The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

True Parents Return to New York - Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
November 7, 2007
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by Hee Hun Standard and T. Cromwell
Edited by L. Strait and J. Flynn

Note: These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.
True Parents entered with a great welcome from the American family. Then True Parents cut the victory cake. Father asked Dr. Yang to report on True Parents' activities.
After the victory of September 23rd True Parents returned to Korea and conducted daily Ambassadors for Peace education, with thousands coming every day to the Chung Jeong Goong. Father also appointed leaders on the Myun (small town) level and is now working for the completion of the blessing.


It very critical that every family participate in the Tong Ban Kyok Pa. This is the breakthrough on the neighborhood level. This is the HDFC (The Family Fellowship) in which all the community up to the small town level is blessed centering on the blessed central families and Hoon Dok Hae.

Chang Shik Yang

Starting on March 17, True Father launched the Pacific Rim era. We have to secure the full restoration of the Garden of Eden -- this is to be fulfilled in Hawaii. We have East Garden in New York, South Garden in Alabama, Shim Jung Garden in San Francisco, and North Garden in Alaska.

Hawaii's special garden is called the Hawaii King Garden. It was there that we launched the special Pacific Rim Era, with 1,000 gathered on March 17, 2007. Including this event, there were seven providential steps to the founding of the Abel UN. These steps set the condition to indemnify the failures that occurred after World War II. These included the International Leadership Conferences held in May, June, July (Allied nations), August (Axis nations) and September 12 - 23, with a special event on September 17 and then the launch of the Abel UN, with 194 nations represented.

The founding of the Abel UN was September 12, 2005. This was done with Ambassadors for Peace in support but not with them actively representing UPF in all nations. After the UPF founding in 2005, True Father initiated the world tours to 180 nations that established the UPF in 180 and eventually 194 nations. The launch on September 23rd was done with Ambassadors for Peace who represented those nations and with chapters developing in each.

After the 50,000-person rally in Korea, Father continued intense activities there for the education of Ambassadors for Peace. Then on November 1 True Parents returned to Hawaii. What is amazing is that the island of Hawaii has such major volcanoes. One representing the father figure is the highest. (4,200 meters.) Mauna Loa is the biggest volcano (in volume) on earth. However, it is 37 meters lower in height than its partner, Mauna Kea. Mauna Kea is the father volcano and Mauna Loa is the mother. The huge crater at Mauna Loa represents the womb. Father and Mother went to the peaks of this volcano area and prayed for the great education that is going on to create the Cheon Il Guk (Kingdom of Heaven on Earth).


This education should continue on the 17th of every month and may continue on for eternity. Then with each month we can review whether we are living according to the teachings of Heaven.

Dr. Yang

Now True Parents have established the path for all to be secured. We must establish true love, true life and true lineage. Father stayed in Hawaii for six days and went through a symbolic course to connect with the six days of creation. On the seventh day he returns to New York to begin a new providence and Sabbath. The special 12-city speaking tour is being launched in America. Now America will stand tall and fulfill the mission of the Elder Son nation.

True Parents want to bring the blessing to all 300 million American people. America must fulfill this special mission. Father has been educating the leadership of America. In Japan a new prime minister was chosen; in Korea soon there will be a new president. In one year America will have a new president.

We must fulfill our responsibility before True Parents. We will have the International Leadership Conference tomorrow and then the 48th True Children's Day. The 12-city tour is being organized across America led by Rev. Michael Jenkins. This time things are totally different. This time the Ambassadors for Peace are leading the way to bring the people. True Parents will now travel all over America and have that kind of heart. You should be well prepared.


We have to make this world entirely different. We must make it completely in line with Heaven. Nothing that is incorrect about America can continue to stand. America cannot lead the world this way. America must be corrected in its direction.

You are not in a position to boast. What is there in America to be proud of before God? I was persecuted and rejected in America. People don't know what I'm doing behind the scenes. Without my assistance and guidance, America would be on a path of direct confrontation and possible attack of North Korea. We changed this direction to be one of reconciliation through education.

Which do you think God approves of, God's kingship or democracy? Here in America people do not know which direction to take. I may leave America and focus on China or Russia. In the future there will be no boundaries of religion and nation. Religion only exists to save humankind, who is in the position of Cain. Abel has to save Cain.

The polar bear represents the white people, the black bear represents the black people, the brown bear is represents the yellow people. They can live in harmony. The Asian people are able to inherit God's way more easily and respond to me more easily. In America and in Japan there are people who are playing very important roles. What is important is that the messiah must be good. No one can accuse me of not teaching and living the essence of God's heart and way.

You must bear fruit if it is really true. Rome fell not because of foreign attack but because of immorality within. We have to make sure that people from our hometown multiply. We talk about the family, society, nation, and world. Can you really say that your family is representing good families? All kinds of terrible things are happening.

On the surface, America looks good. However, inside there are so many problems. Now there are a lot of white leaders in position. But there are many races in our movement. We must work together as one. You should know that God wants to raise us up as people he can be proud of. Is America teaching God's tradition? I ask them questions and they cannot answer. The reason is that their roots are not healthy.

Where is Barrytown? I have to think about it. Then I figure it out. That is the place where I went through many hardships. That is where I trained Americans to lead the world. UTS graduates, you studied more than other people. Therefore you should be able to accomplish more. Even if people do not want to recognize my name, it is a fact that God has lifted me up. I wanted to save all humankind. I was attacked in all different ways. I was put in prison. Still in that circumstance, the people followed me.

If there were no Koreans in America, you would be in trouble. The Korean people are the ones that God is using to do so many things. They are developing cutting-edge technology. America has led the way, but Korea is catching up and many in America are concerned that Korea may pass them.

In Korea there is a Korean War museum; in America we don't have one. They study the Korean War to understand the future and what to do. We have to understand that there are many Mongolians in the world and that the Mongolian ancestry is linked to over 70% of the world's people.

America, Japan, China, and Russia cannot digest the Korean peninsula. They try to swallow it but will not be able to keep it and will put it out again. The most difficult thing to digest in Korea is me. I cannot be digested and cannot be overcome because I am rooted in God. All the problems in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia cannot be solved without me. Norfolk and Hawaii are representing something very special and are now standing in a position to bring peace to the world, centering on America.

We need balance. We need an even level with a balance between vertical and horizontal. When we want to reach out to people who are smart, there needs to be balance to reach them. Also, smart people cannot survive without other kinds of people - people of heart, people of character. If they are working together, they will bring great result.

Still I am bringing them together. How many Japanese are here? Is this an American church or a Japanese church? The Russians and the Chinese will be excelling beyond the Americans if you are not careful. The problem is that they have victimized so many others.

Now Korea is being westernized: it is becoming number one in its divorce rate. Today we want to read Peace Message 9. What is absolute sex? You need to have an absolute sexual organ. If you have an absolute sexual organ, you will find harmony and peace.

However, it can't exist alone. It must be paired with the other to be absolute. When you talk about free sex, you have to explain that it is not consistent with the philosophy of the absolute sexual organ. Do men need women and vice versa? This should not be exchanged for anything. We must have an absolute sexual organ.

Won Ju McDevitt read the 9th and 10th peace message). Father: Are these messages helpful? We should read these messages carefully and God will guide us.

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