Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

Father's speech on May 2, 2002

Sun Myung Moon
East Garden
May 2, 2002
Translated by Jeong Phyo Hong, notes by Michael Jenkins

This is a very important time. We must focus on America. Through this we are going to create Heaven on Earth. This is a very necessary course. All Korean leaders and Japanese Missionaries are here for a very important providential reason. They come here to link this culture directly to Godís providence. The Spiritual culture is affecting the Western culture this way.

Old Testament, New Testament and now Complete Testament all support our Providence. This is the time for the autonomous nation. This is the time for the subject nation. This is the time for the Independent country. This is the time for the Cheon Il Guk. This is the time for male and female to come together and marry. The pairs unite. This is springtime. This is the spring civilization.

Now we begin a two months campaign. We must fulfill the next 3 years. July 4th is Americaís Independence Day but this time it will be Godís Independence Day!! This will be the day of celebrating Cheon Il Guk. This will mark the end of the winter culture and beginning of the spring culture. Now the Communist leaders in the spirit world consider this content very important.

Asian people coming to America is very important. These are enemy countries. Americans donít realize that America is the Second Israel. Now you are moving on to July 4th. This is the patriotic season. The result of this patriotic effort will allow the Elder Son Nation to shine. Now we can guide all of these blessed couples. By giving the blessing to people through the clergy we can settle Godís Fatherland. Centering on yourself we can move forward. Now itís time for your determination. Number 6 Ė 6000 years. 4 Ė four-position foundation. 64 days of mobilization. They must move on to July 4th. Korean, Japanese and American must unite as one.

In Washington, May 21 Washington Times 20th Anniversary. Many important Prime Ministers and key leaders are coming from the whole world. The top Japanese and Korean Women leaders are coming together with top American leaders, this way we can move to the fulfillment of Godís providence.

Two persons unite as one. Cheon Il Guk. Cheon (two persons) Il (one) Guk (Nation). Rev. Hwang, centering on the Ambassadors for peace, we must educate those congress people. Thatís why spring civilization is going on. What you connect is here this moment. What you are doing is the most important . Now we must educate the top leaders of America. We must totally mobilize all of our resources. 144,000 Clergy Couples are thunder, now we must show lightning. Now is the time to show the lightning to show America which way to go. We are in the settlement age. Visit all the pastors and bless 12 couples. Then we will bless all on July 4th. Everything will be done.

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