The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Hyung Jin Nims Visit To France

Betsy Orman and Edy Iversen
August 27, 2010

Dear all,

Below is a note from Edy Iversen in France but I also wanted to personally thank everyone, In Jin Nim, Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins and all our wonderful members for your prayers and support during this difficult time in France. They were so powerful they moved Hyung Jin to leave Italy a day early to visit Tony's family and Tiffany in the hospital. Then they came and spoke to all the French members who were so heartbroken after what had happened. Edy said also that Hyung Jin's speech was exactly what the French family needed and she felt angles surrounding the event.

I truly felt our prayer and compassion showed the true heart of the elder brother and sister reaching out to the world and sending True Parents spirit of love to those in need. Thank you so much everyone. Tiffony is doing so much better. The doctor said when she arrived at the hospital they had no hope for her survival and yesterday she was up talking to her family and Hyung Jin asking to go to the workshop in Italy!!!!!

Let us continue to pray for the True Family as they travel throughout the world to bring True Parents love to Europe. Let us pray for their protection, strength, energy and wisdom as they reach out to each country.

In parents heart,

Betsy Orman

Short Report on Hyung Jin Nims visit to France
Edy Iversen

Words can not express the joy of our members to finally be able to see Hyung Jin Nim, his lovely wife and also to be able to see Hyo Jin Nim's wife as well and it was such a comfort for all the members.

We have a small training center but the 2 floors were packed full of members, bumper to bumper and many 2nd generation came to see our dear brother speak. Even when Father visited France last year, after over 12 years of not coming here, he heartbreakingly did not visit with the members, so I felt this was really a healing for many of them. Also, after the recent events in France with the terrible accident, our members were so heartbroken, this is truly what they needed.

Hyung Jin Nim spoke primarily about why Father is the Messiah and the need for prayer and the way to pray, as in the Lords Prayer, and elaborated on this very much; He also spoke about the reason that Islam is taking over France, because the Moslems are very up front about God and in France the Christians and Catholics do not speak about God and you cannot talk or express your religious sentiments in public. That is why God is blessing the Islamic faith here because they are so devout and not afraid to speak openly about their faith and this is something we must do as well.

He said in order to witness to them we have to become more devout and as they pray 5 times a day, he asked the National leader and his wife to do a condition to pray 8 times a day. He said the only way to win them is to become more spiritually serious and prayerful than they are.

After a wonderful meeting full of his warmth, humor and funny stories about "Praying on planes for God to save our lives" and teasing Jacky Yuen and telling him he is like Jackie Chan, he invited each family to take a picture with all the True Family. Their were over 200 people there.

We would like to add special thanks to all those who have been praying for the Yuen Family and the Maldonado family. The True Family visited and lovingly took care of both families yesterday, even driving to the hospital in Lille to see Tiffony and spending the morning with the Yuen Family.

Also a special thanks to Taj Hamad and Dr. Walsh for their added support and love here as well.

We will never forget the heart of the True Family and the love they left in France.

Thank you all for your prayers

Edy Iversen
Paris France 

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