The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

The Power of Attracting the Universe

Hyung Jin Moon
November 28, 2010
Cheon Bok Gung, Yongsan Seoul Korea

Main Sermon:

Today, I would like to talk to you about the "Power of Attracting the Universe." Let's first start with our World Scriptures.

We start with Islam today. This is from the Qur'an, from the sixth Sura. Let's read this together:

"No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision; He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things."


Let's look at Judeo-Christianity. This is from Isaiah 45. Let's read together. This is very short but very powerful.

"Truly thou art a God who hidest thyself."

The Unseen, yes.

This is from the Diamond Sutra, the 26th chapter from Buddhism. Let's read together:

"Who sees me by form, who seeks me in sound, perverted are his footsteps upon the way; for he cannot perceive the Tathagata."

which is the Buddha. The 'dust come one' actually in Sanskrit but basically it means the Buddha.

This is from True Parent's speech volumes 105, let's read together:

"You cannot see God even in the spirit world. Can you see energy? God is the original source of energy. Therefore, even in the spirit world He cannot be seen."


We go to the core scripture now, which is incredible, though. For the core scripture we go to Job 11:7-9:

"Can you find out the deep things of God? Can you find out the limit of the Almighty? It is higher than heaven-what can you do? Deeper than Sheol -- what can you know? Its measure is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea."

Aju. Beautiful.

When we look at our lives, everybody in this room is the same; you are all seeking the same thing. All of you. Your age doesn't matter, or your societal rank, or your background, we are all seeking the same thing. Actually this is the first truth of the Principle. It's actually the first sentence of the Principle, or the first two. That is that all of us, all of us, without exception, we are seeking to find happiness. We are seeking to avoid pain and suffering and to find happiness. This is the first truth in the Principle. It outlines the human ordeal.

All of you, whatever your endeavor, you are doing it because you believe it makes you happy in some way. Whether you are a doctor or a teacher, or a criminal-it's the same thing-we are unknowingly seeking happiness and avoiding suffering. This is the first thing we meet in the Principle and it outlines our human condition.

The problem is we seek for the happiness in the wrong places. True Parents teach us of two different types of happiness. One is external and one is internal happiness. Usually without consciousness or thinking we are seeking external happiness. So we are seeking things, items, fame, prestige, cars, money, power, pleasures. We are seeking, thinking that this will give us happiness.

I gave this example in the second service. We had a lot of students here and they love 'Hello Kitty' so I said: "Only if I have the Hello Kitty pencil case I will be happy and once I get it and a year or so passes and Hello Kitty is all rubbed of and is not there on the pencil case anymore, then I'm not so happy anymore." Then I need something else to feel happy about. So we seek this and that, right? It can be anything, there are many things that we seek for in our lives and we think that that's what will give us happiness. But it always ends up unsatisfying, somehow it is not lasting. It's very temporary pleasure and eventually disappears.

In this modern day we are all born in hospitals. Most of us here, I believe, were born in a hospital. I know in my Korean services many of the elder members were not born in hospitals, they were born in their houses with midwives. But most of us in the modern world are born in hospitals. Most of us will also die in a hospital. Most of us. Many people in this room, when they re-enter that hospital for the last time upon their deathbed they will look back at their life. It is said that you can see your life in slow motion, as you are right about to pass. You look back at your life and say "What did I do? Who am I? What did I live for? I'm still unhappy! I still don't feel happiness." So many people die like that.

"In my life I acquired this, I acquired that -- big houses, big cars and so on, but now I face death and I'm not happy. I'm scared, full of fear. I don't know how I lived my life."

True Parents teach us that there is an internal happiness. This internal happiness is different from external happiness. External happiness is, when we feel the pleasure of temporary material things or what fame or these things can give us. We may start at zero when we are born and we are seeking happiness, even a little baby is seeking for its mother's milk and safety. Then we feel some kind of temporary joy and maybe we go up to 100 on that scale. But eventually we come back down to zero and again we feel empty. This pattern continues always going up and coming back to zero. So when we are born and when we die -- when we look at it all, still we are asking the same question. "I'm still at zero. I haven't improved!" So many people die like this.

True Father teaches us about the internal happiness. That is different in nature because through internal happiness we have to seek to answer these questions; fundamental questions. "Who am I? What is my purpose in this great universe? What is my connection to this universe?"

We know from science that this universe was created 13.7 billion years ago -- it has a definite creation. So then, what is my relation to this creation? What is my relation to its Creator if there is one? What is my relation to all this? What is my relation to the Messiah? I heard he was here, what is my relation to him?

