The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Open Letter to Hyun Jin Moon

Hyung Jin Moon
August 11, 2010

Dear Dr. Hyun Jin Moon,

It is with the greatest of consternation we write in response to your written accusations in letters dated June 16, July 17 and July 27, 2010 from "UCI, [Unification Church International]" the last of which was signed by your subordinate Mr. Victor Walters. That you have purposefully chosen a public forum to communicate is a clear expression of contempt for True Parents and their work. First, you have initiated discord within our movement and then you have chosen to bring it to the attention of the public.

We would like to go on record as saying that your parents, family, and all members of the Unification Movement would welcome any expression of your sincere desire for reconciliation. Be assured that if you choose to mend relationships and return to True Parents' realm of love and grace, you would be welcomed with the appropriate protocol as a member of the True Family.

As things stand, however, all that has happened must be offered for your consideration and sober judgment:

Your behavior in the sanctuary of the church in Sao Paolo, Brazil highlights the volatility with which you conduct yourself in public in condemnation of everything you profess to represent. Whether or not Rev. Dong Mo Shin and Rev. Simao Ferabolli choose to present your physical harassment of them for criminal analysis and possible prosecution, your actions were spiritually reprehensible and irresponsible -- especially in light of your espousal of "peace initiatives." The contradiction between the image you are seeking to create as the magnanimous leader of a peace movement and this conduct is painfully obvious.

The lawsuit filed in Maryland against Dr. Douglas D. M. Joo and the Seoul City court's restraining order entered against Mission Foundation, whose Chairperson is True Mother, are further examples of actions wholly inconsistent with the traditions established by True Parents.

You have convened Global Peace Festivals in direct challenge to True Father's strict orders not to. Meanwhile, people in your organization have carried out a campaign to impugn True Father's state of mind, implying that he is faltering and senile. You must take responsibility for these attempts at maligning the character of your parents and other members of your family, such as those done through various internet sites.

You have also taken away services of the jet that donors had helped purchase for use by True Parents for their mission work. We demand you stop this calculated interference and allow for resumption of service.

An honest entreaty from you to True Parents may perhaps extinguish doubts as to your motives. Thus far, however, you have provided us only a scapegoat - that is, Dr. Kook Jin Moon -- as the cause of your actions. Your shallow excuse for scuttling the Washington Times is that you were not provided the necessary funds to run a newspaper, when the reality is you have betrayed the international donors by applying those funds, which you did receive, for other purposes. The donors and investors, who now see you as someone defying True Parents' wishes, are refusing to aid you.

The recent amendment to the articles of incorporation of Unification Church International is further evidence that you are enacting a parting of the ways with True Parents and the Unification Church. Such action is contrary to your commitment to remain loyal to True Parents. You have directed that the articles' references to Divine Principle and Unification Church be excised. Unification Church International as founded by your father is now merely "UCI," three meaningless letters. This change alone signals that contrary to what you are saying to members, you are separating from the Unification Church and from the True Parents' direction.

We object to your exercise of private control over the public assets of Unification Church International. These assets were accumulated through the hard work and sacrifice of True Parents and the global membership of the Unification Movement. They are not yours to use as you please. We remind you of, and demand that you recognize, the sacred tradition that private necessity has never compelled True Parents or other members of the True Family to take public assets, entrusted to them, for use in their own personal projects.

We demand you dismiss the legal actions against Mission Foundation and its Chairperson True Mother immediately. In relation to the same lawsuit, WTA v. Joo, the recent federal subpoenas served on Dr. Hyung Jin Moon at JFK International Airport in New York, Dr. Kook Jin Moon at his personal residence in New York, and Dr. Peter Kim at McCarren International Airport in Nevada should likewise be dismissed. Lastly, we ask that you graciously accept your parents' invitation to join them in daily devotions for a period of a year and their recommendation that you promptly resign from your post as Chairman of Unification Church International.

Sincerely, (in alphabetical order)

Mr. Keith Cooperrider
former Executive Vice President and CFO, The Washington Times

Rev. Joshua Cotter
Executive Vice President, HSA-UWC

Bishop Jesse Edwards
Co-President, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Mr. Dan Fefferman,
President, International Coalition for Religious Freedom

Mr. Jim Gavin
Regional Secretary General and President, Universal Peace Federation USA

Mr. Taj Hamad
Secretary General, Universal Peace Federation International

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang
Vice Chairman, UPF International

Dr. Michael Jenkins
Chairman, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Rev. Dong Woo Kim
Continental Director, FFWPU Oceania

Rev. Chae Hee Lee
Continental Director, FFWPU Canada

Rev. Sang Jin Lee
Continental Director, FFWPU, Middle East

Mr. Thomas P. McDevitt
former President and Publisher, The Washington Times

Mr. Larry Moffitt
Vice President, The Washington Times Foundation

Dr. Hyung Jin Moon
International President, Unification Church

Rev. In Jin Moon
President and CEO, Unification Church USA

Dr. Kook Jin Moon
Chairman and CEO, Tongil Group

Mrs. Lan Yung Moon
International President, Women's Federation for World Peace

Dr. Katsumi Ohtsuka
Continental Director, FFWPU Eurasia

Dr. Richard Panzer
President, Unification Theological Seminary

Dr. Neil A. Salonen
Vice Chairman, Professors World Peace Academy

Mrs. Angelika Selle
President, Women's Federation for World Peace USA

Dr. Joon Ho Seuk
President, FFWPU Korea

Rev. Dong Mo Shin
Continental Director, FFWPU Latin America and Caribbean

Dr. Yong Cheol Song
Continental Director, FFWPU Europe

Dr. Young Suk Song
President, FFWPU Japan

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings, Jr.
Co-President, American Clergy Leadership Conference

Dr. Thomas G. Walsh
President, Universal Peace Federation International

Dr. Chang Shik Yang
Continental Director, FFWPU North America

Dr. Chung Sik Yong
Continental Director, FFWPU Asia 

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