The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

New Beginning For America And Europe

Sun Myung Moon
November 11, 2007
King Garden, Hawaii
Courtesy of ipeaceTV - Alex Ershov

This is the day of new beginning for America and Europe. Tomorrow I will go to sea and the day after tomorrow to mountains. This name Kona is necessary.

Kona is the last valley of the providence. It is here where I proclaimed the unprecedented era of God's civilization of the Pacific Rim. I made this proclamation every month from March through October. I went through 60 days.

Peace Messages 9 and 10 signify getting rid of the lineage stained by the Fall of Adam and Eve. Absolute sexual ethics is at the center of God's creation.

Family and kingdom based on the absolute sexual ethics is the model for God's ideal of peace. True Parents have restored Adam and realized the royal power of heaven and earth. It cannot by done by the angelic world.

Peace Message 11 was given for Ambassadors for Peace. After Adam and Even paid indemnity on a global level, the angelic world also received an opportunity to receive the Blessing and be liberated. This is the meaning of Peace Message 12. I need to pass this path. Some say that it would be good if I did this or that.

I'm solving all problems that may appear on Mother's path. On March 17th I proclaimed the unprecedented era of God's civilization of the Pacific Rim. More than 4300 people heard this proclamation.

This year we are going to pass the level of Adam's family and the angelic world centering on 430 couples. That's all history.

We need to explain to people the Peace Scriptures, our teaching. Whether they believe or not is not our problem. That's the end of it. God will start working the way He wants from the next year. Starting from January people from the Korean and Japanese parliaments who received our education will have to teach Americans. We need to complete education of the USA and the UN. If possible we need to do it by my birthday or by April.

Now we're entering the new age. You didn't know this, but we set up all conditions necessary for that. Nobody can measure this chaotic world. We should walk the way Heaven teaches us. You must unite around True Parents in the angelic realm. You had archangel's blood in your veins, but after receiving the Blessing, you became like blessed children of Adam and Eve. Now we need to make that proclamation. Governments and religions will disappear.

We are entering the era of the absolute law, when people make God their center, and live in unity and attendance with True Parents without any indemnity. All Adam's mistakes were corrected. God is the absolute center, so religions and governments must disappear. This is going to be a new beginning.

We need to complete this work by January 13, 2013 and offer everything to God. When everything will be under God's dominion, from January 13 the new world, the new time will come. Everything should match numerical principles.

I finished Message 10 at 4:44. No matter how big heaven is and how small indemnity conditions are, they must bear resemblance. 44 minutes represent angelic and earthly worlds, worlds of Cain and Able. Everything ends with number 44.

I'm telling these things to many people, so you have to record them. Do you understand? Did you conduct the Blessing ceremony?

Conducting the Blessing Ceremony properly is difficult. We need to go through a certain course. Listen to Message 9 again. It establishes the indemnity condition for Message 10. Peace Messages 7, 8, and 9 correspond to ages of Old, New and Completed Testament centered on absolute sexual ethics.

What's the title of 10th Message? The Family Rooted in Absolute Sexual Ethics, Which Is the Model of God's Absoluteness, Peace and Ideal, and the Global Kingdom. It contains everything. America must adhere to -- absolute sexual ethics.

We need to pass a 7-year period. We need to go through 7 years until 2013. In 2008 6 years will be left until 2013. We need to indemnify number 6 of the satanic world. So far I had to restore everything that God couldn't achieve. I did all kinds of things. Even among blessed families there are all sorts of people, even former communists. But now they cannot dominate. They have to follow me.

True Parents had received Blessing and passed it down to 70 million Koreans including those in the Korean Diaspora. That's represented by the Message 4. It means that their seed is now spread all over the world.

All tribes lost Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed families received the Blessing from me, but now their children must become one with God, the vertical Parent.

That's a tremendous truth. So you must be well versed in it. You also heard messages from the spirit world, didn't you? Through Korean nation we need to erect a royal palace based on numbers 7, 8, 9 and 4.

We conducted our coronation ceremony in Cheon Jeong Peace Palace on June 13th. Message 6 was given at the foundation of our company which is assisted by Sikorsky. It was raining so hard at the time of the groundbreaking ceremony, nevertheless we made a new beginning and came all the way up here.

Now we've already completed the construction of the first stage of that aerospace industrial complex, right? I made a proclamation in Hawaii. Then I went to Geomun-do Island and completed Peace Message 10, did I not?

