The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

That God's Will Be Done In Korea

Hyung Jin Moon
December 15, 2010

What follows are excerpts from Hyung-jin nim's speech at the opening of the December 15 -- January 4 Special Jeong Seong Workshop for the Inheritance of the Substantial Word in the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, for the Safety of the Nation. It was held at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. One thousand members participated in a daily regimen of prayer and other devotions and an educational program that included Divine Principle lectures and family life guidance.

Father has given a special direction to hold this twenty-one-day workshop, and I believe it is deeply significant. No looking at this, I feel, primarily, that a big plan is unfolding. Father has changed the calendar from the Gregorian to the heavenly calendar. He is putting the Western calendar behind him. The world celebrates Christmas and New Year's Eve at the end of each year, but we will celebrate the beginning of the year with True Parents' birthday.'

Coming here, I feel that though we may wish for many things, including, of course, that Korea be protected, we must pray, Heavenly Father, please act according to Your will. This is not a matter over which human beings have sway. Of course, the people have 5 percent of the responsibility for what becomes of this country. In the end, when the Lord comes again, this country, this people, as a chosen people, should accept the returning Lord. Even though sixty years have passed, this nation has still not accepted True Parents.

Therefore, when we pray for the safety and protection of this country, what kind of prayer should we offer? This is very important. Because of what's in the Principle, during this time you should not simply pray, Please give this country peace and safety. We should pray in the following way: Please use us for the sake of Your will and Your country. Heavenly Father we understand that what happens to this country is up to You.

Accepting True Parents is the responsibility that not we members alone but the country as a whole, as the homeland must fulfill, yet is not fulfilling.

As Dr. Seuk said earlier, from today until the designated day, there are exactly eight hundred days remaining. Within these eight hundred days, the homeland, Korea, must accept True Parents. Frankly speaking, when you think about this, that seems like an impossible task. It is not something that we, as human beings, can achieve at all.

Eight hundred days remain. So, during this time, what kind of peace, what kind of protection will we be pursuing? This is a very important matter. Now, we have received a great deal of Unification Church education. In that education, we have often heard that God's purpose for creating was the building of an ideal world, a truly peaceful world. We hear this often in our church, and it is true from one point of view. But, if we know the Principle, peace for all humankind is not the purpose for which God created. It is not. God's purpose for creating was to find His true object partner, a true object partner with whom He could engage in the give and take of love. This was God's purpose behind the Creation.

Next, to put it simply, Adam and Eve were meant to become those object partners. They were supposed to become the True Parents. After they achieved the status of True Parents, peace would come in the family, clan, people, nation and world.

However, peace for all humankind, a true family, a true nation, or the unity of North Korea and South Korea are not what God is concentrating on and pursuing. From His point of view, the pursuit is of true parents, His true object partners, with whom He can have a relationship. A true family comes from true parents. And from them comes a true clan, people, nation and world. This is something that brothers and sisters must be acutely aware of. This is the core of the Principle. The core of the principle is true parents. The center of world peace is true parents.

To speak frankly, North -- South unification is of little significance to God per se. The Jewish people were the chosen people, in the first instance. If the people of Israel had fulfilled their responsibility, there would have been no need for Korea. God chose Korea and has prepared her because the people of Israel did not fulfill their responsibilities. The importance of this is that true peace is not a horizontal peace. True safety is not a horizontal safety. Just because nations are not fighting does not mean you have true peace. That never makes for true peace. If they are not fighting in the present, they may be fighting in the future. That is not everlasting peace.

Eternal peace of the kind God is seeking is vertical peace, peace while in relationship with True Parents, who are the incarnation, and peace within the relationship between God and man. This is true, vertical peace. Only through that relationship, only when humankind is connected with the True Parents will true peace, true families, true clans (tribes], true peoples, true nations and a true world emerge. Aju!

Our Heavenly Father created the universe and all things in it to find the true object of His essence, with whom He can give and receive true love. In short, His purpose of creation is True Parents. I have spoken of this in recent sermons.

The purpose sought by humanity and the entire universe is the same -- true parents. Spiritually, the purpose of the heavenly fortune of the universe is True Parents. Simply put, the purpose which has been pursued by humanity is True Parents.

