The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

Unification Church members should save their clan

Sun Myung Moon
October 17, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han October 29, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

I told you to have more ambassadors for peace come [to Hoon Dok Hae]. Members of the Unification Church should now save the members of their clan and connect them to heaven and Cheon Il Guk. The first stage of the responsibility that we are called to do for Cheon Il Guk is completed. That was the Abel UN. The failure of the UN began from Adam's family. You must remove that root from your family.

Then people like us who are doing this, are we stupid or smart? I've been doing this all my life. What does it have to do with me and why am I doing this? It is inevitable because it is connected with an unavoidable origin. Somebody has to bring an end to that from its inception; otherwise the words "peace for humanity" or "unification" will all be delusional words. The fundamental root is rotting. Since it is rotting the entire tree is not functioning as it should be; its shoots are dying, its branches are broke and it has no owner to lead it. Korea, Japan and the world do not have an owner. There isn't an owner who can re-establish these nations. That is why, at precisely such times, heaven makes a stand and thus emerged the Unification Church which was absolutely necessary.

Because people were falling into ignorance… In order to rectify that people had to repent and the Unification Church had to work hard to fill the holes that were deeper than the deepest place in the Pacific Ocean. Figuratively speaking, we had to break down the Himalayas [to fill those holes] and make it a level ground. Only then can palace emerge in which God's original ideal could be established.

Do you understand, you who are from Daegu? The center of Gyeongsangbuk-do is not Daegu. Daegu had fiercely opposed the Unification Church. There was a time when I had to move my house thirteen times in a single month in Daegu. During the time Gyeongsangdo was at its height, the Unification Church went through ordeals.

My concern is that there will be way for those who opposed God's will to be forgiven once God's will is accomplished. Because their descendants will not leave them alone. Such things should not happen; that is why, I am guiding them in this way.

Since Adam's family was restored, Adam and Eve are now close to God. Didn't you read the messages from the spirit world?

Just forty years ago, it was said that people will only live to the age of seventy or eighty. Yet, now it seems we will have no problem living to a hundred or even 120 years. That is because it was the era of restoration in those days. People do not know why these things are changing.

Among those who joined the church and went through hardships, I am trying to save even those people who left the church.

Do you think Korea will be included by default in the concept, 'God's homeland'? Eight administrations in Korea opposed the Unification Church. I know myself that I can be a fearful person. I'm someone who has to see anything to the end.

Now there is nowhere else to go but to the unification movement. You may not be aware of this but I have to settle all accounts before going to the spirit world.

How much is this book (Pyeonghwa Hoongyeong)? (It is 10,000 won.) I thought it was 5,000 won? (I think that is the production fee.)

It's a book that should not be exchanged even for all your assets. You should be buying this at a price higher than the fixed price. You don't know how much hardships I went through to reach the conclusion included in this book.

[Father spoke for about thirty minutes. He then asks Rev. Dow Soon Lym to show the ki (energy, force) experiment.]

Those who don't believe in this (ki), raise your hand. Nobody, I see.

Eight administrations opposed our movement thinking that we would perish, but we have come this far. Now, if anyone should oppose us, their ancestors will come and deal with them.

Sung Jin's mother was from the Youngrak Church. People there had to pray at least three hours a day.

[At 5:48, Dr. Chang Shik Yang comes up and explains about the ocean providence and boat business in America.

Mrs. Wonju McDevitt then reads the speech Father was scheduled to deliver at the "Completion Ceremony of the First Phase of the Gimpo Aerospace Industrial Complex" to be held on October 18th.

After the reading, Mr. Dong Moon Joo gave a report on the aerospace industry. Last year in June, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Industrial Complex was held in the presence of True Parents. The first phase of constructions was completed and a ceremony was to be held the

next day. Government officials involved in the aviation industry were invited to this event. An Air-Show was also being held in Seoul at this time and many officials from the aerospace industry from around the world were also invited to the event.]

[Hoon Dok Hae concludes at 7:25 a.m.]

[Father has breakfast with the regional presidents and heads of providential organizations. After breakfast, the leaders took a group photo with True Mother.] 

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