The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Updates of the Special Workshop requested by Father

Hyung Jin Moon
December 15, 2010

The following is the updated information from the web site Unificationism regarding the Special Workshop requested by Father.
Rev. Kambashi

Hyung Jin Nim and Yeon Ah Nim are now directly leading the workshop more than 1,000 members are taking part of. They start the day doing physical exercise at 3:00 a.m., meditation, and Hoon Dok Hae. They have prayer meetings 8 times a day, and receive Divine Principle lectures with an emphasis of the education of absolute sexual morality, lectures on the course of True Parents, the eight textbooks and teaching materials of God's words, and absolute sexual morality for family education.

Rev. Hwang's message at the opening ceremony on 11. 10 H.C. (Dec. 15, 2010):

2010 is a meaningful year for True Parents and Korea. This year is the 100th year after Korea lost her sovereignty to Japan, and the 60th year after the end of the Korean War. Father proclaimed the Era after Heaven at Yeosu. Father wants Hyung Jin Nim to successfully conclude the first year of the heavenly calendar through this workshop. True Father is now offering Jeong Seong at the Hoover Dam, which is providentially connected to Yeosu. It is the time for Father, at the Hoover Dam, and Hyung Jin Nim (who is leading the workshop), in Yeosu, to have heavenly fortune settled on earth.

Hyung Jin Nim's message:

Korea has not been able to receive True Parents yet, even though 60 years after World War II have passed. When we pray, we must pray things such as: "Heavenly Father, please use us for Your will and nation". We offer Jeong Seong here and True Parents offer it at the Hoover Dam. From today we have exactly 800 days to go until D-Day, which is Foundation Day. This nation must accept True Parents. According to the principle, God's purpose of creation is not to create the peace of humankind, but to create a true object partner with which God can have a give and take action in love. In other words, God's first priority is to find True Parents. From True Parents, the true family, true tribe, true race, true nation and true world can appear.

We must be clear on that. The whole point of the principle is the True Parents. True peace is not something horizontal but vertical, which can be established first through the relationship of God and substantial True Parents. True peace comes from this vertical relationship. God's purpose of creation is to create a true object, which is True Parents. One can find eternal love and peace in them. This is the essence of the principle, and we Unificationists must be clear about this.

During the workshop this time, we must think of Jesus. The Israelis were the chosen people, but they did not accept Jesus, and 40 years after his death they were destroyed by the Romans, which was God's decision. Korea has not accepted True Parents yet. Exactly one hour after Father's proclamation assembly in Las Vegas, North Korea attacked Yeon Pyeong Do this time. Since the Korean people have not accepted True Parents yet, Satan invaded Korea within one hour. Korea, which is God's homeland, has a responsibility, which is to attend to True Parents as the King of Kings.

This workshop is special and we have only one purpose. It is to attend to True Parents. Though Korea herself is not attending to True Parents, when a small group here establishes a condition of attending to them, God will decide the future with that condition. Through Jeong Seong, we must support God and True Parents. Through Jeong Seong, we must have a right heart and attitude towards True Parents.

During the workshop, we offer Cheon Bok Ceremony every morning. Do not forget True Parents are God incarnate, and we must see them not with our physical eyes but spiritual eyes. In the evening, we have a service for healing via the Holy Spirit. We will see the amazing work of the spirit world.

This workshop was suddenly organized but we must adjust ourselves so that we can echo with God in order to go with the heavenly fortune.

Official Memo About The Workshop

Due to the direction of True Father, Hyung Jin Nim will hold a Special Workshop to Inherit the Words of the 'Proclamation of the Firm Establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind' as follows:


1. To offer special Jeong Seong for the sake of national security of Korea, which is God's homeland

2. To inherit the heavenly fortune that comes with Father's 'Proclamation of the Firm Establishment of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind,' and to make a new start towards D-Day

3. To inherit and be aligned with the vision of the Ocean providence

4. To establish the education of absolute sex for three generations and the tradition of the absolute family


11.10. H.C. (Dec. 15, 2010) -- 12.1. H.C. (Jan. 4, 2011)


All members in the greater Seoul area (with three generations together)


Cheong Hae Garden, Yeosu 

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