The Words of the Soon-Ae Hong (mother of Hak Ja Han [Dae Mo Nim])

Soon Ae Hong Halmonim Was the "Good Earth"

Joong Hyun Pak
November 6, 1989
Sunghwa Address

True Mother offers incense at Soon Ae Hong's Won Jeon Ceremony in Korea.

Luke 8:8: "And some seed fell into good soil and grew, and yielded a hundredfold."

In Korea, Father gave the title "Great Mother" to Soon Ae Hong Halmonim. The symbol for 'mother' is 'earth'. Our Hong Halmonim was just like the good earth. Who are the True Parents? They are the first true seeds sent by God. Hong Halmonim offered True Mother for the sake of history as that seed. She was dedicated to supporting and protecting the True Parents and True Family just like good earth.

In Luke 8:15, Jesus explains about the good earth: "And as for that in the good soil, they are those who, hearing the word, hold it fast in an honest and good heart, and bring forth fruit with patience." Hong Halmonim lived up to these words.

After True Parents' Holy Wedding in 1960, the first seven year coarse was Mother's challenge and her way to victory. During those seven years, I saw that Hong Halmonim had such a humble attitude and meek heart. She was never proud. She visited Chungpadong Headquarters for seven years to attend service there. She always loved and prayed for the brothers and sisters who were pioneering at that time.

When True Parents had to move to the worldwide level and come to America, she came with them. She prayed for brothers and sisters all over the world, and also for the staff at East Garden and Belvedere. She would pray for them one by one, by name and mission. Hong Halmonim really respected American brothers and sisters. She supported the leadership, for her prayer was always for the unity of the leaders with True Parents. When Hang Halmonim returned to Korea, I remember the scene at the terminal of True Parents' separation from Hong Halmonim. As she was boarding, she walked backwards so she could see True Parents. At every step she would bow, until she couldn't see them anymore. Her position was as Father's mother-in-law, but she was humble, obedient and respectful to True Parents.

Father sprinkles Holy Salt at Soon Ae Hong's Won Jeon Ceremony in Korea.

I visited Korea several times and had the chance to meet Hong Halmonim many times. Whenever she appeared in front of True Parents, the first thing she would do is "Aboji Mansei."

Like the good earth, our Hong Halmonim had a good personality, a good spirit, and good life. God used this foundation as a nurturing field to enable True Mother to appear in front of human history. All of us have to prepare this kind of good earth for God to use.

If the good earth receives a seed, the seed must then grow and develop deep roots. Hong Halmonim was deeply connected to the spiritual world through her prayer life. She received so much guidance and many revelations from the spirit world. She led a life of deep prayer and meditation and dedicated herself to awaiting the Second Advent, just like the parable Jesus taught about the five wise virgins preparing their lanterns. Even when she lay down to sleep, she never slept on her back. She slept on her side with her hands in a prayer position, so that at any time in the night she could awake and pray. This kind of deep prayer life also became the foundation for True Mother's appearance on the earth.

If the seed grows, the earth has the responsibility to support the new growth and supply many vital elements to nourish the plant. Hong Halmonim's whole life was dedicated to seeing True Mother grow up in a God-centered way, studying and connecting to God.

Hong Halmonim fulfilled the role of protector. When True Mother was seven or eight years old, the Korean War broke out. At that time, Hong Halmonim escaped with our True Mother from North Korea down to South Korea. It was God's protection, based on Hong Halmonim's fulfilling her portion of responsibility of protecting True Mother. The Korean War was so terrible. People were hungry, homeless, without jobs, barely escaping with their lives. Everyone became refugees. People had no way to survive. You can imagine how Hong Halmonim struggled, one weak woman, all alone, to survive and take care of True Mother, still educating her and guiding her. But she fulfilled her responsibility towards True Mother.

In November of 1955, she joined Unification Church. In Pyung Yang, she had twice seen Father in a vision from God. When she finally met him in person, can you imagine how tearfully joyful and grateful she was! From that time, she led a life of faith in which she asked God everything and received answers from him directly. She continued to educate True Mother to live an honest, sincere life of faith and to have a heart of longing towards Heaven. She understood True Mother's position towards Father, and on March 16, 1960 (lunar calendar), she offered True Mother in the Holy Wedding. Before the Holy Wedding, Hong Halmonim was True Mother's mother. But after, everything was turned upside down. She became the daughter of True Mother.

Through her foundation of faith and substance, Hong Halmonim was able to support True Mother so that True Mother could bring 30 years of victory.

From now on, we should really follow Hong Halmonim's tradition of faith and dedication. She really showed us an example of a good personality, a good heart, and the way to have a successful family and tribe. She dedicated herself to the success of the world mission. We have to become the "good earth" like Hong Halmonim. We have to dedicate our lives for God, True Parents, True Family, and the second generation.

In Korea, Father wrote in special calligraphy, "She dedicated her whole life to the heart of loyalty." On this historical day, let us rededicate ourselves to saving America and the world and to bring the victory to God and True Parents in the way Hong Halmonim has showed us through her life. 

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