The Words of Hyung Jin Moon and his supporters from 2024

 Table of Contents

The Words of Hyung Jin Moon Table of Contents

The Coming Turmoil and Our Responsibility (Richard A. Panzer - January 3, 2024 pdf)

Sexual Chemistry of the Kingdom (Richard A. Panzer - January 10, 2024 pdf)

Billy Graham's Mission as John the Baptist (John Raucci - January 15, 2024, Hyung Jin Moon's Sanctuary Church pdf)

Struggle Of Kingdoms (Richard A. Panzer - January 16, 2024 pdf)

The Coming World Transformation (Richard A. Panzer - January 24, 2024 pdf)

The DNA of the Returning Lord (Richard A. Panzer - January 30, 2024 pdf)

Hedonism and Psychopathology (Richard A. Panzer - February 6, 2024 pdf)

57th True God's Day Observance (Richard A. Panzer - February 16, 2024 pdf)

What Are You Doing Here, Elijah? (Richard A. Panzer - February 21, 2024 pdf)

The Death and Resurrection of Sun Myung Moon (Richard A. Panzer - February 28, 2024 pdf)

Divine Principle Not What Hak Ja Han Wants Us to Teach! (Richard A. Panzer - March 5, 2024 pdf)

The Dangerous, but Good, God (Richard A. Panzer - March 13, 2024 pdf)

Jesus is calling us to be his hands and feet to resist the hands and feet of Satan (Hyung Jin "Sean" Moon - March 18, 2024 pdf)

Tennessee Freedom Festival Highlights (Richard A. Panzer - March 19, 2024 pdf)

Subject Yourself to the Highest Authority (Richard A. Panzer - March 27, 2024 pdf)

Face Your Fears (Richard A. Panzer - April 2, 2024 pdf)

Hak Ja Han’s New Teaching Is False And Contradicts The Divine Principle (Peter Daly - April 15, 2024 - In support of Hyung Jin Moon's Sancutary Church pdf)

2nd King's Victorious Visit to Japan (Richard A. Panzer - April 17, 2024 pdf)

True Father Prepared Hyung Jin Nim as his Successor (Jim Stephens - April 19, 2024 - Hyung Jin Moon's Sanctuary Church pdf)

2nd King's Victorious Korean Visit (Richard A. Panzer - April 23, 2024 pdf)

Those Who Were Left Behind (Richard A. Panzer - May 1, 2024 pdf)

Pray for Communist China's Liberation (Richard A. Panzer - May 8, 2024 pdf)

The Center of Christian Civilization (Richard A. Panzer - May 15, 2024 pdf)

The Standard of Heaven (Richard A. Panzer - May 21, 2024 pdf)

Be Fishers of Men (Richard A. Panzer - May 28, 2024 pdf)

The Felons who Founded America (Richard A. Panzer - June 5, 2024 pdf)

God Who Bled and Died for Us (Richard A. Panzer - June 11, 2024 pdf)

Anti-Hierarchy Cult's Threat to the West (Richard A. Panzer - June 22, 2024 pdf)

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