The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

True Parents perfected the realm of the three generations

Sun Myung Moon
November 15, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung|
True Father's visit to Cheong Hae Garden, Geomundo
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 23, 2012

The welcoming celebration meeting was held this morning for True Father who arrived last night at Cheon Jeong Gung at around 7:30 p.m. WFWP International President Lan Young Moon read chapters eleven and twelve of Pyeonghwa Hungyeong.

Summary of Father's words:

Chapters one, two and three in the Pyeonghwa Hungyeong is about how True Parents perfected the realm of the three generations. Chapter four indicates that it is now time to go beyond the national standard after True Parents began the blessing. The kingship of peace is to be built after the lineage is completely turned upside down through the blessing. In chapter five, with the creation of Cheon Il Guk, the era of the kingship was proclaimed. The era of kingship is about the absolute sexual ethics which is the high point of all the ideals from the religious sphere and is based on the foundation of victory of having perfected those ideals.

A foundation of victory was created centering on the absolute sexual ethics; everything that was accomplished through chapters one to six were passed on and conveyed to the Cain-type world. Chapters seven, eight and nine allowed the representatives from the religious sphere to come and work together with those from the political spheres. With chapter ten, the religious people, in other words, people of faith are entering a blessed time, like what it should have been before the fall, by establishing the right lineage and bringing Adam and Satan to natural submission on the foundation of that victorious authority based on the standard of absolute sexual ethics.

Ambassadors for peace, the representatives of the angelic realm, should become as one, work with heaven and the representatives of the political sphere, and stand on True Parents' foundation of victory to perfect the standard for the absolute sexual ethics delineated in chapter twelve with the cooperation and help of the angels and people who attained victory to replace the destructive standards of sex in this world. After the proclamation of chapter thirteen the Pacific Rim providence should be completed to lay the foundation for bringing victory through the liberation of the fatherland. Fallen nature should not emerge from any family centering on the Family Pledge.

All blessed families must attain victory in the levels of the individual, family, tribe, race, nation, world, cosmos and God, and create a realm of unity. Otherwise, they will never be able to step foot into the ideal realm of the perfected Adam that would have existed if not for the Fall. Anything related to the Cain-type world must be cleared away. Like the Israelites who were about to depart from Egypt. You must understand that we have entered the era of liberation heading towards, towards well-being and heaven and are working on these issues.

Now that I have created the Abel UN, America and the United Nations should become as one centering on the Abel UN. They should become as one before Abel and the blessing should be perfected. When people can enter that world with God and His children without the benefit of the blessing that will be the final destination of the liberation of God's fatherland. Only when you are educated in that place can you enter the kingdom of heaven as the representative of the realm of liberation where the Fall would not appear in peoples' dreams. Some of the contents [in this book] may seem to be redundant but people don't know the importance of this content. We are in a time that is need of the words found in chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen. It's about the victorious era of the new divine civilization in the Pacific Rim

Human beings were born in water. Asia, which belongs to the realm of the Pacific Rim, represents the mother and father; Africa and South America are like identical twins. You don't know how much God was pained whenever a fallen fetus was conceived and grew in the mother's womb. Twins were born from Satan's children in order to restore Eve. Starting from water, victory must be attained in the island realm and this must be brought to land.

Without unity between your mind and body you will never be able to enter the kingdom of heaven. Your body should be subordinate to your mid but this has been reversed. What we call the body's desire is something that attacks even Satan and True Parents. It indiscriminately destroys even our ideals. The body is the living flesh of Satan's sperm and egg. What can you expect to emerge from that? What emerges is Satan's child, Satan's family, tribe, people and world. God's lineage was lost. Satan's world must be overcome and God's lineage must be restored. Until then you will not be able to go to God. Instead self-destruction and chaos will be your fate. In an owner-less world, people use force; they would even kill their own father or husband if he is weak. The rail or heavenly way that God established was completely destroyed. The individual who came to know this has cleaned up the failure in Adam's family, and is giving the blessing to the people from [Adam's time,] the three generations of the family in Jesus' era, and the era of the family of the second coming all at the same time.

I decided the theme for the tour after I got here. The Abel UN had to be established but we don't have a nation. It should be done by gaining independence, being unified and built. You should independently bring about unification and build it. What is the blessed family? Don't we say, we the blessed families, the owners of Cheon Il Guk -- The Family Pledge is not for me! It's for you. You all have to become owners. There cannot be two owners. In the end people will all be connected. Once everybody is blessed through the international, cross-cultural marriage, a nation will be formed around a unified core.

[Hoon Dok Hae concludes at around 7:10 a.m.]

After Hoon Dok Hae this day, True Father flies via helicopter to Cheonghae, Blue Sea Garden. There he views True Mother's Chicago Rally along with 253 trainees for the 40-day ocean training workshop. Rev. Hwang gives an overview of providence and emphasizes the importance of the Blessing as a vehicle in realizing world peace. Father then instructs Rev. Tae Gun Yoon to display how ki (energy flow) works. Father then has all the trainees sing Boat Song. The gathering at Cheonghae Garden concludes at around 2:25 p.m. Father then flies to Geomundo.

At Geomundo Father went out on boat to fish. After returning to the official residence in Geomundo Father gathers the attendants and speak to them until 11:00 p.m. Father asks one of his attendants, Mr. Bu Tae Kim, to give a testimony about how he joined the church. Mr. Kim explains how he followed his elder sister into the church and that he was blessed in the 6,000 couples blessing. He talked about his life in his mission area he was assigned after the blessing. The local members are also asked to give testimonies. One of the presidents of the church company talks about how he was born and grew up on an island. He talked about his love for fishing, how he went fishing day and night even on days when he was supposed to go to school. He talked about his own father who made a living out of selling boats.

Father talked about how businesses should be run for profit emphasizing that a person in charge of a business should have management principles. He also emphasized that employees who receive a salary should create profit for the company that is five times the amount of their salary. 

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