On 20th, 22nd and 28th I established all conditions at sea. After setting conditions for heaven and earth I rallied 3300 women and tribal leaders. I held a rally on the 30th.

Unificationists from 50 nations should make a condition for the restoration of the North Korea. North Korea and other countries may simply disappear fighting with one another. If they don't follow me, they just fight amongst themselves and collapse. America is in the most difficult position.

Satan took 32 American states. 4 times 8 equals 32. 32 states are considering legalizing homosexual marriages. This was already publicized. If President Bush leaves family, America will be in the most difficult position.

America is a collection of various people who were expelled from Europe. It's in chaos. I must stop it by any means.

I gave Americans 3 conditions that they must keep.

This time there's going to be a commemorative event in a library in Boston where Chung-hwan Kwak, Dong-moon Ju and Hyun-jin were invited. Probably they will be the only Orientals there. They are going to present this book there. This nation and the UN need direction. This is the time to give them the direction.

Mobilization of 3 generations in Parents' family set up a condition. Peace Message 4 mentions that the Blessing is complete based on the condition laid out by True Parents' family. The Blessing was given to Cain. But it was not done formally.

I turned everything upside down. More than 40 million people who went abroad made the condition, so the Blessing was given. That's why I held the coronation ceremony on June 13th. I'm making a new beginning because I established all conditions. Until now I have passed this course.

We must finish everything in this year. Didn't I say that all my accomplishments in October were meant to restore number 10? Numbers until 9 are singular, but numbers from 10 and on consist of several digits which are counterpart to each other. That's why it signifies changes in the angelic world.

The east and west are set in reverse order, so number 10 signifies setting them straight. Blessing solves the problem of split between man and woman.

Now the permission is granted to give Blessing even to the satanic world. People in hell and even Satan can be blessed. People need to attend the Parents who give them the Blessing with absolute faith, love and obedience.

The nation and satanic world are one. The Cain nation and Satan are united, and division between the father and son of the Abel world is overcome. That's why ancestors, representing the satanic world can receive the Blessing and attend God.

Religious and political realms, Abel UN and Cain UN must unite centering on True Parents thus reversing the fact that politics often victimized religion. Peace Message 10 signifies perfection of Adam's family, True Parents' perfection.

Once we go over certain ridge, religion and politics will disappear. In the Garden of Eden there was neither religion nor politics. The history started with bloodshed.

We need to wash it with tears of gratitude. If people don't shed tears for all suffering they caused God and True Parents and don't build their own foundation, they won't be liberated. Even the Unification Church must walk this way.

Peace Messages are the Peace Bible. The Christian Bible is supposed to bring salvation, but there are many incomprehensible things. So I solved them all.

With absolute faith, love and obedience I prepared everything to build God's family. So, only when you can reach the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, unite spirit and body and become representatives of God and True Parents, can God's Kingdom on earth and in heaven be liberated and completely free. Then it can be completed. Aju.

Everything finishes with laws and formulas. Even people who don't know anything will end up being under the dominion of the law. Adam and Eve were more ignorant than blessed families, so they fell when they were around 16 years of age and lost God and His Kingdom.

Now you know everything for the first time. In 7 years you're supposed to walk my course. We have 7 years remaining until 2013. You have to walk this course with me.

Ancestors in the spirit world have received the Blessing with absolute faith, love and obedience. Now they are coming down on earth. The Angelic world wasn't blessed.

Ancestors are in the position of an elder brother. Cain killed Abel, so Cain can't enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Now the younger brother has to take the position of Abel, God's representative.

Mind and body must be absolutely pure according to absolute sexual ethics. That means you need to keep purity. Be chaste before marriage. There's not even one really chaste person after the Fall, but Parents kept purity and overcame everything, so you should unite with them with absolute faith, love and obedience.

Peace Messages 10, 11, and 12 are related to the angelic world. The Cain realm should turn around. The younger brother should be respected as the elder brother, and then the elder brother should attend God who was attended by the younger brother as Parent. The order should be established according to the law of creation and the angelic world should follow it. It should be done by 2013.

November 16th starts the era when even the angelic world can be blessed. Angels and fallen wandering spirits can start attending God as Heavenly Parent and even Satan who caused the Fall, causing the ruin of God's children will comply with the law.

Only on such foundation the Blessing can be granted. Humanity was utterly ruined. Now we have a textbook that helps us embody the ideal.