Only in that relationship can we find not a horizontal and impermanent peace but eternal love, eternal peace and eternal safety. This is the core of the Divine Principle. All Unification Church members need to understand this crucial point.

If you don't understand this, you'll be pursuing the wrong purpose. If God's purpose for creating were global peace, it would be the greatest purpose and True Parents would be just one part of the process of achieving that. On the other hand, if God's desire and reason for creating the universe was True Parents, world peace and the unification of North Korea and South Korea would be processes, or the fruits, in the greater scheme.

God is seeking True Parents above all else. This is in accordance with the Divine Principle and is very important, because in this workshop we need to think about Jesus.

True Father has said that our homeland is God's nation. It is his hometown. Brothers and sisters! When Jesus came to earth, the nation of the Jewish people, Israel, was God' chosen nation, wasn't it? The people of Israel were His people. But did they welcome Jesus or did they reject him?

You know what happened in history, don't you? They did not welcome Jesus, and within forty years, Rome invaded Jerusalem and destroyed it along with the Jews living there. Those who were left alive were driven out. God does not dish out only good things to His chosen people. You can understand this, can't you? He is not always nice to His chosen people. If you don't welcome His son, you too may be punished, just as Jerusalem was. No one knows. This is very serious.

We understand providential history and we know the Divine Principle. So, think about it. True Parents have been here, in the world, throughout their long lives, and still the Korean people have not accepted them.

Jesus should have become the king of kings to the Jewish people. True Parents have come to Korea, so if the Koreans are indeed the chosen people, True Parents should have been received as the king of kings by Korea.

It's very interesting to note that not long ago, an hour or so after True Parents held the New York Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word, the [North Korean] attack on Yeonpyeong Island took place. True Parents have proclaimed that the Koreans are God's people and that Korea is the nation chosen by God and that it is His homeland. The question is, have the Korean people accepted this responsibility or not? The answer is that they are ignoring it. So, only an hour after Father spoke, Satan was able to come in. This is not a simple issue.

Anyone who knows about providential history and the Principle will realize that this country... It's not just a matter of it being God's homeland, where one can say, Oh that's it, everything's done, there's nothing more to do.

This nation has its own responsibility, which is to serve the Lord and True Parents and become the center of the world. That work does not belong entirely to True Parents.

That is why I believe this time is very important. We will pursue only one purpose and concentrate on that and nothing else. We will pursue True Parents. This workshop will be different from others. Though we will have lectures on Divine Principle and ontology, it is True Parents that we must actually pursue.

Providential history teaches us that God has made use of conditional numbers. If not every person can do something, at least some of them need to be able to set the condition of having done it.

You know about Sodom and Gomorrah, don't you? God intended to destroy them, but Abraham negotiated with God, asking Him to spare them if he found fifty righteous people, or forty righteous people, and so on. In the end, Abraham made God promise that He would not destroy the cities if he found at least ten righteous people.

From this we can see that conditions can be set. For instance, even if the whole of Korea does not take part, were we to set the condition of having accepted True Parents as our central purpose, inherited the central purpose of the Divine Principle, and pursued True Parents, it would be up to God to decide whether He could accept our condition or not. No matter how much Jeong Seong we offer Him, this is not something that can be done magically. Jeong Seong does not work like magic, bringing changes in a flash as if we are chanting a spell. When we offer Jeong Seong, especially in workshops like this, we need to set the condition as Unification Church members of serving True Parents, and we (representing the chosen people, this nation) need to give God and True Parents much strength.

It is not that God and True Parents are weak and require us, or our Jeong Seong. That is not why we should offer Jeong Seong. As we offer it, we are establishing a righteous heart. We need to have a righteous heart and attitude, and we need to form the right relationship with True Parents.

Therefore, during this workshop we will concentrate on doing that. In Cheon Bok Gung, we begin every morning with the Cheon Bok Shik. You will also participate in this ceremony, in which we honor True Parents' life course. It includes holy wine and holy water ceremonies, but mainly it deals with True Parents life course. True Parents followed the path they were meant to take to save us and to give us true life, love and lineage.

You should not look with only your physical eyes. Being aware that True Father was tortured and made to suffer in prison six times is actually a low level of understanding. Considering only those facts would be observing True Parents with only your physical eyes.

