The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Commemorative Ceremony for the 48th True Children's Day

Sun Myung Moon
November 10, 2007
East Garden, New York
FFWPU International

The commemorative ceremony for the 48th True Children's Day took place on November 10, 2007 at East Garden, New York. Hyo-jin nim, Hyun-jin nim, Kook-jin nim, Kwon-jin nim and their respective families were present that day representing the True Family. Over seven hundred leaders and members were present that day including regional presidents, fifty-some leaders from Korea, sixty-some leaders from Japan, and key leaders and members from America. The ceremony was led by Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak. Below are some excerpts from Father's speech that day.

Summary of True Father's words before the ceremony:

Pyunghwa Hoongyeong is a book that teaches and guides people to the original world. Opposition from the satanic world shall disappear. The Abel UN has emerged and should now digest the Cain UN by inspiring and moving its heart; not by striking it. The Cain-Abel dimension must be overcome if the Cain-type world is to be saved. How many are here today? (There are more than seven hundred people--fifty from Korea, sixty from Japan and about five hundred from America.)

I've already conditionally distributed my share. In the same when these people go back today gifts should be distributed to them so that their couple may become one.

A leader should not, under any condition, receive bribes. Originally twelve thousand should have gathered in America--representing twelve branches of Christian denominations. They should all be assigned, like how it is done at the Vatican in Rome, to create a heavenly organization. Israel had seventy-two elders; Jesus had 120 disciples.

I too have 120 disciples. America is the new Rome. I have to bless those who went to hell, even if it means dragging them out of there. There are many things I must do once I go to the spirit world. After announcing the realm of the fourth Adam, everything must be re-organized. None of you meet the criteria. It must all be completely turned upside down. Forty-eight is the fourth multiple of the number twelve. [I'm referring to the] first, second, third and fourth Adam.

From now religions and nations will disappear. The Abel nation shall find its place by 2013. If it is not, everything should be burned away.

What day is it today? How many days left in the year? (There are fifty-six days left.) Fruit trees should be planted. Trees should be planted with new roots. Three generations must be blessed for the flower to blossom. From that flower a fruit shall be produced that can be brought into God's kingdom.

I completed the Pyunghwa Hoongyeong at Geomoondo. I have to establish an island kingdom--not just the Abel Kingdom. What was that in Hawaii? The King Garden. It refers to an ocean palace. That was built by the satanic world. That is why it cannot be accepted. That's why I built the Cheon Jeong Gung. A palace should be built with great devotion otherwise it will have no pulse.

There are two versions, a Cain and Abel version of Pyunghwa Hoongyeong. You should not take the yellow-cover one without paying. You should receive it on behalf of your clan and nation. It should become your text material. Stealing that book is a great crime.

Before coming here this morning I read chapters eleven to fourteen.

I've known George Bush senior for twenty years. When I met him in person I did not shake his hand; yet he respected me for that.

America sent me to prison; there is no way to clean away that crime.

You can take this book anywhere. It was truly an arduous course pioneering the way for the Unification Church.

The Cain and Abel UN should quickly be made as one centering on the Abel UN. Otherwise there is no way for humanity to survive.

From now I will have my children do the work. Do you know how many grandchildren we have? Mother? (We have forty-three.) We should have more than forty-eight. I can create twelve tribes and send four of them to each tribe. Then God's will can be fulfilled.

Father then asks Dr. Christopher B.H. Kim, regional president of Asia, to sing. Dr. Kim sang the "Lord's Prayer" in English. Rev. Kwak then begins the official part of the ceremony. Participants bow and recite the Family Pledge. Rev. Kwak offers a prayer. True Parents then cut the celebration cake. True Parents then eat from the offering table and distribute the offering food to the members of the True Family. He also instructs that the offering food be distributed to the participants. Flowers are presented to True Parents. Rev. Sun Jo Hwang concludes the ceremony with four cheers of eog-mansei.
A special gathering is held after breakfast at eleven a.m. A video is shown of a seminar for those involved in the martial arts among the ambassadors for peace in Japan. True Parents are introduced to the ambassadors for peace from Moldova, Guinea, India, Tanzania among other countries who took part in the ILC.

Summary of True Father's words:

We have to go beyond the age, forty-eight. The number forty-eight is four times twelve.

Please understand that it took thousands of years for the Unification Church to emerge. God did not find joy in the past history. That is why there should be at least ten people who can create a position where God can find joy.

To perfect your individual self, you need to perfect your individuality, your family, your tribe and clan. You should enlarge this scope to encompass the entire world. Then we can move towards becoming a single race.

You must grow centering on the center. It must encompass everything. You have to resemble a sphere that can expand infinitely. A linear movement consumes energy. In Taekwondo one strikes an opponent in a line which consumes energy. If you strike in a circular motion your arm goes down in ease and comes right back in a circle. Less energy is used in a spherical movement compared to a linear one.

To become one, all components must be gathered. When people are walking they try to embrace the world and make it their own. To become one the two must be made equal, like a plane. There should not be any wrinkles or deviances.

Men wish to become the best in whatever they do. For a man and woman to be united the two cannot go to a distance. They must go higher.

When you build a house you must make sure its foundation is secure more than the material used to build upon that foundation. The foundation of buildings must be level. If the foundation is not sturdy it will crumble.

Rev. Chung Shik Yong gives a report on the potential of Oceania. He spoke on the accomplishments made in Palau. Father interjects:

The members in Japan and Korea are making preparations to guide the members of congress. I'm thinking of establishing a special department to learn foreign languages at the Sun Moon University. The leaders of the fifty states in America, please stand up. Are they here? I was going to give them the fruits on the altar. We have more than forty on the table. Have the representatives of the twelve regions come up. They should take the fruits with them. We have big fruits here today.

True Father give each of the twelve regional representative a bag of fruits. He also gave away new jumpers to the leaders from Korea and Japan and the ILC participants. Father also had the Korean leaders pull lots and gave out some of his personal clothes which he wore for the past four years.
At 3:13 p.m. Dr. Chang Shik Yang guides the participants in offering gyeongbae to True Parents bringing the meeting to a close.

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