Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

Father's Words and Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
March 2, 2003
Hoon Dok Hae
Washington, D.C.
Sheraton National
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by Tim Elder

Fathers Words:

God's heart concerning the fall is such that we can't imagine. It's as if during the first wedding night of Adam and Eve, the thief came in and took the bride and even took Adam. Even if they came to give greetings to God, can God receive joy from that after they fell. God can't relate.

The sadness and pain of God is even greater. He couldn't open his eyes, the pain and sadness is so great for him. Why did all of this happen. Because the sexual organs that were to be used for a holy purpose after they became mature. The whole creation was to be used by man after they became mature. Look at the mosquitoes in South America, if faced with those mosquitoes you will run away. Many would say we don't need these mosquitoes, however, we do need them, they have a purpose. The fish are there in abundant varieties, but then we find that many of the fish feed on the mosquito! In Brazil there are so many fish there in the river, they come up sometimes and are all over the surface of the water. Do you like flies? Flies rub their legs together like they are saying, please forgive me, please forgive me. However, we will find that they are absolutely necessary and are part of the food chain.

The Hellenistic thought is that nature is the enemy. On National Geographic there was a show in which the mother lion had three cubs. After one year only one was left. Therefore even for the lion, survival is not easy. The lion is the strongest of the jungle but there is even a stronger force. In the jungle we find the hyena is stronger than the lion because they work in teams. The lion is king of the jungle but when four get together they chase the lion away. If America is a lion and the hyenas team up what will happen. If the small countries line up against America, America will have to run away.

The fact that you are strong doesn't mean you will always win. The weaker elements have a way to win. God made it this way so there is balance. Which is stronger the male or the female lion? When the cubs are born the female goes off by itself. Aren't American women like that. The country is like the lions. The female lion leaves the cubs with the male lion and goes to hunt.

The fall was devastating. Did God have grandchildren or not. No, he wasn't able to do it. You are supposed to be the owner of heaven and earth. The creation was made for the sake of the owner. Cows and dogs are the same. Why are we afraid to eat the dog? The dog is very tasty. American's may say oh no, but I say go ahead and eat some dog and you will find that they are most tasty. Does the dog say, please come and eat me?

Like a dog facing its natural enemy, it tries to run away. There is a power in nature that unless you overcome your enemy you will perish. If an animal is proud but doesn't know its natural enemy it will be destroyed. There is balance everywhere. Everything in the natural world is necessary. The eagles, insects everything. The insects that eat the rotten meat. They are like the custodians of creation. The Halibut eat all the garbage and clean everything. That's their role. There is nothing in the natural world that is not necessary.

How about in America, are Muslims necessary in America? Yes. Some would say that we don't want the Muslims in America, but that is not God's view. But they are important and necessary for America. 120 km is the area that a lion has to cover to have enough food.

What is the best thing water or sunlight. 75% of your body is water. When you are born from water, what is the other fourth. The flies and mosquitoes and frogs, you may think that they are not necessary in the natural world. If they are just beautiful by themselves they are not beautiful. What about man. They can't just live by themselves. There are 120 people here, they seem exactly the same. But they are not. If someone was exactly the same it would be a problem. In the nighttime there are insects that seek out yellow light and white light. If a handsome man and a beautiful woman come together in marriage and have a child, the child is different. Not exactly the same. God created everything so that everything is different. Today, all of you, why did you come here? Why did you come? Because you are afraid that terrorists will attack America. The colors are all together here in this room. This is beautiful. Would God like to see that. How about an ugly black man and a beautiful white woman or a handsome white man and a beautiful white woman, which would God like to see kissing for three hours. God would like to see the black man and white woman kissing. What if their baby is blacker than the father ! God would like that too. Would the mother love that baby? Yes !! Really? A true mother would be such.

What about a blonde woman who is so beautiful, what would her parents say if she said I'm going to marry the ugliest man in the world? God would like that. God would say, "I will be the sunlight for this baby." Men are who loved by beautiful women, is it easy for that man to become a man that God loves. No.

What God hates the most is war, fighting with guns and bullets. God wants to see the problems of the world solved through other means. What does God love the most. What does God hate the most. He hates individualism the most. God likes other-centeredness the most. If you could become the person that God loves the most it will be great. Did you white people think about marrying your children with a black person.

History is made in the night, what is going on in the night. You create the daughters and sons at night. God's light is planted in that fruit. If you think I can change the evil world. That kind of child is born from that relationship.

If the lion is strong and comes to the water, he can chase away the others. The hyena can study the lion and understand who is the weakest one.

How about Bin Laden. He is just watching because he knows that a big lion will eventually get tired no matter how strong he is. He is waiting for America to wear down.

But if America becomes totally focused on serving the world and becomes parental it can be the source of unifying the whole world. If you go to the north pole, there is night time 2/3 of the year. Everything is equalized in the south. I don't want to perish. You must stand in the perpendicular position. If you lean from one side to the other, then eventually that body will perish. So that the Sun is directly above you. So that you are receiving light directly (God's light of love) goes straight down from the top to the bottom. God's love has to have the object that he can love.

