Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2003

What is Cheon Il Guk?

Sun Myung Moon
January 31, 2003

This is an except from a speech given on January 31 at CPL.

True Parents blessing was on April 11, 1960. How much indemnity had to be paid to allow for the establishment of True Parents? Now you are here as families preparing to be owners of Cheon Il Guk. To be owners you must unite your mind and body together as one.

You must become a seed of True Parents. How does a seed go forward. Does it go up first or go down. It goes down into the fertilizer and then sprouts into a beautiful creation. This is the process by going down and sacrificing we actually lay the foundation for prosperity.

As we read the "Way of Unification" we should create our own historical thesis based on Father's fundamental teaching. The books used for the 50 day training are the fundamental books that are the core of Father's teaching. We must write a thesis based on these core teachings by April. Father will choose the best 12 to become historical records of your reflections.

Way of Unification is our Hoon Dok for this morning. You must follow and understand the spirit world. Latter on you must read the original text book. You must read Korean. This must be the only language. You must master Korean. If you stay in Korea for a year or year and one half you can master Korean.

This book has a huge content. These are essential ideas. Now time has come. The fortune of Unification is coming.

This is the turning point. History is the struggle between Hellenism and Hebraism. Why did Hellenism appear. Also, in terms of the religious world theism is the oldest thought.

With the "Way of Unification" in two hours you can understand all of human history until today. You are beyond all this history. If you know this you can bring hope to all mankind. You must know this content.

What will you do to go to the next level. When people talk about the savior and second coming they can't understand without this understanding the principle of resurrection. The 1st coming was not received by Israel. 2nd coming must occur.

Now we must bring OT, NT and CT into one. True Parents have established the foundation. True Parents can untangle all of the history of mankind. God had Adam but never achieved the 3rd gen. (Grandchildren). God is the first generation, Adam 2nd, grandchildren 3rd. All were lost. All three generations. The false lineage started at this point.

To restore this took several thousand years until today. Righteous people suffer and sacrifice. How much are you united with True Parents. You must know this clearly.

What is Cheon Il Guk? It is the world level. From the individual to the family to nation to world. What does the Family Pledge say at the beginning? As "owners of Cheon Il Guk." By becoming owners we can share equal value. All mankind came to share this benefit equally.

What is the meaning of Cheon Il Guk. Two persons become one. Up and down, left and right, front and back. Every dimension of the pair relationship is united as one. That is the Kingdom of God on earth. Centered on the blessed family we can build the Kingdom of God.

Now there is new terminology introduced -- ChunJoo Pumo (Parents of heaven: God), ChunJi Pumo (Parents of heaven and earth: True Parents.) This way we can usher in the Kingdom of Heaven. Family pledge number 8 teaches us Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience. On top of this goes God's absolute mind which is perfectly united as one mind and body through TP. Then the 8 stages can expand from there. God's side is totally harmonious.

The Holy Blessing of True Parents on the third stage and the Coronation of True Father has been the deep desire of God since the time of Adam.

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