When we seek to live in internal happiness, the questions that help us, lead us towards internal contentment and happiness, fulfilling the questions of 'Who am I?', 'What is my purpose in the great scheme of things?'; 'If God created all things am I just here, created, to live on myself, or is there a purpose to my existence that is connected to Him?' Answering those questions, finding purpose in those questions, living our life with that purpose and direction and through that helping, gaining merit, doing good deeds, saving souls -- this kind of happiness is different.

Unlike external happiness where we drop back to zero when we have the pleasure and the come back down, this kind of happiness is different. When we are able to find our fundamental nature and who we are, upon that we can act in accordance with our Creator and move with Him, move for Him, live for Him. It is within Him that I have my existence, Scripture says. Then we are doing something incredible because every time we feel the joy, when we come back down, we don't drop back to zero, we drop back to maybe one. We are up just a little bit. When we live for others and we feel the joy that comes from that empathy, may it be empathetic joy for another person's success, or helping them to succeed in a test or whatever, living the Principle-we feel the joy. But it eventually comes down and comes back up again, not from zero but maybe from a two this time. At a three next time.

As we live our lives in this pattern, then when I die I'm not at zero. I'm not the same way I was when I came in, just seeking happiness, not knowing what it was. I have done something that leaves a legacy on this earth and I have done something gaining much merit and good deed that I take into the dimension beyond.

Depending on our focus on either internal or external happiness, you will have a different frequency coming from you. A different energy will be coming from you. Two weeks ago we talked about the purpose of the creation. All of creation has a purpose. God wanted to find the true object partner that was to be Adam and Eve-that was to be the perfected object partner. The whole purpose of 'Give and Receive Action', 'Four Position Foundation', 'True Love' is to reciprocate with the object partner; the object partner that has divine, absolute value.

To sum it up in a very simple way -- the whole purpose of the universe whether it may be 'Give and Receive Action' or 'Four Position Foundation' that existed before creation, all that is connected to the object partner of God whom we first should have seen in Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve should have become the True Parents.

In a nutshell, the whole purpose of creation was, to find the True Parents. That's why we call them the 'Cosmic True Parents of heaven and earth'; the whole purpose and energy of the universe moves towards that direction. In the 'Four Position Foundation' in the third blessing, it is that subject partner in terms of the creation that gives and receives with the perfected person.

This motion towards that perfected subject partner, which was to be Adam and Eve, is what in Korean is called 'Cheon-un'. We can maybe say 'heavenly destiny', or 'heavenly flow of destiny'. Destiny implies some final destination but this is the flow and movement of energy towards that. The energy is moving towards God's perfected object partner.

Two weeks ago we talked about that the whole universe when you go into its fundamental units of existence, when you pass the atoms and particles etc. and go down to the most basic level, we reach the quantum level, which is energy; energy which is vibrating. We know also that every vibration has a frequency. Everything in the universe has a frequency. We may not see it but it has a frequency.

We also emit frequency from ourselves. Every electrical signal in your brain that's perpendicular to a magnetic force also has a frequency. We don't see it, we don't feel it, we don't even know it's there but we are emitting frequency all the time. Every thought, word and action is emitting frequency. Many times we can see this, when we are complaining and are in that kind of mindset we are attracted to other people that complain or we attract them and are also attracted to them.

We even will attract bad situations that make us complain more. Of course, this was the topic of the international bestseller "The Secret," talking about the whole law of attraction. There was a study, an experiment that was done, where they planted twelve different trees in a garden. Upon those trees they put the names of Jesus' twelve disciples. They had the names of Peter, Andrew, James, John, Phillip, Bartholomew, Thaddeus, Simon etc and on the last tree, the twelfth tree, they stuck the name of Judas. They put Judas' name on it. After a certain period of time they came back to review the trees, all the trees were healthy but the tree with Judas name was dead. It was dead! They received the same sunlight, the same environment, the same amount of rain-but it was dead.

Without knowing, people who passed that tree cursed it saying, "Judas, you bad tree!" sending bad chi and that influenced and killed it. Whether we realize it or not, we are sending out force and energy. The world of the invisible is more real than what you can see.

I asked a question to our students in the second service: "What color is my shirt?" It is beige or a kind of white color and they all agreed with me. I said "You are all wrong! This is not white." When you look at this shirt and you see the molecules -- there is no white molecule, there is no white quantum, there is no white nucleus, and there is no color."

It is white to our eyes because we can only interpret a certain level of the light spectrum. We cannot perceive UVB light, gamma rays, x-rays, etc., we all learn this. If we could perceive those things this shirt would not be white to you. It would be completely different in experience.

