The Words of Sun Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han) from 2018

 Table of Contents

The Words of Sun Jin Moon Table of Contents

The power of True Love and True Parents' and Heavenly Parent's teaching (January 13, 2018 - The Heart to Heart Session pdf)

Sun Jin Moon and In Sup Park visit the YAYAM Leaders' Retreat in Las Vegas (Richard Buessing - January 13, 2018 pdf)

Guidance for Youth Ministers and Young Leaders - Part 1 (January 13, 2018 - Excerpt pdf)

I Got a Lot Questions from this Ministry Group, the Youth Ministry (January 13, 2018 - To 85 leaders at the International Peace Education Center (IPEC) in Las Vegas, NV pdf)

Sun Jin Nim at the Heart to Heart Session in Las Vegas, USA (January 14, 2018 pdf)

True Parents Were Born On the Same Day In Accordance With Heaven's Will (February 20, 2018 - True Parents Birthday Welcoming Remarks pdf)

International President Sun Jin Moon - Special Gathering (February 20, 2018 - Cheong Pyeong Training Centre pdf)

When we wholeheartedly believe in True Parents, God blesses us with miracles! (February 23, 2018 - 2018 Cheon Il Guk Leaders' Assembly Opening Address pdf)

2018 Cheon Il Guk Leaders’ Assembly - Opening Address (February 23, 2018 - Cheong Pyeong Training Centre pdf)

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