America, the UN and the spirit world were disunited, but now they are united, true vertical Parent, horizontal Parents and their children are united, thus creating the victorious standard of absolute faith, love and obedience.

To create the Peace Scripture I had to unify all things on earth and in heaven with absolute faith, love and obedience. Without it there can be no Cheon Il Guk in the liberated realm. Dirty lewd lineage cannot exist.

So far, American members couldn't reach completion. What shall I do about the Unification Church member who drink alcohol and fall? Isn't it worse than what Adam did? There's this sexual revolution, so some people have sex with their relatives.

Grandfathers sleep with their granddaughters and fathers with their daughters. America is a mess. These things should completely disappear. I should rid people of this stuff, I should save them. Then the realms of religion and politics will disappear. Otherwise God and True Parents will have no ground to stand upon.

True Parents must foster people again. They should build a liberated world unrelated to Satan's blood lineage, authority, or birthright. But to do it, we need to cut Satan's lineage off. So, your possessions or your education are not so important. It doesn't even matter if you're the President of the United States or an Ambassador to the United Nations.

Now God can rule this world as He pleases. Now all conditions are met so that people can be born in God's lineage, so God is going to give them birth again. Humankind was ruined from the day of the Fall.

People deal with sex according to their whim. I have been adhering to the absolute sexual ethics from my young years. I understood these things when I was a teenager. I received a calling from Jesus at the age of 16, took the responsibility upon myself and until now have been holding on to it. Don't tell that you don't know this.

Now that the law is established everyone must follow the law of the Heavenly Kingdom. Do you understand? Parents gave the first 6 Peace Messages describing causes of the Fall. The second part of the Peace Scripture was given on the basis of unity of 3 generations. Because Satan's religion made a mistake.

The realm of religion was suppressed by the power of secular state. In the Garden of Eden Cain killed his younger brother, Abel. There was an age of a son, and ages of a family, tribe and nation. World War II was a clash between the satanic world and the realm of religion of the heavenly world.

Satan totally controlled the non-religious nations of Japan, Germany and Italy. On God's side there were Britain, America in the position of son and France in the position of an archangel. These 2 sides battled with each other.

It was around that time that I started my activity. I was 27, 28 years old. Korea was liberated when I was 25. In 1948 Israel also became a sovereign state, but Korea became independent before it. It was liberated on August 15th. It gained its sovereignty. These 2 nations represent Cain and Abel.

Israel is in the position of Cain, the elder brother. So, they were supposed to attend me, the younger brother as the elder brother. However they didn't support heavenly principle and God and opposed me instead. The second Israel, America, and even Japan opposed me. Judaism and Christianity opposed the Unification Church the most.

Three countries don't give me residence permits and don't even allow entry; among them a former communist nation. I made proclamations of the first, second and third Israel. The first one was in Jerusalem.

The second one was in Washington, USA and the last one was in Seoul. I started to open the gates of the international peace. I'm trying to unite Christianity and Israel.

Current rallies are also meant to bring about unity of the first, second and third Israel, unity of the religious realm. I mobilized 120 Christian pastors. Numerous denominations are fighting with one another, so I united these pastors.

120 pastors were teaching people. Representatives of the religious realm conveyed my words to people. The time has come when these words must be conveyed. Christianity teaches only individual salvation.

The time of globalization has come when everybody in the Satanic world will know about the Blessing. Sexual amorality is widespread even in religious and political circles. How can free sex, homosexuality and lesbianism be tolerated? People practice swapping -- exchanging their wives. We should fight with such phenomena of the satanic world, hell on earth.

We need to teach people. We must overcome this ridge. Lewdness pushes people in the satanic world to hell.

To go to Heaven we need to go completely opposite way.

How difficult it is to make ignorant people citizens of the Heavenly Kingdom, to make them a family! How much I had to toil! You need to get rid of all immoral emotions, to digest and overcome them. And to do so, you need to go through a life and death situation.

That's why it is said that those willing to die will live. We need to save people and turn this world over. Hawaii sounds like "Eve" in Korean. It also sounds similarly to the words "do the job and come." There's a great wall here. There are mountains representing 4300 Cains and Abels. That's why this place is called Kona.

Here you can fish. This is Kona of Heavenly Kingdom. Lord at his second advent will establish royal power in satanic world in Kona, Hawaii.

The Palace on Geomun-do Island in Korea is a fruit that started to grow in the Garden of Eden. The name of the island can be interpreted as the "great way."

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