Sun Myung Moon's Speeches From 2006

47th True Parents Day

Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 2006
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center
Notes: Michael Jenkins (from simultaneous translation)
Editors: Louise Strait and Jim Flynn


NOTE: (These notes are taken from a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future as an "official" publication on Rev. Moon's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.)

Father looked incredibly strong and vibrant. Mother, smiling and looking more beautiful than ever, came in with Father. They lit the seven candles before the offering and then Father offered a deeply moving prayer. He wept as he slowly prayed through the history of God's providence: the sadness of the Fall and the setbacks of the providence at Noah's time, Moses' time and especially at the time of Jesus. Father wept and prayed slowly through the course of Jesus and embraced God, recognizing that the pain in God's heart at the time of Jesus was the greatest pain imaginable. The rejection of Jesus by the people brought unspeakable sorrow to the heart of God. Now through the course of the dispensation in the sixth year of Cheon Il Guk, True Parents have reclaimed and restored Adam and Eve's position and responsibility. Now Jesus' course has been restored and completed, the substantial Kingdom of Heaven on earth has been realized through God's ideal family, and all blessed families are walking this path in the pattern and footsteps of our True Parents. The victorious day has arisen when the realm of goodness will prosper and the realm of evil will absolutely decline and eventually disappear. This has come because the position of True Parents has been established and fulfilled, and it can never be reversed. On this foundation, all will be blessed. This is the 47th True Parents Day in history.

Then Father and Mother bowed to God, followed by True Children and the wives of the five great saints. Then the second generation and all blessed families bowed. They were followed by representatives of the three primary nations of Korea, Japan, and America. Then the continental directors came on behalf of all the continents of the world. Next, the representatives of Judeo-Christianity, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam came forward, followed by representatives of the Abel democratic world and the Cain communist world. This was followed by the representatives of the spirit world and physical world and members of True Father's Moon clan and True Mother's Han clan.

True Father is moving like the largest, most powerful hurricane in history. Make no mistake, this is the Second Coming; the tribulation that is on the land is the same as that described in the Bible. Father is leading the way. This is the time for sacrifice and focusing on understanding the providence. Father shared yesterday that we all must understand that we are in a huge war between good and evil. This is the time we have prepared for since the beginning; all of our training has been for this time.

Rev. Kwak read excerpts of Father's words from several years of speeches concerning True Parent's Day.


When I was younger, I was told I was handsome. Now that I am older, am I still handsome? Sometimes I wish I were young again because I want to do so much. I will come down on the floor. (Father came on the floor and had a couple of people sing). Father moved his chair to the middle of the floor in the center aisle in Chung Pyung. He said, I want to be closer to you all.

What anniversary is it? This is the 47th, which means we are going into the 48th year: 4 times 8 is 12. Also, 4 times 12 is 48. The number 12 has to do with youth. 12, 24, 36, 48 are all considered young. However, the next increments are 60, 72 and 84. After 60 is on the way to the spirit world. 3 times 8 is 24. When we talk about 24, it means the time when people should have perfected themselves and then marry. 23 is the peak of life; cells peak at that time and then go down. Therefore you should marry around the age of 24. I will not bless people older than 24 directly anymore.

What kind of person is God? God is the first parent of all of our ancestors. His representative and heir is His child. The child should be a person who can receive and inherit God's being.

Should I also sing a song? If I sing, maybe everyone will start to dance. When we dance, we can have a feeling of such oneness. Who has prepared something today for the celebration? If it is your parents' celebration, shouldn't you have brought a gift? I am so busy today; I am juggling so many things. We also have many international women who are with us. I want to talk with you so that we can have a good time together. What is True Parents Day? It is a great day and a very serious day.

We need food and preparations for the celebration. However, what is the most important thing? It is the love of the parents, whose blood and flesh mingle and create the heavenly blood lineage. The human fall was the breakdown of all these relationships: between God and humans, man and woman, parents and children. Everything was broken. Can you say that anyone is free in this situation? There is no way to have happiness without relationship and without an object. This is what arises from the breakdown of the Fall. Can you live without the relationship of a man or woman? No matter how great a man or woman is, he or she cannot stand and be happy alone.

