The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

48th True Children's Day Speech

Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 2007

Summary of True Father’s Speech

Peace Messages are a scripture leading people to the original world. The resistance of the satanic world disappears. Now that Abel UN is established it should assimilate Cain UN. It cannot be done by force, we need to impress people. To save the world of Cain we need to overcome the ridge of Cain and Abel relationships. How many participants are here today? (50 people from Korea, 60 from Japan and 500 from America. Total number of participants is over 700.) As I shared everything conditionally, when these people go back they should also give presents to others, so that married couples can be united.

Leaders must not take bribes. Originally here in America we were supposed to gather 12 thousand people and 12 Christian denominations. We should form the structure of the Heavenly Kingdom, similar to that of the Vatican. There were 72 elders in Israel. Jesus had 120 disciples. I also have 120 disciples. America is a new Rome.

Even if people went to hell, we need to pull them out of there and give them the Blessing. I have many things to do in the spirit world. Since I proclaimed the realm of the Fourth Adam we need to reform everything. You’re totally unfit. You need to change yourselves entirely.

Age of 48 represents four times number 12. These four times represents the First, Second, Third and Fourth Adam. In the future religions and nations will disappear. Abel nation must get established by 2013. If we don’t achieve this, everything will go to rack and ruin.

What day is today? How many days do we have left until the end of the year? (56 days.) We need to plant fruit trees. We need to plant trees which will take down new roots. Flower will bloom after we’ve blessed three generations. All flowers will bloom similarly and the fruit will be transferred to God’s Kingdom. I’m talking about this today because this ceremony is not yet over.

There are 15 Peace Messages. From today we’ll go over message 11. Messages up until 10th represent all ridges which were not overcome by numerous religions and which Lord at his second advent had to overcome himself. I completed the Peace Scriptures on Geomun-do Island.

We need to establish an island kingdom, not only Abel kingdom. What is Hawaii? It’s the King Garden. It’s a royal palace at sea. It was built by the satanic world, so we can’t accept that. That’s why we built the Cheon Jeong Gung. Royal palace should be built with utmost sincerity.

Even Peace Scripture is published as Cain-type and Abel-type books. You can’t have this yellow book for free. You need to inherit it as a representative of your family and nation. It must become a textbook. You can’t simply get it for free. That would be a theft, a sin of sins.

This morning I came here after reading messages from 11 through 14. I couldn’t do it after 7:10, I had to do it just in time.

I’m a long time friend with George Bush Senior. One time when we met I didn’t even take his hand, nevertheless he respects me.

America sent me to prison. It can’t erase this sin.

You can go anywhere with these speeches. Pioneering in the Unification Church was so difficult, wasn’t it, Chung-hwan Kwak? (Miracles happened at that time.)

We need to quickly unite Abel and Cain UN. Without this humankind will not survive.

Do I have an office or a telephone in the Washington Times? I don’t have them. Where’s Dong-moon Joe? (He went to Houston.)

From now I won’t ask you to do things. I’d rather entrust various tasks to my children. Do you know how many grandchildren I have? Mom? (43.) Even more than that, if you count those who are still in a womb. We need to exceed number 48. We will form 12 tribes and I’ll assign four of my grandchildren to each tribe. 

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