it, you will see that your lifeline made all kinds of curves. Set it straight. You must make it strictly horizontal.

Think of your descendants rather that of yourself. Your ancestors are the roots of your life, so you might need to correct them.

So, the fundamental solution is to understand what happened to the first ancestors of humankind. They fell, so, to set the blood lineage straight, we need to set our mind and body straight.

We should live for the sake of 3 generations. Can grandfather attend his grandsons? History was a mess so far, so even God couldn't play a role of a master. Who is the master of the Republic of Korea? Everyone?

Who is the owner of everything? Can you say that you are the owners? Man and woman must be absolute; their love should be absolute and their sexual ethics must be absolute.

Through Peace Message 10 you can understand that non-believers should be liberated through the absolute sexual ethics, enter the realm of True Parents' victory and receive Heaven's approval.

You need to inherit that Heaven's approval. Only then can you have a right of possession. Without it you have neither life nor possessions. Remember this. Having possessions not approved by Heaven is like possessing a stolen thing.

Such people will perish. Especially sex leaves lasting consequences. It would be good to be able to live just the way we please, however after the Fall, the life of merrymaking can't guarantee you anything

Merrymaking may bring you down even after you have climbed all the way up. I'm talking especially about promiscuous sex life. The very basis disappears. See, this is Peace Message number 10.

Its topic is The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, Which is the Model of God's Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal and the Global Kingdom. Let us read Message 10. The problem is, people in the world really like this sex the most. They are tied up to it.

Mothers, fathers and even grandmothers have their necks tied to it. If you are not absolute, you will slip into living according to your whims. Satan will be there, as long as the central position in the spirit world is occupied by fallen parents. 

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