Can anyone buy True Parents? Can money buy the way to heaven? No. The most important gift is receiving the lost love that is recovered. The greatest gift you can give your parents is the love that they have sought from their children.

Some people cannot get along with the people sitting right next to them. With one word of complaint, you can make a very difficult path for yourself. Those who complain also have a difficult time when they come to this kind of celebration. However, if you heart is right, you can come forward. If there are two people who want to separate but a parent brings them together, then they both can be saved. It is important to save them both. If they separate and don't reunite, both can be lost.

However many people oppose me, they will diminish because I speak the truth. What kind of organization is this? It is a little strange. Even I think it is a little strange. We search for our root lineage. If you put shi behind the word, it means seed and it also means respect. We are looking for our root lineage.

Has there ever been a day like True Parents Day? God has been longing for a true object as a child, a youth, a middle-aged person and an old person. God has been longing for a true relationship on any and all levels. Have you truly loved your sons and daughters, wife or husband? Have you loved fully? If you get elected president but have not loved fully, then you will be like a thief.

Have you ever seen True Parents? Have you ever seen a true person? You might be the smartest kid who has done nice things and excellent work such that everything you do is fragrant. If God finds someone like that, would He be upset with that person's teacher?

What about Adam and Eve? The fall was such a great calamity. Dr. Kim, do you know about God? (No, not like you do). You are right, so you must listen, correct? Many persecuted me and many people were taken away from me. Even recently someone I really loved was taken away from me.

There are great things that can come on the level of the individual, family, nation and world. As you are going up the ladder, a friend may actually try to obstruct your way. There are times when the people who were closest to me and went through the most hardships were taken away and went through suffering and great hardship on my behalf. I have found that if you overcome in that situation, God will come down to you. There are those who consider themselves VIPs who are not really VIPs. You should poke them in the side and ask, what kind of thing did you do to be called a VIP?

I have spent my life and have not been loved much. Many rumors and much gossip still swirl around. You think I don't hear the rumors, but I do. If they are false and you spread them, you must apologize.

I never thought about keeping anything to myself. If I find someone who is more deserving than my own family, I will give everything to him or her. God will support that kind of life. So much of the world is fake. I have gone the way of true love for 86 years; however, God has been doing this forever.

Satan caused the Fall. You have to understand how serious the issue of lineage is. Even at the expense of cutting away your flesh, preserving your lineage is good. I have nothing. I have given away all my things; I have no possessions. Did I love you more than my own sons and daughters? (Yes). Have I really treated my own children as my own children? No, I loved you as my own children and even denied my own children. Satan and the Satanic world cannot accuse me because I did that. That's the reason why I did a lot of things that caused a huge clamor. All the things that I did were just amazing. Satan can accuse about anything that is not right. He also has to testify if there is nothing wrong. Satan will try to oppose me. Why is that opposition necessary? Because we are going the way that Satan doesn't like. Satan is not happy with our work; he loses control. If someone walks the way of God, he will be bitterly persecuted and accused by Satan. Satan doesn't want to let go. If you persevere for 30 years, then Satan will give up and your purity will be proclaimed. The problem is blood lineage. The fall happened in an instant and yet because it changed the blood lineage, it was the most serious crime of all history. Imagine if a bride about to be married is taken away by thieves and raped the night before. There would be no forgiveness for the thieves for staining the lineage.

The human ancestors stained and destroyed God's blood lineage. I know the details of what happened. I had to allow the way for even Satan to be forgiven, so that there would be complete liberation for God. If Satan sinned but Adam could bring him to a natural surrender, bring him before God, and ask for forgiveness for him, then God could forgive.

Even Satan is in a miserable position. He wishes that he could be killed. If Adam comes up and says, "I will take upon myself all the sin of Satan and find a way of forgiveness for him," God would say, "Go ahead." Do you Japanese understand? How about the former army generals who are here? We must create a heavenly police force. "God's Ideal Family: The Model for the Peaceful Kingdom of the Ideal World." What is the purpose of all of this? We must reestablish the hometown of Adam and Eve.

