The Words of Hyung Jin Moon From 2010

Hyung Jin Nim's visit to Nepal

Ginger Nicholls
August 4, 2010

Dear brothers and sisters -- some highlights from Hyung Jin nim's visit to Nepal

We joined together with him and Yeon Ah nim for 3:00 am mediation and exercise in the Ambassadors for Peace (AFP) hall of headquarters with 50 leaders and Hoon Dok Hae at 5 am. It was so inspiring to be with him!! Later He spoke to about 1200 people at Yak and Yeti Hotel and he gave a very simple message about how to pray, talking about Jesus and what we should gain from the Christian tradition and about our Unification Church tradition.

It was a very suitable message for the people and we were deeply moved to be in his presence. The morning participants were supposed to be our members or very close contacts. In the afternoon speech to about 500 VIPs/AFPs, he declared True Parents the Messiah, Savior, Mahdi, Maitreya, and Kalki. (Kalki is last Avatar in Hinduism) and people listened very carefully

Our Unification Church leaders in Nepal had a good opportunity to learn directly from Hyung Jin nim's example during his visit to Nepal and also his knowledge of Hinduism. From the airport he went directly to Nepal headquarters where soon after arriving, he went to meet the President of Nepal. NL Eknath Dhakal expected Hyung Jin nim to change into fresh clothes -- maybe a suit like everyone else but Hyung Jin nim remained in his loose fitting travelling clothes that he often wears to fulfill his ministry.

Both he and his wife wore simple, inexpensive clothes and she wears no makeup. When there was opportunity to eat out one night, he requested an inexpensive Indian restaurant. He's always trying to save money. Then, without even looking at the menu, he ordered his favorite Indian dish in Nepalese language. Hyung Jin nim and his wife are vegetarian. The only time he will eat meat is if True Father requests him to eat meat together. While out in Thamel looking at Thanka art, he named all of the Hindu gods and goddesses. He had more knowledge of the Thanka art than any of the Nepalese or even the shop owner. The first evening he arrived in Nepal, he requested to go to Bodanath Buddhist temple where Buddhist monks held a short ceremony. A Korean Buddhist nun was nearby observing and asked who this Korean man was? Some people thought he was the President of Korea though such a young man. When the Korean nun was told he was Father Moon's son, she gave a deep bow to Hyung Jin nim.

The President of Nepal had breakfast together with Hyung Jin nim the following morning. He was so inspired that he later called NL Dhakal and asked if they could please have dinner together again with Hyung Jin nim. There was supposed to be a vote for electing new PM before Hyung Jin nim arrived in Nepal. This was delayed until after Hyung Jin nim left. It means PM Madhav Nepal, who is a close support of True Parents, remained as PM during Hyung Jin nim's visit.

PM Madhav Nepal telephoned NL Dhakal several times throughout the day, asking if Hyung Jin nim had arrived, if everything was OK and if he needed anything more. PM gave use of government Mercedes Benz and full police security throughout Hyung Jin nim's 3 days in Nepal, with police van staying outside headquarters through the night. PM attended the VIP function in the afternoon. When Hyung Jin nim was introduced to speak, PM Nepal went beyond protocol. He broke state protocol by standing up to give applause and respect to Hyung Jin nim in front of 500 VIPS and AFP.

Hyung Jin nim's visit brought our Nepal UM to a new level.
Eknath's (NL) comments:

1) He brought the blessing of God to Nepal

2) He brought the solution to our nation's peace problem. Through his visit, Heaven will influence the coming election of new PM and direction of the nation since new PM will determine the kind of constitution that will be written.

3) None of the True Family have been able to meet the one in the position of Head of State during their visits to Nepal. Even True Parents were not able to meet the Head of State during their visit in 2006 (the King was Head of State at that time). But for the first time, Hyung Jin nim met the President, who is Head of State, and was able to melt his heart. He won the heart of all Cain side leaders

4) No true child stayed before in headquarters. Hyung Jin nim is inheriting mission of True Parents so when he came to headquarters, spirit of True Parents also came. Several times each day he was talking and reporting to True Parents so Peace Embassy became most sacred holy place in Nepal.

5) Nepal government officially invited Hyung Jin nim so Cain and Abel side united to welcome Hyung Jin nim.

Yeon Ah nim said that Hyung Jin nim doesn't usually like political meetings, but he enjoyed those in Nepal. He said that he is worried that Nepal Providence will blow up quickly like a balloon but the air might come out if we cannot manage everything. Nepal needs a professional manager. Hyung Jin nim believes Nepalese people will more and more donate land, building, etc. but how to manage everything -- we are so short on manpower and managerial knowledge. All blessed families and centers had chance to take photo with Hyung Jin nim and wife. They stood for one hour taking photos.

Last morning, Hyung Jin nim visited Lumbini. Overall, he was very happy and we had victorious events.

Thank you, God and True Parents for such precious blessing!

John and Ginger Nicholls in Nepal 

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