What we can hear is also limited. We obviously remember the whistles that they have calling your dog. We can't hear the sound but the dog can hear it. We have a limited range of sound. The person who thinks what you see is reality, is deluded. You see? What you see as reality is delusion. That is a deliberate thinking.

Most of our reality we cannot see. Most of the reality of the universe we cannot see and experience. We can't experience all those gamma and x-rays all over the place which is the majority of the universe experience.

The universe senses our frequencies and also picks up frequencies. Picks up the signals and frequencies immediately from the object partner -- the thing that moves towards the absolute subject partner which of course is God from the four position foundation; we know that. The horizontal subject partner is the perfected Adam and Eve or the True Parents. The universe was meant to be in a give and receive relationship with them and so it moves towards them.

We see this knowledge and wisdom and we talked about this subject two weeks ago within different traditions. We talked about Mantra forms of meditation two weeks ago. We talked about how in Buddhism there is a chant of recitation of Na Mu Ah Mi Ta Bul. If you're a Korean you heard that. Na Mu Ah Mi Ta Ba in Sanskrit. You may have heard Om Na Ni Bat Mae Hum. You may have heard from the Japanese society. You may have heard Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo, which is praise to the mysterious Lord of Sutra. In the Islamic tradition we have the recitations of the Ninety nine names of Allah in a meditative form of prayer. When you penetrate the deeper levels of meditation, even in a more simple level in each heartbeat, then the recitation of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah… is like this.

We see in a tradition of Christianity, monks that practice 24-hour recitation of the Jesus prayer; "Lord Jesus, Son of God, forgive me a sinner," which is a continuous repetition of the same mantra phrase. We talked about these things and if you knew anybody from these traditions. I did; I knew one Japanese guy, when I was at the Divinity school from Sokka Gakkai that the tradition was to chant Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo. They do this two times a day, daily chanting 20 minutes to 30 minutes a day; and by chanting, they see many things that they pray for and miracles appear in their life.

This one young gentleman was telling me some of those stories that he experienced in his own life. Think, if the phrases, the sacred phrases Nam Myo Ho Ren Ge Kyo those kind of phrases has the frequency to attract blessings, attract success, etc., the power to move forces unseen, then think about the entire purpose of creation. Think about the power in the name of Chambumonim which God before creation already had as His final plan; to meet and to give and receive with. Think about the power in that name that is unseen. Think about the vibration, the frequency that comes out of that name.

Father has spoken many times to us saying, "Did you know how much God has gone thru tears, sufferings and pain to find even the name of True Parents?" When we are in this kind of mode and training, if we can train to practice with the name Chambumonim, this starts changing our frequency from a normal frequency and changing it to the purpose of the cosmos, the universe. Where the movement of the universe is moving as a created world, then we are tapping into the flow of what we are talking about; the Cheon-un, the cosmic flow of heavenly destiny and also heavenly fortune.

Think about the power that's in that name when we know how to use it. Then think further about why it is so precious that True Parents are with us on this dimension of time and space. Think about how precious, even if that name is that precious, and then think about how precious that manifestation is on this dimension.

I remember one time we were in America and we had one Christian minister brother who met Father for the first time and he came on the stage and Father grabbed his hand and then did this iron palm to the stomach. It is like a Buddha palm. It is like you see in Kung Fu movies. The Minister, a big guy, was shocked and said, "Oh thank you Rev Moon…." We got a report from him later. He actually had stomach cancer, and Father smacked him there. He said he went to the doctor the next day because he felt this is weird, but my stomach feels a little different; the cancer that he had just the other day was gone after that experience. Let's give it up for God and True Parents. (Applause). That's a miracle! (Applause).

That minister certainly says it's a miracle and he is happy all the more. He does not have stomach cancer anymore. We can see then why the power of the woman who touched the hem of Jesus' robe was cured of the illness. The whole cosmos, the energy that flowed to Jesus as the center, as the True Parents that was supposed to be; Even tapping with that frequency, touching that physical presence, being in that presence, that energy comes forth. When we start learning how to change the frequency that comes forth from us from internal sound and then from external sound, then we start learning how to change the whole direction of where we're moving. We learn how to tap in with the power of the flow of the universe, the Cheon-un.

When our families learn how to shift our own frequency, our vibration (all energy gives vibration), then we are all energy; then we learn to tap in with this flow, and all tribes, nations, world, and cosmos. When we learn to live a life which is centered on the praise of God, praising God and True Parents, and we live our life that way starting from our consciousness, our thoughts, our words, our habits, and our actions change, etc.; our life changes. We end up accumulating different types of merit, all different types of level, and all different kinds of true merits that are not disposable when we die. These things come with us when we pass into the different realm.

