Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Words To International Blessed Families

Sun Myung Moon
June 23, 2002
Chung Pyung Training Center

Do you do Hoon Dok Hae everyday? If your husbands do not do Hoon Dok Hae, then pack your belongings and get out of the house. If you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven together, then your lifestyle should be the same. Whether it is sleeping, living, being happy or being sad, we should do it together.

Those who do not do Hoon Dok Hae, raise your hands. Why donít you do it? If teacher is even one hour or one second late, I pray that I am sorry. Who are you? Shouldnít you follow True Parentsí tradition? People who know, those from Japan, you are destroying yourselves.

Next time, I will punish those who miss out on doing Hoon Dok Hae. I will put them in prison. For three years I will put them... If you do not like doing Hoon Dok Hae, how can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? You should not complain that it takes too long to do Hoon Dok Hae or that you donít have time to eat, when, as people blessed by Heaven, God and the world of heaven, you are becoming one with Teacher and Parents of Heaven and Earth, when you are doing Hoon Dok Hae.

Raise up the Second Generation well. It is different from the way your mother and father did it. The world has changed since the "Proclamation of the Unification and Safe Settlement of the Parents of Heaven and Earth." Your mind and body should not fight. You all canít receive the rights of citizenship for Cheong Il Guk.

Mind and body unity! Have they become one? Even though I am indignant and full of resentment, those who donít care to listen should go to hell. I have the heart of saying, "Be patient. The one who is patient will win."

Before desiring the dominion of the cosmos, Teacher has set up the motto of individual dominion. Even now it is the same. Even Teacher cannot live his life carelessly. All that I have made a determination, I am abiding everything by law. I donít live carelessly. Do you understand?

Those women who believed in the Unification Church, live in Korea, bore children, shed tears, those who canít go to their hometown and came here, should understand that a direct path to the Kingdom of Heaven has opened up. Because I know of this, that is why I blessed you into marriage. Korea and Japan canít become one... Therefore, if you want to listen to my words, then with risking absolute life, hold on to the brush of restoration through indemnity. Even with a body that will die, Teacher has to go this way.

You do not have a country. You donít have a hometown. Do you have a hometown? Japan is not your hometown, you enemy. Do you know how much they all have sinned in order to beat and catch me?

However the Second generation are different. Because there are more figures who know True Parents and who made a determination to risk their lives for True Parents, on the day when Koreans and Japanese do exchange marriages as Teacher said, then other countries will become one. If members donít do exchange marriages and rather do it in separate groups, then they will go to the back. These kinds of acts donít work.

God does not have a nation, a hometown. So where are you from? Cheon Il Guk! Say it. That nation of Japan, the history, the names and all the schools, you should forget about it. You should forget the names of your mother and father. You should cut it off by yourselves.

You should be grateful for the protest. Because you did not throw it away, Satan made it possible for you to throw it away. From there you should not follow your hometown but you should follow Teacher. Then you live. You got to throw it away, the nation that you are living in, the tradition, culture, habits and customs.

The nation of Japan, you should forget completely Japanese customs. And for Koreans, you should be individuals who completely acquired True Parentsí tradition. Therefore, you should not rest but should study. How many years have we done Hoon Dok Hae? Third year, fourth year? What would have happened to Japan if they have not done Hoon Dok Hae? Since Japan is an Eve nation, you should do Hoon Dok Hae education from the very bottom. I made the direction to make 36,000 churches.

You went through a lot of suffering? You had a lot of bitter feelings. Why? Because you married a Korean person, you should realize that this is a blessing of blessings. Do you understand? Whether you are Thai or something else.

"Unification and Safe Settlement of Parents of Heaven and Earth," it is not settlement. This is going into the realm of oneís lifestyle. You must keep heavenly law. Therefore, because of heavenly duty, even Socrates, the five great saints are going to spiritual world, and all the meritorious servants of the cultural world are giving education in the name of God.

There are many who went to all sorts of places in hell. If you lied, then in heavenly world you must stand upside down. You must go to place where there is no shadow. That means go have to go to a dark place. You are fortunate that you met True Parents. This is the only way to meet the bridegroom of eternal tradition.

In conclusion, why did you come here to get married? You came here to find your hometown. Where is your hometown? If you go to Japan and ask where is your hometown, is it correct to say that it is Japan? Where is your hometown? Cheon Il Guk is your hometown. Those who received registration, were you all assigned to your mission area? That is your hometown. You came to find your hometown. You should learn my language, the customs. Since you can teach your whole family, you are blessed. You are the pride of your clan, and you received an introduction to the tradition for your clan to go to heaven. And you can cross the ocean and wilderness in following him.

You came to find your husband. You came to find your lost hometown. How glorious it is for you, who could have lived for a thousand, ten thousand years by yourself, can attend your husband. You cannot exchange it with everything under heaven, the land of Japan, the whole world. Do you think True Parents will bless you? You should understand the value of this.

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