There has to be a champion that will stop the fight between God and Satan. True Parents are the ones that can unite everything and bring peace in the relationship of God and Satan. True Parents are the ones that have stopped the fight between God and Satan. How by making Satan naturally surrender. The Coronation Ceremony was that turning point. Do you know the significance of the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship? Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins, did you believe in the Coronation Ceremony? (Yes Abonim) Really? (I believe more now!!).

Even Satan was transformed and restored back into the proper relationship with God. If Satan has no more enemies then he can come back to his proper place. Father on behalf of God suffered more to bring peace and unity. True Parents took responsibility.

Are you determined to go beyond Rev. Moon? You say yes but the problem is to do it. To be the champion and inherit everything you must overcome everything, every obstacle and every situation. You have to have even greater thinking than God does. People in hell say, God please save me. But you must say I am the owner of Cheon Il Guk, I'm going to liberate God and all humanity.

Did God ever have his grandchildren? Was God able to love his son and daughter like that? You think about that. Now we are going through the history of recreation. We must go through and recreate them all. God is not just trying to save Americans. God has to save Bin Laden and Hussein. You are not in the Unification Church to follow Rev. Moon but to become better than Father and unify everything. That is the meaning of Tong Il. Unification. The subject body is the center and owner and King. God lost the second and third generation. God had to deny the first and second generation. God wasn't able to even see the third generation. In Cheon Il Guk, two have to become one. Mind and Body were separated by the fall. Everything was darkness. God has to subjugate that daytime to overcome the night. God must overcome the daytime and then subjugate the night.

Why did Jesus come to this earth? To establish the third generation realm on this earth. He came to establish a world that is to live with God. Do women want to marry or not? What about American women? Do you want to marry ? What kind of man. If he is handsome that has no meaning. What you must look for in a man is a lineage that God loves. The fallen world perishes. Now the fallen lineage must be denied. To deny this we must love the whole and go beyond our own race and people. Then coming together in the blessing we can graft onto the lineage of God through True Parents. Then through that engrafting you can please God. The flower that blossoms from that lineage will blossom for God. Living for the sake of each other? Is this what you are doing. The parents love the children more than themselves, and they grow. In the American family, is there a young couple that wants to live with their grandparents? There must be three generations living together. The grandparents are the Ambassadors of the spirit world. They must experience the grandchildren's love to be able to be complete. The wife has to be able to love the in-laws to be complete. One of the parents can inherit everything. God would be the vertical parents. There will be nothing that the children cannot have.

Free sex is the destroyer of the family. That kind of country will perish. That kind of person can't live in the heavenly world. The Cheon Il Guk Juin, (As owners of Cheon Il Guk) our family centered on True Love will establish our original homeland. You have to do that. It won't happen.

To recreate Israel, the church and the state must become one as Cain and Abel. Instead they became one with Rome and captured and killed Jesus. They united with Rome. Who are the Jewish members here, raise your hands ! Jewish people, you have to repent. Jesus was the King of Israel. Through the principle of indemnity Hitler killed 6 million Jews. That is why. God could not prevent Satan from doing that because Israel killed the True Parents. Even now, you have to determine that you will repent and follow and become one with Christianity through Rev. Moon.

Instead of dying True Parents have overcome death and establish the realm of the fourth Adam and go into the realm of the liberation of heaven and earth. Because the lineage has changed. Now Father is opening the realm of the fourth Adam. Germans think that in spite of all their failures they can do what ever they want in Europe. Satan wants to destroy humanity and the world. God needs Rev. Moon. Father must straighten all these things out. Hundreds of millions of people are coming to believe Rev. Moon. Jesus said some will deny me three times and the disciples said they wouldn't and yet they did.

The Blessed Central family is the Cheon Il Guk owner. You have to accomplish each stage one by one. You must establish that realm of heart and be able to proclaim that I will be responsible for America.

We are in Cheon Il Guk now. Heaven and Earth are one. We have to take the position of the Elder Brother that will resolve everything. You have to understand that through the Cheon Il Guk blessing you were born again. Actually this was your true birth. All the blessings before this were preliminary blessings. This was the complete blessing.

To unify Korea we must unify church and state. We must establish a political party and then unify church and state. We must be able to unify the UN and deal with the Cain type countries. The current administration in America must be guided by the religious leaders. If you follow Rev. Moon, you will not go down. In the future those who hear my words and believe will go to heaven, those who don't will not. Even if you have to take the skin off of your body and offer it to God. It is worth it. Once everything is offered to God then that nation will be able to come into the kingdom of heaven.

Now the nation cannot go to the Kingdom because everything is divided by barriers. One barrier after another. Every family of the world is to return and offer to God. You have to be certain about that. Grandparents are God, Parents are True Parents, Children are all humanity. The third generation. You have to establish the unity. Religion is not necessary if the mind and body are united. Don't just follow America, it is not God's nation. You must lead America back to God.

You did the holy burning ceremony right? Everything has to be burned away.

This is a serious issue. You have to live correctly or you will not be able to see me in the spirit world. You will perish. You must live as owners of Cheon Il Guk, you must live correctly and a life after the pattern of True Parents. As owners you must unify and save the nations of the world.

Hoon Dok Hae: Father asked Dr. Yang to read the messages from the Spirit world.

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