The Words of the Soon-Ae Hong (mother of Hak Ja Han [Dae Mo Nim])

Soon Ae Hong, the Great Symbol of Motherhood

Won Pok Choi
November 3, 1989
Sunghwa Ceremony

Grandmother Hong poses in front of East Garden, April 10, 1977

Original Domicile: 65 Shin-Ui Ri, Anju Up, Anju Kun Pyong-an-am Do, North Korea
Permanent Domicile: 125-25 Yong-du Dong, Tongdemun Ku, Seoul, Korea
Present Address: 110-43 Na-su Dong, Chong-no Ku, Seoul, Korea

Soon Ae Hong Halmonim was born on February 22, 1914 (lunar), in the city of Jongju, Pranganbuk-do, to her father, You-Il Hong, and mother, Won-Mo Cho. An only daughter, she had one younger brother, Mr. Soon Jung Hong.

As a child, she moved with her family to the city of Anju where she attended Anju Primary School, graduating as an honor student.

While she was studying at Pyongyang Bible School, she was led by her mother to join "Song Ju Kyodan," a deeply spiritual group that inspired her to live a thoroughly dedicated life of faith.

In accordance with revelation she received, Hong Halmonim married Mr. Seung Oon Han, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Choon Gil Han. From that time on, she strictly followed God's directions, abandoning everything worldly. She absorbed herself in a life of faith, thinking only of preparing to receive the Lord-to-come.

In the year 1942, she received the revelation that she would be given a beautiful daughter who would become the future bride to the Lord-to-come. She was told to raise this child in a heavenly way, almost ministering to her. Shortly after that, she became pregnant, giving birth to Hak-Ja Han, our True Mother, on January 6, 1943.

Led by God once again, Hong Halmonim fled to South Korea with her daughter, now eight years old, on January 14, 1951. No sooner had they crossed the Han River on their refugee flight than the bridge they used exploded, killing many people. Miraculously, they escaped death by a hair's breadth.

Once in South Korea, they moved about from place to place, solely in search of the Lord-to-come. In November, 1955, they were led by an elder, Mr. Suk Chun Jung, to the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Hong Halmonim, with her daughter, immediately joined for she found Father to be the Lord whom she had seen many times in her revelations.

In retrospect, she raised and educated her daughter from early childhood to live righteously, to love Cod, and to serve Him with heartistic ardor and awesome reverence. She poured her whole heart and soul into preparing her daughter in such a pious way so that she could be offered to the Lord as his most purely devoted bride.

At last the day of divine choice came. On March 16, 1960 (lunar), she dedicated her daughter to True Father as his eternal bride.

Since that day she has continued fighting a fierce spiritual battle against Satan. Both in Korea and in the United States, she devoted her life to prayer with single-minded concentration and extraordinary fervor in order to protect the True Parents and the Holy Family of three generations. It is as though her entire life was a chain of prayers, woven together to form a beautiful tapestry. Moreover, it seemed recently that she was amid a series of desperate, life-or-death prayers for the safety and the welfare of the True Parents.

Even for one with her chronic infirmities, the moment of her Sunghwa came too early, occurring to our utter surprise at 9:53 p.m., November 3, 1989, at the age of 75. In obedience to the heavenly summons, she closed her eyes in a quiet and peaceful sleep to pass into a new life of glory while True Mother kept watch over her, offering an ardent prayer of "Good-bye." God be with you, Hong Halmonim!

Grandmother Soon Ae Hong's birthday celebration, March 22, 1976, at East Garden. From left to right: In Jin Nim, Mother, Ye Jin Nim, Grandmother Hong and Mrs. Won Pok Choi.

A Meditation

Overwhelmed by sadness and unable to control our lamentations, we feel like calling your name again and again. Hong Halmonim, Soon Ae! You, the symbol of Great Motherhood; our eternal epitaph of love. Oh, our eternal love!

With no response to our call, you are walking toward a beautiful world of spirit beyond. At a brisk pace you go without even a hesitant look back. I feel I know the meaning of this; yes, it is because the summoning call from over there is so much stronger and louder than ours, drowning out our voices. More than that, you hate to look back because you dare not see the tears of your loved ones. "Welcome" is always more beautiful than "farewell."

"Our troubles and our trial here will only make us richer there, when we arrive at home..."

Isn't that the song that you loved to sing at the top of your voice? Right! The golden monument you built up with your own tears, sweat and blood is left with us here on earth, soaring up high and ever glittering. You remain here and stay with us as our Great Monument, with all your merits and devotions beautifully inscribed.

So, go as you may with feather-light dancing steps; please go in peace and happiness with all the worries, regrets, sorrows and resentments eternally dissolved and nullified here. Now, farewell,... fare thee well!

May God bless you with everlasting happiness up there in your newly started course to the Eternity. May you feel at home and completely free.

Just one final thing: please do help us from a higher dimension to accelerate the day of True Parents' accession to the Divine Throne. Amen. 

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