In relation to Jesus, if Christians said that he did nothing but suffer the most horrendous agony, they could not claim to be Christians. Jesus followed the path of the cross and even went down to the bottommost pits of hell to become a living sacrifice to our Heavenly Father and to save us as our Savior. Therefore, we Unification Church members do not aim to do away with Christianity, or Judaism. Rather, we will complete the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Completed Testament, through True Parents.

We begin our mornings a little earlier than others. Each morning we will hold the Cheon Bok Shik and think about True Parents' course of seven deaths and resurrections. True Father not only endured suffering in prison, he also walked the path of death. He fought with Satan. He had to go to the bottommost pits of hell and fight spiritually for us.

During this time, we should open our spiritual eyes and meet True Parents. True Father is much more than a ninety-two-year-old grandfather or global leader, and True Parents are not just ordinary people. They are the substantial representatives of God.

In this workshop, we need to return to True Parents. We need to rediscover them, spiritually, which is why every morning we will take some time to inherit True Parents life course and the course of seven deaths and resurrections and to offer prayers, beginning from tomorrow morning.

We will also follow a set schedule each day, which will include lectures. From noon to 6 pm, we will also have many interesting programs.

Your spouses and children are also welcome to participate in those programs. You will also go mountain hiking and train yourselves to have dominion over all things. I hope this will be a good time for all of you.

Usually, in workshops, the participants are made to attend lectures from morning until night, but in this workshop, we have minimized the number of lectures. We still need them, because we need to receive nourishment from God's word. So we will attend lectures, but at the same time, you are here in this beautiful city of Yeosu, so you will learn about the ocean providence, go fishing as True Parents do, and spend some quality time with your children if you have come with them.

At night, we will all meet together and attend a service for spiritual healing. This service is not about healing ourselves because we are sick. Rather, miracles will be wrought here. When we offer Jeong Seong in the right way, amazing miracles will take place here. Aju! [Applause]

Therefore, in that service, we will offer eog-mansei for True Parents. We will do nothing but that in those sessions. We will not have lectures or anything else. We will just sing "True Parents eog-mansei," for thirty minutes to an hour. We will do our best to send our best energy to True Parents, pool our Jeong Seong and send our good thoughts to them, so that True Father, who is having some trouble with his legs, will be able to tread lightly from now on. This is what those sessions are for.

With such Jeong Seong, our love will transcend time and space, even if True Parents are in another world. Love transcends time and space. Aju!

Let us train ourselves to pool our Jeong Seong every night and send out our greatest energy to True Parents. Every night after the session is over, I will call Father and ask him, Father, have you received energy from us today? We will all need to do our best during this time. [Applause] Please do your best to send your best energy to True Parents. With this thought in mind, I will call Father and check up with him every night to see how well we are doing.

This twenty-one-day workshop began all of a sudden. We all must have had other plans. I, too, had other plans. However, a great heavenly blessing and heavenly fortune is on the move. In the world we cannot see, our very cells are vibrating. There is energy and vibration. The invisible world has many bad vibrations as well, doesn't it?

Everything is being done for the safety of the nation within the flow of heavenly fortune. The universe and God seek vibrations that can right all wrongs. What are they? They are True Parents. We need to be in tune with them.

Only when we are in tune with them can we move with heavenly fortune and with the invisible world, and only when that is brought about can God move this nation as He desires, though we may not know what the future will bring.

At the end of the workshop, when all the programs are completed, we will need to bring everyone in our homeland to find True Parents. Whether that happens or not, whatever result we face, when we step forward, we need to prepare the chosen people of this nation, whom God has chosen as His people, to restore their ancestral homeland, to find God, and to return joy and love and the glory of True Parents to God.

You all need to work hard with this purpose. You should not forget this. According to God's will, we should offer Jeong Seong and send out energy to True Parents, seek out True Parents and open our spiritual eyes. If we can do all this, great vibrations will be generated in this small space, vibrations strong enough even to move heavenly fortune. I firmly believe that even when True Parents are far away from us they will feel that vibration and that energy; I believe they will guide us until 2013 and show us the day of victory and the glory of God. Aju! [Applause] 

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