The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Words at the Special Workshop

Hyung Jin Moon
December 20, 2010

The following is information from the website Unificationism regarding the 21-Day Special Workshop.
Rev. Kambashi

In the evening on the 5th day of the workshop, instead of the principle lecture, Hyung Jin Nim gave a special lecture on Cheon Bok Ceremony. According to him, Father told all True Children in the world to come to the US due to the current conflicts of Korean peninsula, and he would have to leave for the US on Dec. 20th. The following is the basic contents of his speech:

True Parents suddenly called all True Children to come to the US. I said to him that it was during the workshop, but he said, "You cannot protect Korea. I can do it," and told me to come to the US. When I heard that, I felt like "We must not be confused thinking that we can protect this nation. Only True Parents can do it." We do our utmost Jeong Seong, trust True Parents, believe that True Parents can protect Korea, and pray 'Please do whatever You want to do for Your will.'

95% of Father's words are about true love, however I could not find in the Unification Church how true love actually is. I was at the edge of giving up, and then had a dream of True Father. In the dream, he was severely tortured in the prison. Father went down to hell, giving his physical body to the satanic spirits and said, 'Do not touch the world of nature. I will take responsibility and do whatever you want to do with my body,' and his spirit self was suffering severely. When I got up from the dream, I realized that I had seen True Father before just with my physical eyes. When I saw him with my spiritual eyes, Father went down to the hell, suffered greatly and saved me.

True Parents' love is greater than that of Jesus, and their heart is greater than that of Buddha. True love does not merely mean altruism or kindness, which are necessary for just the first stage of true love. True love of True Parents led them to unprecedented course to even liberate God. They started in the position of servant of servants and reached the level of God, and from there they established the indemnity course from individual, family, tribe, nation and to the world. That's why the love we talk in Unificationism is great. Love that True Father talks is beyond our imagination. He appeared in my dream later again and that time he shined like the lights of thousands of suns.

We do not know what kind of spiritual battle True Parents are in, and what spiritual development they are working for now, but we must know what kind of indemnity they are paying in order to save us and establish Cheon Il Guk. We have to find it out through the Cheon Bok Ceremony which we are doing every morning. We must understand what kind of course they have been through to save us who are incomplete. We must inherit love on such level.

Through the ceremony, one must newly find out True Parents, and understand them with spiritual eyes, and make a new start every morning. That is the purpose of the ceremony. When you purify and offer yourself everyday, I believe you will receive heavenly fortune. 

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