These things are also the legacy, the impact on other lives which remain. When we arrive at the hospital bed for the last time in our lives, we are not the ones, we don't want to be the ones who say, "I'm still not happy. I don't know what happiness is. I still don't know my purpose." We want to be in the boat in a situation that says, "I lived my life for God my creator; the One who created all of these things. I freely lived my life for Him and the One that He has sent. I loved them, protected True Parents, protected God, I elevated them, praised them, glorified them, brought souls to them, changed many, many lives."

When we lived with this kind of accomplishment and when we meet True Parents on the other side, in heaven, it's not in a dimension where they are the same as us. It is said that they would be seen as mountains, big as mountains. When we approach them and come before them in that world and we have lived for them as they represented God, won't they look down with pride and joy upon the children who did such things? Won't they be grateful to those children?

As a Unificationist, it's important that we understand once again the transcendental power; The power in the name of Chambumonim. In the praising of the name of Chambumonim, that's what praises are all about. When we sing the song or praises, not just the song we're singing, we're changing our frequency, and we're changing our make up from the inside. When we learn to chant the words Chambumonim Eok Mansei, we send to our breath on that, we breathe with that, heartbeat with that, movement, thoughts, action with that.

When millions of Unificationists around the world start discovering the power in the name of True Parents, start releasing the Chambumonim Eok Mansei into the unseen world with our thoughts, actions, breath, heartbeats, then we will not only be receiving the heavenly blessing; not only attracting blessings that have to come, not only attracting the heavenly destiny, the flow of the universe that we can move with but we will also be sending protection and energy to True Parents beyond time and space. Just like yesterday we were singing the song of praise where Father said, "I felt the energy." We will also be protecting True Parents. I pray if we do such a thing, they will live beyond 120 years, way beyond and be with us. (Applause).

There is immense power in the unseen world. Don't be fooled by just what you see. This is very limited; the unseen is what is truly real.

Let us finish with True Parents final words. This is from the collection of volumes of speeches page 98. Let's read together.

"Since the invisible God has no bodily form, the True Parents represent His form. The True Parents are parents on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. In the future, God will appear in the form of the True Parents even in the spirit world."


Brothers and sisters let's all rise and as we rise this time, we lift our hands up to really send forth our intention, our energy towards God, True Parents as we pray. Let us pray.

Closing Prayer:

Dearest most beloved Heavenly Father, our most beloved True Parents, the cosmic True Parents of heaven and earth. Dear God, we know why the lady who touched the hem of the Lord's robe was cured miraculously. Father we know, we know now the power of the One whom You have sent.

Father we look back on the purpose of creation, the purpose to find the object partner who could inherit Your true love in give and receive with You that is none other than True Parents. Father, when we become enlightened to that fact, we can see the power that is within even the name of True Parents.

Father, with the praising of True Parents name, You as the manifestation of True Parents, True Parents as your manifest of True Parents, Father, we know we will start tapping into the unseen reality, we will start attracting totally different reality. Our lives will change. Father let us do it always with a selfless and humble heart for we know that as soon as hubris comes in, the blessing will go. So Father let us do it always for You. For the praising of True Parents name, let us live with that direction and purpose Father, and when we pass to the other world, Father, we know that You will greet us with open arms and with joy.

Father, we pray that You may open our eyes to see beyond the material, to see beyond just external happiness but, Father, may we be the ones that can look deeply within, pass the seen world and into the unseen. Father, that we may reach into the flow of the universe, the movement towards True Parents, that we may tap into that and move with heavenly fortune and move with heavenly blessing to each and everyone of us, so that You may bless more lives and souls.

O Lord, we want to discover once again this incredible power that is always with us but our eyes have been closed. Father, let us open our eyes today. Let us once again, Father, from our hearts, with each heartbeat may we reverberate with the calling of praise Chambumonim Eok Mansei. May each breath that we take reverberate with the sound and vibration Chambumonim Eok Mansei; may each one of our footsteps reverberate throughout the cosmos with those sounds.

Father, we pray that we may send forth that power to our True Parents. May we move with the universe and the cosmos and give them strength to live to glorify You our creator. We thank You so much because we want to find our true purpose, who we truly are, and what our relationship is with You.

We thank You this day and we pray that You may feel joy this day. We pray all these things with gratitude and calling of the name of True Parents Chambumonim Eok Mansei. We send forth our hearts, our minds and our intentions. Father, feel our joy this day. Change us from this point and allow our lives to make a new step into the world of the miraculous that you have prepared for us.

Glory be to God.

We pray all these things in our own name, the Central Blessed Families and we bow before You and before our True Parents of heaven and earth; we pray these things in our own names, Aju!. 

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