What was the first thing that they lost? Lineage!!!! Westerners don't know about this. Do you understand? We have to relieve Adam from his bitter regret. If Adam is going forward to dance with God, would God reject that? What if Eve says, "I would like to dance with God." Would someone say, "I'm not going to dance with God"? If that kind of dance would occur, it would spread. But if I want to dance, I can't dance easily because of the rumors that could be started!!

Why do we call the True Parents the savior? Because they have found and connected the lineage of God. Why "messiah"? Because he is the one who comes to establish God's true nation. He must connect with the chosen people and build the true nation of God. Was Moses God? He was God's representative. The Jews have the Torah and the prophets, and yet they are still looking for the messiah. If they miss the messiah when he comes, they will lose so much. The Bible talks clearly about these ideas. Even communists can abandon their ideology when they understand the Principle. Even the communist people in the spirit world have testified to the Divine Principle and to me.

What is the only thing that has self-autonomy and creativity? True love is the only thing that can give these qualities.

(Father spoke very seriously to the Korean dignitaries.) I look upon you and I see ministers of all the eight administrations that opposed me. Now they are all gone and you are here. Now everyone is saying that you should respect me. The issue is that we must save Korea from ruin. Is that not so? I am no fool; you must listen to me. There are certain laws of the spirit world. You know so much but you don't know that the root is in the spirit world. That is why I must teach you. Do not forget what I say. Try dying and see if what I say is true! However, before you die, make sure you don't end up in hell! What is the problem? Lineage. Pit jeol in Japanese. In English, blood lineage.

What was the second cardinal sin that was committed? It was Cain killing Abel. The third thing that was lost from the Fall was the right of ownership. People are fighting over material and land. Stealing and fighting are because of the Fall. This ends up in the practice of free sex, which is destruction. When you know that there is something in the back of you, then you can know that there is something in the front of you. This all moves according to an official formula. It can be done with mathematics. There are formulas to all creation.

You don't know how powerful and fearful this ideology can be. If the government of Korea had listened to me after the Korean War, the nation would have been saved and the world totally restored in the 1960s and '70s. I went to Waseda University and studied engineering. I have a profound philosophical framework.

We are preparing to enter the palace. Today is the 29th. Four days ago, I told the Philippines to have a rally. Indonesia and the Island Countries must have a rally. I want to make a defense line. Is there any power to check the advance of aggressor nations? I must set up a line to check the aggressors. Now America, Japan, South America, Europe and many countries respect me and take me very seriously. Many are still concerned about what I am doing. That's the root of the Schengen treaty in Europe - it's based on false information and fear.

I can do even the Bering Strait Tunnel on my own. I can make the two hundred billion. I will start it with two billion. Even though many nations are afraid of me, God will protect me. Just like the sun with planets, I have many organizations revolving around me. Women will be the leaders in the next 10 years; they will be crucial to lead the world to peace. That's why the VIP women are here. (Three are from the U.S.) This is one reason behind why I raised Hoon Mo Nim; there was a special providence behind it.

We have raised the banner to reform the UN. I went around to all the nations of the world to check everything. I could see that not all nations are under America's protection. If some can say that the savior of the communist world is Rev. Moon, what will happen? Many say the communist world is evil, but I have enormous influence there.

The Japanese women who were trained at Yeosu, please come up. (Several hundred ran up quickly). Soon these people will become the mother figures in the providence. These women can be mobilized with their Korean husbands and can be mobilized with the kings and queens of the Ocean. (Father then asked for one sister to lead them in an Ocean song. The sisters sang like they were rowing a boat.) We have 12,000 Japanese women married to Koreans. We could make an army out of them.

Don't forget the three things lost at the Fall.

(Then Father gathered the women Ambassadors for Peace from Korea representing Abel [about 250] and then all the police and military generals that were there representing Cain. Father asked that they pair up and work to stop the corruption, violence, and prostitution in Korea, changing the culture.)

True Mother, please come and sit with me. Rev. Kwak, please explain the rallies that have gone on since Geneva. Geneva was the true birthplace of Christianity in Europe. It was also the place where the end of Communism was announced. Rev. Hwang, please explain

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