The Words of the Sun Myung Moon from 2007

We don't need any flags, registration or photos if we are united with the Peace Messages

Sun Myung Moon and Sang-gwon Park
June 29, 2007
Hoon Dok Hae
Cheon Jeong Gung
FFWPU International
Translation of unofficial notes taken by the Unification Church History Compilation Committee

Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han January 22, 2011

Summary of Father's words:

This book is called the Pyunghwa Hoonkyung. It is a bible containing the peace messages. You have to unite centering on this. We don't need any flags, registration or photos if we are united with this. If you are you will be united with the word. You should not hold this book carelessly. The people in the Unification Church think this book is a publication of what Father said and that they can make it their own. That is not the case!

Even after I am gone from the earth you must continue to give out these books to the people. People who have become parents should distribute these books. This book should not be given out freely to your descendants. If it is the base or source of your life…for example, if you are in need of a foundation worth this much, if you pay for it for a lesser value, it will decrease by that much. If you ignore this you will have no where to stand.

You've been stealing the 1200 volumes of my speeches. They are not for free. These books represent the nation, clan and the world. Just because you received these books for free does not mean they are free. You must be able to pass those books on to your descendants. You have to convey what you receive to your children.

I match people with their photos. It was no joke. Yet, I can match thousands of people in a single hour. Some people think it would be better to spend the entire day carefully choosing a single couple. God, the master of the cosmos, and True Parents are one. They can immediately see the best seed that was produced from the best sprout and branch.

There was one famous old man known to read peoples' future by looking at their faces. His name was 'Myung Hak Lee." When we were doing our international mass weddings, he was amazed at how I had matched hundreds of couples in a manner of minutes. It usually took him more than a week to find the right partner for a single person. He thought I was a fraud because he heard that I was matching couples by the dozen in an hour. Later on though when he took time to look at the faces of the couples matched by me he was amazed at how I had so accurately matched these people. It was beyond him. If I ever met him I was hoping to tell him that people give off a mental image. Our mind also has a certain shape or form. It gives off a wave. When I match people I tell them to live together for at least three years.

Summary of Mr. Sang-gwon Pak's report:

For four days from July 28 to August 1, we are planning a number of events as a part of the ceremony to commemorate the completion of the construction of the "Pyongyang Church."

We were given the land on December 23, 1996 from North Korea and after eleven years we have finally completed the construction of this church. We are expecting 100-150 participants which include key leaders of our church, regional presidents, ambassadors for peace and prominent figures in society.

The constructions for the Pyongyang Church building were completed under the FFWPU name. It is a five-story building. The second floor is an educational hall where we can educate the intellectuals from around the world. The third floor is a place of worship and where the church minister can reside. The fifth floor will be used as a prayer room and office space.

True Parents gave instructions that this church building be shown to all the religious leaders of the world and to open it to anybody who wishes to worship and pray. True Father appointed Mr. Noriyaki Abe (777 couples) as the first minister of this church. 

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