The Words of Jeung Jin Moon (daughter of Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han)

Artwork by Jeung Jin Moon

Peter Kim
June 14, 1990
Leaders' Conference
East Garden

Jeung Jin Nim's birthday was celebrated on the morning of the Leaders' Conference.

Jeung Jin Nim is an excellent artist. Recently there was an art contest at Central Park in New York. Hundreds of children recommended by their teachers for their skill in drawing came and drew their pictures right there in front of the judges. They selected Jeung Jin Nim as the top artist.

Even before that, Jeung Jin Nim's drawings have been displayed at school and elsewhere. Last year drawings were collected from 320,000 Korean children in America and in Korea. Teachers went over each item one by one and Jeung Jin Nim won a gold medal. Other winners were a third grader and a sixth grader, but Jeung Jin Nim is just a second grader.

Jeung Jin Nim's title for her drawing was "The World in All Colors." She wrote a few lines explaining her drawing: "Moon Jeung Jin, [Hackley School] second grader. I am happy to win this gold medal. I drew trees and a small stone bridge and a duck and I also included in my drawing the tall buildings standing behind the park. There are so many things which I want to draw in the park where families come on picnics and enjoy. I love to draw pictures and I will keep drawing pictures."

Hyung Jin Nim and Young Jin Nim have also won gold medals in art. All Father's family is artistic and musical. Particularly, Jeung Jin Nim is excellent in mixing colors. Two years ago she drew one picture and teachers said it was superb, that even college students couldn't do that. Jeung Jin Nim is a violinist, pianist, and singer, as well.

For several days Jeung Jin Nim was afraid that Father and Mother might go away for a public mission again and miss her birthday. Yesterday, when Father and I were on the third floor, she was in and out, checking to make sure Father didn't go. 

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